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1. My sister is kind of fat, and she must eat l_________ meat.

2. A _______she isn’t feeling well, she goes to work.

3. He p _____to have a relaxing vacation every year.

4. There are many new b___________ in the city this year.

5. Lucy likes sports very much. So she ______ (锻炼)every day.

6. Mrs. Wilson failed (失败) her driving test four ___________(次数).

7. He says it’s good for my ________ (健康).

8. Good food and exercise help me to study _______ (更好).

9. They are twins, but there are d_________ between them.

10. I often surf the __________ (互联网)at home.

11. Lucy is __________(类似的)to Larry because they like playing very much.

12. In 1998, Mr Wang became a ____________ (成功的)businessman.

13. Thomas is the ________(获胜者) of this singing competition.

14. You must work ____________(谨慎地) enough to get good grades .

15. We should get more ______________(信息) about Hamlet.

16. You can go to the ____________(牙医) for teeth cleaning.

17. I finished the task by ______________ (我自己).

18. We didn’t have an ____________(雨伞) so we were wet and cold.

19. Lucy __________(决定) to go to Beijing next summer holiday.

20. My best friend is _____________(有才能的) in music.


( )1.___________does Daniel going swimming in the lake? —Twice a week

A. How often B. How many C. How long D. How much

( ) 2. If you want to be healthier, you must eat ______junk food, I think.

A. more B. less C. fewer D. much A. something delicious B. delicious something

C. anything delicious D. delicious anything ( ) 3. My mother often cooks for us.

( ) 4.Running in the morning is good ______ your _________.

A. for, healthy B. to, healthy C. for, health D. to, health

( ) 5.Don’t play basketball. Please play guitar.

八年级英语期中测试卷 第1页(共8页)

A. the, the A. to learn A. goes A. watch

B. the , / B. learn B. go B. watching

C. /, / C. learned C. went C. watches

D. /, the D. learning D. wents D. to watch

( ) 6. It’s important for us English well. ( ) 7. He to Beijing in 2003.

( ) 8.The Green family enjoy TV very much. ( ) 9. —This sweater is too expensive. I can’t afford it.

—How about this one? It’s much ______. A. cheap

B. cheaper

C. cheapest

D. the cheapest

( ) 10. —Do you know his parents? —Yes, they ______ English teachers in our school.

A. are all

B. all are

C. are both

D. both is

( )11.Lu Ying is________ ________learning English than Lu Qian.

A. good at B. well in C. better at D. better in ( ) 12. The bad weather always makes me________________.

A. worry A. much, taller

B. worries B. more, tall

C. to worry C. much, tall

D. worrying D. more, taller

( ) 13. Tina is________ taller than Lucy. That means Lucy is not as____________ as Tina. ( )14.The_______of the three boys is my brother.

A. taller B. tallest C. tall D. highest ( )15. __________ his illness, little Tom couldn’t go to school.

A. As A. tell A. How long A. want A. find A. same as

B. As for B. telling B. How much B. wanted B. to find B. the same as

C. Because C. to tell C. How far C. wanting C. find out C. same from

D. Because of D. told D. How often D. wants D. to find out D. the same from

( )16. Thank you for __________ me the news. ( )17. __________ is it from your school to your home?

( )18. Everyone __________ to win. But the most important thing is to have fun. ( )19. I hope __________ what’s going on around the world.

( )20. His hat is __________ mine. We bought them from Times Center. ( )21. The hotel is the best here. It has __________ rooms.

八年级英语期中测试卷 第2页(共8页)

A. the worse B. most comfortable C. best D. the most comfortable ( )22. —__________did he play soccer? —About 3hours. A. How many A. do

A. send

B. How much C. How often B. help B. take B. to pass B. Although, / B. take care B. How, think

C. make C. bring C. passing C. Though, but C. care of

D. How long D. have D. give D. to passing D. /, though D. care to

( )23. The art exhibition will __________ me rich and famous.

( )24. I’m going to write articles and__________ them to magazines and newspapers. ( )25. I expect _______ the final exam easily. A. pass A. Although, but A. care about A. How, think of

( )26. _______ he is old, _______he works hard. ( )27. The young people should _______ the old. ( )28. _____ do you _______ the talk shows?

C. What, think of D. What, think C. exciting, excited D. in

D. exciting, exciting

( )29. He was_________ at the _________ news. A. excited, excited B. excited, exciting A. for B. at

C. on

( )30. He played an important role _______ the film. ( )31. He is in good _______. He’s pretty ________.

A. health, health B. healthy, healthy C. health, healthy D. healthy, health ( )32. —Your eating habits are very good. —_________.

A. Don’t say so B. Thank you C. You’re welcome D. Not at all ( )33. This problem______ that one.

A. are the same to B. is different from C. are different than D. is as easier as ( ) 34. —than this one.

—Really? I’ll return it to you as soon as I finish reading it. A. much expensive B. more expensive C. as expensive D. too expensive ( ) 35. less time than taking a bus.

A. Driving; takes B. To drive; spends C. Drive; takes D. Drive; spends 三、完型填空

The Sea

What do you know about the sea? Some people often see it, 1 the others don't. The sea looksby the sea. They can

八年级英语期中测试卷 第3页(共8页)

swim in it, or lie on the beaches in the sun. Theythemselves there. But it can be very rough(粗鲁)when there is a strong wind. What other things do we know about it?

Of course, the sea is very large. Looking at athan land. There are a lot ofin the sea. Some of them are big and the others areDid you swim in the sea? If you answer “Yes", you may know that the water is salty(盐). Rivers carry 8 from the land to the sea. Some places of the sea are more salty(咸的) than other places. Do you know the Dead Sea? FishNobody is afraid toin the water. ( )1. A. and ( )2. A. useful ( )3. A. classes ( )4. A. enjoy ( )5. A. book ( )6. A. roads ( )7. A. small ( )8. A. sugar ( )9. A. can ( )10. A. lift 四、阅读理解


The following are three ads(广告):

B. so B. beautiful B. sports B. like B. map B. shops B. young B. butter B. must B. sink

C. but C. terrible C. meetings

D. or D. weak D. holidays

C. stop D. begin C. newspaper C. houses C. little C. salt C. can't C. walk

D. picture D. islands D. good D. oil D. mustn't D. sleep

八年级英语期中测试卷 第4页(共8页)

( )1. If you want to work in the south, you can apply for a job as ______________.

A. a driver B. an air hostess C. a teacher D. all of the above

( )2. You may call______________when you wish to be a teacher.

A. 0755-6561382 B. 0411-4313861 C. 010-88488970 D. A and B

( )3. Mary, aged 26, 1.65m, knows English and Japanese, which job can be given to her?

A. Driving for China taxi. B. Working for China Airlines.

C. Teaching at instant languages Ltd D. None of the above.

( )4. What prevents Jack, an experienced taxi driver, working for Capes Taxi?

A. Liking beer and wine B. Breaking traffic rules.

C. Being unable to speak a foreign language. D. Not having college education.

( )5. Which of the following is not mentioned in the three ads?

A. Height B. Age C. Language D. Health.


Hainan Island is the second largest island of China.Haikou,the capital(省会) of Hainan Province,is in the north-east of the island.It is the largest city on the island.It is a pretty city with an interesting flower market.In the south of the island,there is scuba diving,fishing and boating.If relaxing is in your plan,then there are long white beaches to walk along.

( )6. Hainan Island is _____than Taiwan Island.

A.bigger B.nicer C.smaller D. farther

( )7. Haikou is_____.

A.in the north of the island B.the capital of Hainan Province

C.in the east of the island D.a big city with a fish market

( )8. There are lots of _____in the city of Haikou.

A.fish B.boats C.flowers D.trees

( )9. What can you do in the south of Hainan Island?

A.Go scuba diving B.Go fishing C.Go boating D.All of the above

( )10. If you want to relax,then there are _____to walk along on Hainan Island.

A.1ong white beaches B.some beautiful bridges

C.some interesting flower market D.many wide roads

八年级英语期中测试卷 第5页(共8页)


Mr. Hunt came from a poor family. He had three brothers and two sisters. His father worked hard but wasn’t paid much. And his mother did all the housework at home. They were both able but they couldn’t get enough money for their family.

Mr. Hunt was in school for only three years and he had to stop to help his parents though he was good at his lessons. When he was sixteen, he came to the city and began to work in a small factory. He learned from an old worker and became a skilled worker. The old worker liked him and married his daughter to him. The young man did not have his own house and had to live with his parents-in-law. His mother-in-law always thought he was poor and often chattered. So the young man tried to save everything and hoped to have his own house.

It was one fine Sunday. The old woman wanted to have a picnic on the top of the hill. She told Mr. Hunt to drive her car. But sometimes she told him to turn left and sometimes to turn right. The young man had to listen to her. At a crossing the lights were red but she made him turn left. The policeman stopped them and told the young man to give his license to him.

“If I did wrong, sir,” said Mr. Hunt, “It was my mother-in-law’s fault(过错). She was driving the car though she sat behind me!”

( )11. The Hunts were poor because ______________.

A. they were lazy B. they were too weak to work D. they weren’t able enough C. they couldn’t make enough money

( )12. Mr. Hunt left the school because ___________.

A. he didn’t like studying C. he wasn’t clever B. his family was poor D. he hoped to stay at home

( )13. _______________, so the old man married his daughter to him.

A. Mr. Hunt became a skilled worker C. Mr. Hunt was paid much in the factory B. Mr. Hunt was friendly to him D. Mr. Hunt worked for six years there

( )14. The old woman was _______ to Mr. Hunt.

A. good B. bad C. friendly D. useless

( )15. Which of the following is wrong?

A. The old woman herself drove the car that day. B. It was the old woman’s fault. C. Mr. Hunt hated his mother-in-law. D. The old woman told Mr. Hunt to run the red lights.

八年级英语期中测试卷 第6页(共8页)


Waste can be seen everywhere in the school. Some students ask for more food than they can eat and others often forget to turn off the lights when they leave the classroom. They say they can afford these things. But I don’t agree with them.

Waste can bring a lot of problems. Although China is rich in some resources (资源), we are short of others, for example, fresh water. It is reported that we will have no coal or oil to use in 100 years. So if we go on wasting our resources, what can we use in the future and where can we Everybody should stop wasting as soon as possible.

In our everyday life, we can do many things to prevent (阻止) waste from happening, for example, turn off the water taps when we finish washing, turn off the lights when we leave the classroom, try not to order more food than we need, and so on. Little by little, everything will be


1. List the wastes mentioned in the first passage: (within 15 words)


2. What problems can waste bring? (Within 20 words)

(1) ______________________________________________________________

(2) ______________________________________________________________


3. ______________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________________

任务3:请给短文拟一个适当的标题:(within 5 words)

5. ______________________________________________________________

六、句型转换 就划线部分提问)

______ _____ does he watch TV?

2. She goes shopping three times a week. (变为一般疑问句,并作否定回答)

_____ she ___ shopping three times a week? _____, she _______.

3. I always eat junk food.(写出完全否定句)

八年级英语期中测试卷 第7页(共8页)

I _________ eat junk food.

4. I think this is a good way to keep healthy. (改为否定句)

I _______ think this ______ a good way to keep healthy. 划线部分提问)

________ _______ it start ?


1. I, week, TV, three, times, watch, a

2. is, from, Larry, quite, me, different


3. best, supermarket, is, Center, on, the, Street


4. you, a, want, talent, do, to, watch, show


5. is football good playing at he



请以“My best friend”为题写一篇介绍你的朋友的短文。可以把你的朋友和你的外表、性格、爱好和学习情况等方面进行比较。词数70左右。

八年级英语期中测试卷 第8页(共8页)

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