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Unit 4 What would you do?

Section B Period 2 ( 3a — 4)

Just for Fun!

How many words can you use to describe people? Describe one of your classmates with the words you know.


What are your answers to these questions?

How confident are you?
What would you do if the teacher asked you to give a speech in front of the whole school? What would you do if your brother borrowed your clothes without permission? a. I?d say that another student could do it better. b. I?d say I had a cold. c. I?d say “yes”. a. I?d tell him to ask my permission before he borrows something next time. b. I wouldn?t say anything. c. I?d start borrowing his clothes without permission.

How confident are you? What would you do if a. I?d say “yes”. someone asked you to be in b. I?d say “no”. a movie? c. I?d ask if my friends could be in the movie, too. What would you do if you a. I?d introduce myself. wanted to be friends with b. I ?d wait for him /her to introduce himself /herself a new student? to me. c. I?d invite him /her to have dinner at my house.

Personality survey results If you answered _______ for most questions. Then you are probably pretty c a If you answered _________ for most questions, you are outgoing and fairly confident. You have plenty of friends, and you enjoy the company of other people. People come to you when they want advice. Your friends would probably say that you are easy to get along with. b If most of your answers were ______, you are probably a shy person. You like talking to one or two people rather than to a group. You would also rather stay at home and read a good book than go to a party. You have a small circle of very good friends. Your friends would probably say you are a good listener.

confident. Social situations don?t bother you in the slightest. You know what you want, and you know how to get it. Sometimes you might annoy people because you?re so confident.

Language points
bother v. 困扰 烦扰

The problem bothered me for weeks.

Don?t bother your father about it now. 现在先不要麻烦你的父亲。 Don't bother yourself about me; I am doing quite well.


--- How about the exhibition that day? --- It was very noisy, but that didn?t D _____ me. (2010武汉市中考) A. hurt B. impress C. change D. bother

bother, disturb, trouble, annoy这些动词均有“使 人不安或烦恼”之意。 bother: 指使人烦恼而引起的紧张不安或感到不 耐烦。

disturb: 较正式用词,多用被动态。指扰乱,使 人不能平静或妨碍别人工作、思维或正常秩序, 是程度较深的烦恼。 They took the phone off the hook so no calls would disturb them. 他们摘下电话听筒,以免电话打扰他们。

trouble: 指给人在行动上带来不便或在身心上 造成痛苦。 Her wound has been troubling her a lot

this week.

annoy: 强调因被迫忍受令人不快、讨厌的事 而失去平静或耐心,多指一时的打扰或恼怒。 These flies are annoying me. 这些苍蝇一直在打搅我。

not … in the slightest 根本不 = not at all I haven?t the slightest idea. 我一点儿都不知道。 = I haven?t idea at all. I do not mind in the slightest.

They cannot be trusted in the slightest degree. 对他们一点也不能相信。

plenty of 大量的, 许多的 常用于肯定句中, 后面既可以接可数名词复数形 式, 也可以接不可数名词。 You have plenty of friends, and you enjoy the company of other people.

你有许多朋友, 而且你喜欢和其他人在一起。
There is plenty of milk in the fridge.

There is plenty of space here to move about.


链接: 到目前为止,我们学过许多可以用来修饰名词的 量的单词和短语,现总结如下: ★只修饰可数名词: many, few (表否定), a few (表肯定) ★只修饰不可数名词: much, little (表否定), a little (表肯定)

★既可以修饰可数名词, 又可以修饰不可数名词: some (用在肯定句中), any (一般用在疑问句和

否定句中), a lot of / lots of, plenty of

some也可以用于疑问句中, 表示委婉语气, 用来

从括号中选择正确的单词或短语填空。 plenty of 1. I have seen __________ (much; plenty of) English films.

2. There isn?t ______ (some; any) meat at home. any
some Could you go to buy ______ (some; any)?

C 3. Please join us. We need _____ actors in our play.
A. a lot C. plenty of B. a little D. a bit of

would rather … than… 宁愿…也不…
后接动词原形, 表示优先选择的一种方式,其否

定形式是would rather not do sth.。
I would rather stay at home than swim.


would rather do sth. than do sth.

=prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.
I would rather stay at home than go to

see a movie.
= I prefer to stay at home than go to see a movie.

1) 我们宁愿不和他相见。 We would rather not meet him.
2) 他宁愿听别人谈而不愿自己谈。 He would rather listen to others than talk himself. 3) 与其和他们去购物,我倒宁愿留在家里读点书。 I would rather do some reading at home than go shopping with them.

4) I would rather ______ (talk) with his mother t than with his father. alk


Example: If a friend said something bad about
you, would you …? a. talk to the friend right away b. say nothing c. think about what he or she said

right away =at once 立即,马上

4 Group Work
Ask students in your group the questions
from your survey. Discuss the results.
A: How many people would talk to the friend

right away?
B: Three. And two people would say nothing.

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