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Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?

一.Words and expressions :

Decide try wonder dislike Wonderful bored

Anyone someone everyone Something nothing anywhere Quite a few of course feel like doing Because of

二、target language

1. Where did you go on vacation?

I went to New York City.

2. Did you go out with anyone?

No, no one was here. Everyone was on vacation.

3. How was the food?

Everything tasted really good.

三.Indefinite pronouns

Simple past tense of regular and irregular verbs Indefinite pronouns

Unit Two. How often do you exercise?

一.Words and expressions

Housework junk food

Hardly ever once twice

Use the internet go online Such as More than less than at least

二. Grammar

How often do you………..?

Adverbs of frequency

三.Target language

1. What do you usually do on weekends? I always exercise.

2. What does she do on weekends?

She sometimes goes shopping.

3. How often do you go to the movies? I go to the movies maybe on weekdays.

Unit three: I’m more outgoing than my sister

一.Words and expressions

Outgoing hard-working serious Loud necessary fantastic Similar both better Loudly quietly clearly Truly

As long as in fact be different from Be similar to the same as bring out Care about

二. Target language

1. Is Tom smarter than Sam?

No, he isn’t. Sam is smarter than Tom.na

2. Does Tara work as hard as Tina?

Yes, he does.

3. Who is more hard-working at school? Tina thinks she works harder than me.


Comparatives with – (i) er and more

Both and as…as

Unit four

一.Words and expressions

Comfortable fresh poor close Worse worst

Cheaply carefully comfortably Beautifully seriously

So far have …in common all kinds of Be up to play role make up For example

二. Grammar

Superlatives with – (i) est. and most

Irregular comparisons:

Good better best bad worse worst

三. Target language

1. What’s the best movie theatre to go to?

Town cinema. It is the closest to home.

And you can buy tickets the most quickly there.

2. Which is the worst clothes store in town? Dream clothes. It has the worst dream.

3. What do you think of 970 AM?

I think 970 AM is pretty bad.

Unit Five Do you want to watch a game show?

一.Words and expressions

Sitcom news soap opera Comedy action movie cartoon Plan hope happen expect Educational meaningless famous Rich successful Find out be ready to dress up Take sb’s place do a good job

二. Target language

1. Do you want to watch the news?

Yes, I do. No, I don’t.

2. What do you plan to watch tonight?

I plan to watch days of our past.

3. What do you think of talk shows?

I don’t mind them. I can’t stand them! I love watching them.

三. Grammar

Infinitives used as objects: to do

Unit 6 I am going to study computer science

一.Words and expressions

Computer programmer cook doctor Engineer violinist pilot Pianist scientist driver College university education Medicine

Grow up make sure be able to Write down agree with Have to do with take up

二. Target language

1. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be an engineer.

2. How are going to do that?

I am going to study math really hard.

3. When do you going to start?

I’ m going to start when I finish high school and college.

三. Grammar

Future with be going to

Want to be

Unit seven Will people have robots ?

一.Words and expressions:

Prediction future pollution Environment planet earth Peace sea sky

Astronaut rocket space station Holiday

Possible impossible probably Play a part over and over again Hundreds of fall down look for

二. Target language

1. What will the future be like?

Cities will be more polluted. And there will be fewer trees.

2. Will there be world peace?

Yes, I hope so.

3. Will people use money in 100 years? No, they won’t.

三. Grammar

Future with will

Quantities with more, less, fewer

Unit eight how do you make a banana milk shake?

一.Words and expressions

Milk shake blender spoon

Oven plate pot

Yogurt honey watermelon Salt sugar sandwich

Cheese turkey butter Pepper

Peel pour add Mix fill cover

二. Target language

1. How do you make a banana milk shake ?

First, peel the bananas.

Next, put the bananas in the blender.

Finally, turn on the blender.

2. How many bananas do we need?

We need three bananas.

3. How much yogurt do we need?

We need one cup of yogurt

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