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安徽省马鞍山市第十一中学七年级英语下册《7B Unit 3 Finding your way》Integrated Skills学案

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安徽省马鞍山市第十一中学七年级英语下册《7B Unit 3 Finding your way》Integrated

Skills学案(无答案) 牛津版

[学习目标] 1.能根据所听内容给出地图上的路线。


[课前自主预习] 1.Choose a or b of A1

2.Listen to the tape and do A2 and A3



Check the answers with each other.. If you have any questions, you can ask your teacher.

二、重点热点点击: 同学们,带上你的智慧一起去寻吧宝 。相信聪明的你一定能找到知识的宝藏。

1. Take the second turning on the right. 在第二个路口向右拐

本句也可说Turn right at the seconding crossing.

2. Walk past the police station.路过公安局

past .为介词。意思是“路过,经过”。如

3. We ran past her but we didn’t say anything,我们从她旁跑过什么也没说。


Go along the road.

Walk down/up this street.

Walk across the road.

Walk straight on.

Turn left/right at the first crossing.

4. It’s easy to walk from your building to mine.


It’s +形容词+for sb +to do 意为“( 对某人来说)做某事是?”。如:

It’s important for us to study English well. 对我们来说学好英语是重要的。

It’s easy to do the Maths project. 做出这道数学题是容易的。


一、A和B在进行对话,请你帮他们填出合适的单词来表明他们的意思 A: Excuse me ,is there a bookshop n_______ here ?

B: Sorry ,I don’t k_______, you’d better a______ that policeman.

A :Excuse me, is there a b________ here ? B:Yes, go a________this road ,and t________ the first turning on the l_______. It’s n______ to a hotel. A: How l_______ will it take me to walk there ? B: It will take you 20 minutes.

A: Thank you. B: You are welcome.


1. Pass the wooden house and you will see the river.

______ ______the wooden house and you will see the river.

2. Cross the bridge and you will the school on your left.

______ _____the bridge and will see the school on you r left.

3. Take the second turning on the right.

____ _____at the second crossing.

4. Where shall we meet ?

Where _______we ______ ______meet ?

5. What about going fishing tomorrow ? _____ _____go fishing tomorrow ?


1. 过了桥,向右拐。公园就在你右边。

Walk ______the bridge, ______left. You’ll find the park _____ your right.

2. 当交通灯是红色时不能过马路。

Don’t _____ _____the road when the ______ _____is red.

3. 学英语不是很难。It ______ _____ ______ _____ _____English.

4. 当我路过他家时。把信给了他。


I _______ ______ _______ ______when I_____ ______his house.


A Joke

Mother :I’ve told you so many times. Ask the teacher whenever you don’t understand.

Son :I asked the teacher, but he didn’t tell me.

Mother :When ?

Son: When we were having an exam.



We are all busy talking about and using the internet, but how many of us know the history of the Internet? Many people are surprised when they find that the Internet was set up in the 1960s. At that time, computers were large and expensive. Computer networks didn’t work well. If one computer in the network(网络) broke down, then the whole network stopped. So a new network system had to be set up. It should be good enough to be used by many different computers. If part of the network was not working, information could be sent through another part. In this way computer network system would keep on working all the time.

At first the Internet was only used by the government(政府), but in the early 1970s, universities, hospitals and banks were allowed to use it too. However, computers were still very expensive and the Internet was difficult to use. By the start of the 1990s, computers became cheaper and easier to use. Scientists had also developed software that made “surfing” the Internet more convenient(方便). Today it is easy to get on-line and it is said that millions of people use the internet every day. Sending E-mail is more and more popular among young people.

The Internet has now become one of the most important parts of people’s life. ( ) 1. From the passage we know

A. internet has a very long history B. internet has a history of about forty years

C .internet can work without computer D .internet is a kind of computer ( ) 2. At first could use internet.

A. hospitals B. universities C. banks D. government ( ) 3. Internet becomes more popular because . A. computers are cheaper

B. it’s easy and convenient to surf the internet

C. people like it better D. both A and B ( ) 4. The last sentence tells us that .

A . e-mail is used on computers B .young people like internet

C .it’s easier to get on-line than before

D .more and more young people send and receive e-mail.


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