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Test for 8A (Unit1-2)

一、 听力理解(15*2)


( ) 1.Who did Eric go biking with last Sunday ?

A. His father B. His brother C. His friend

( ) 2. How often does Eric go biking ?

A. Twice a week B. Three times a week C. Three times a month 听下面一段对话,回答第3-5三个小题

( ) 3. What does Rick eat almost every day ?

A. Vegetables B. Dessert C. Fruits

( ) 4. How often does Rick exercise ?

A. Never B. Often C. Almost every day

( ) 5. What does Selina ask Rick to do ?

A. To eat more ice cream B. To take more exercise C. To take less exercise 听下面一段独白,回答第6-8三个小题

( ) 6. How old is Li Jian ?

A. 17 B. 18 C. 19

( ) 7. Where is Mike from ?

A. England B. America C. Canada

( ) 8. What did Li Ping and Guo Feng do at the party ?

A. Played the piano B. Played the violin C. Played games


( ) 9. How was Sally’s school trip ?

A. Boring B. Terrible C. Great

( ) 10. Where did they do ? A.The World Park B. The Zoo C. The Great Wall

( ) 11. How many students took part in the school trip ?

A. Thirty B. Twenty-eight C. Twenty-six

( ) 12. How did they get there ? A. By coach B. By bus C. By underground 听下面一段独白,回答第13-15三个小题

( ) 13. How many kilograms is the elephant when it is born ?

A. About 30 kilograms B. About 60 kilograms C. About 90 kilograms

( ) 14. When does the elephant stop growing ?

A. At the age of 9 B. At the age of 12 C. At the age of 15

( ) 15. What does Lily think of the elephant ?

A. Useful B. Clever C. Hard-working 听取信息(5*1)

二、 单项选择(10*1)

( ) 16. –Jim, do you enjoy playing ____ piano? – No, I like playing ___ chess. A. a; / B. a; the C. the; a D. the; / ( ) 17. –This pot is beautiful, but I can’t see its materials. –It is made ___clay(黏土). A. at B. of C. from D. in ( ) 18. --Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors in America. --I couldn’t agree with you more. He created a lot of __ during his lifetime. A. invention B. inventions C. inventor D. inventors ( ) 19. --A number of people died in the traffic accident yesterday. --It is said that __ the people who died in the accident was more than 50. A. the number of B. a number of C. a number D. the number ( ) 20. My parents promised __ when I finished my homework. A. go for a walk B. to going for a walk C. goes for a walk D. to go for a walk ( ) 21. The man ___ us ___ a game of Ping Pong yesterday. We all lost. A. asked; of B. asked; to C. challenged; of D. challenged; to ( ) 22. Today Tom went to school very early in the morning, so he was __ to come into the classroom. A. the first one B. the one C. one D. a one ( ) 23. –What is 270 ___ by 3 ? --It is ninety. A. divided B. divides C. multiplied D. multiply ( ) 24. –Do we have any apples in the fridge ? --No, We need to go to the supermarket to buy ____. A. some B. someone C. any D. anyone ( ) 25. –Would you like something to drink, sir ? -- __________________________. A. No, I don’t like it B. Yes, I like it C. No, I’d like to D. Yes, please 三、语法选择(10*1)

We often watch aliens(外星人)on TV or in the movies. Do you believe there _26_ aliens? We’ll make a phone call and you _27_. A group of American can help. They made a device(装置) to “talk” to aliens. If you want to talk to_28_alien, you only need _29_ www.talktoalien.com, call at 1-900-2260 and say, “Hello, aliens,”_30_ is Earth calling. Can you hear me ?” You can say _31_ you want. But now, they only take phone calls from people in the US. The call is $3.99 every minute. Since the hotline _32_ in the February, www.talketoaliens.com has got hundreds _33_ calls. There is one call _34_ three minutes. They are also trying to send people’s e-mails , photos and videos _35_ space. ( ) 26. A. is B. are C. was D. were ( ) 27. A. know B. will know C. must know D. should know ( ) 28. A. one B. a C. an D. the ( ) 29. A. visit B. visiting C. to visit D. visited ( ) 30. A. this B. that C. it D. there ( ) 31. A. everything B. nothing C. something D. anything ( ) 32. A. begin B. began C. beginning D. to begin ( ) 33. A. in B. with C. of D. on ( ) 34. A. every B. each C. between D. among ( ) 35. A. out of B. into C. onto D. over 四、完形填空(10*1)

Jim Smith was a poor boy. One day he was very cold and _36_. He came to a house and asked a young _37_ only for a glass of water. But the lady was so _38_ that she gave him a large glass of hot milk. Jim drank it and then asked , “How much should I _39_you ? “You don’t need to pay.” She replied. Jim _40_ her from the bottom of his heart. Years later, Jim became a _41_. One day, the woman was sent to his hospital. She was seriously ill. He recognized her at once and decided to _42_to save her life. The operation was _43_, but the cost was high. After looking at the woman’s bill, Jim wrote something on it. When the woman received the bill, she didn’t dare to look at it. _44_, something on the side of the bill caught her attention. She began to _45_ the following words: Paid in full with one glass of milk.

( ) 36. A. hot B. hungry C. cool D. strong ( ) 37. A. woman B. man C. husband D. waiter ( ) 38. A. angry B. beautiful C. lucky D. kind ( ) 39. A. give B. buy C. pay D. send ( ) 40. A. thanked B. forgot C. missed D. understood ( ) 41. A. teacher B. doctor C. worker D. driver ( ) 42. A. say hello B. do his best C. give away D. get back ( ) 43. A. awful B. beautiful C. careful D. successful ( ) 44. A. However B. Whenever C. Especially D. Hardly ( ) 45. A. write B. remember C. read D. guess 五、阅读理解(20*2)( 辅导与训练)

46.____ 47.____ 48.____ 49.____ 50.____ 51.____ 52.____ 52.____ 54.____ 55.____ 56.____ 57.____ 58.____ 59.____ 60.____ 61.____ 62.____ 63.____ 64.____ 65.____ 六、写作

单词拼写(5*1) 66. Lang Lang is not only a pianist, but also a m______. 67. When the girl w_______ first prize yesterday, she called her parents and told them the good news. 68.H______ beings are smart and know how to use different tools. 69. The old man is quite w_______ .He can solve a lot of problems. 70. As soon as he r______ his mistake, he said sorry to me. 完成句子(5*2)

71.很多动物灭绝了,我们应该保护动物。 Many animals _______ ______ . We should protect animals. 72.当你批评别人之前,你应该先弄清事实。 You should _____ _____ the facts before you criticize other. 73.家庭对我们而言是很重要的。 Families ____ _____ ____ us. 74.那个小男孩畜生在一个富裕的家庭。 That little boy _____ ______ _____ a rich family. 75.抄下那个电话号码,否则你可能忘记它。 _______ ______ that telephone number, or you may forget it.

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