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安徽省马鞍山市第十一中学七年级英语下册《7B Unit 3 Finding your way》Study skills学案

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安徽省马鞍山市第十一中学七年级英语下册《7B Unit 3 Finding your way》Study

skills学案(无答案) 牛津版


1. 语言目标: 关于网络的简要知识

2. 语言功能和学习策略: 学会使用因特网查询信息资料



1) look for information on the Internet 2) type in

3) search for 4) e-mail address

5) wait for the website up 6) get on e-shopper website

7) connect 8) on line


( ) 1) The information about Joy. A. film B. actors C. singers

( ) 2) The information about the history of women’s volleyball in China.

A. baseball history B. women basketball rules C. the volleyball history

( ) 3) The information about Harry Potter.

A. the TV shows B. the American novels C. the film for children

( ) 4) The information about mobile phone.

A. electrical B. sports C. food



一、 预习情况交流:同学们,让我来看看你们的预习工作完成得怎么样。








1. How to search the Internet:

1. Double Left click on the Internet Icon(图标).

2.At the top of the page, type in the Website and press the enter Button.

3. Type in Stars and press the enter button. 4. Left click on any information about Stars

2. 你能理解下列词组吗?请用它们造句;

all over the world

get….. from ….

search engine 搜索引擎

find….. quickly and easily

a list of suitable websites



( ) 1.Amy wants to find information about traffic in Shanghai.

A. traffic B. traffic in Shanghai C. traffic in China

( ) 2. Daniel wants to find information about the history of Nobel Prize.

A. Nobel B. Nobel Prize C. Nobel Prize history

( ) 3. Sandy wants to find information about songs in 1990s. A. Songs B. Songs in 1990s C. Singers in 1990s


( ) 4. Kitty wants to find information about Chinese painting shows, in the city Arts Centre. A. Chinese painting shows B. Arts Centre course C. Chinese painting

( ) 5. Simon wants to find information about the first stamp in the world A. Stamps B. history of stamps C. Stamps in the world


( ) 1. I don’t like this coat. Would you please show me ________.

A. other B. the other C. the others D. another

( ) 2. The earth goes ________ the sun. A. over B. across C. from D. around

( ) 3. My clock doesn’t ________. Can you mend it for me?

A. more B. walk C. use D. work

( ) 4. Jack, with his friends, _________ see Mr Li tomorrow. A. is going to B. are going to C. go to D. will goes

( ) 5. After he heard the _________ news, he was very __________.

A. surprised, surprising B. surprised, surprised C. surprising, surprising D. surprising, surprised

三、 判断正(T)误(F):

( ) 1. The Internet is an international computer network.

( ) 2. We can get different kinds of information from our computers.

( ) 3. There are millions of websites on the Internet. ( ) 4. There is a little information on each website.

( ) 5. To find the information we need. We can use search engines, which help us find information

quickly and easily.


1. 你能帮我找到一些有关希望工程的信息吗?

2. 搜索引擎可以帮我们又快又好容易地找到信息。

3. 互联网链接了全世界的电脑网络。

4. 互联网上有成千上万的网站。




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