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Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks.

The 1st period

Ⅰ. Teaching Aims and Demands

1. Knowledge Objects (1) Key Vocabulary

clean up, hunger, homeless, cheer up, give out, volunteer, food, bank

(2) Target Language

I’d like to work outside. You could give out food at a food bank.

2. Ability Objects

(1) Train the students to express offering to help with the target language.

(2) Train the students’ listening skill.

3. Moral Object Offer help to the others as much as possible.

Ⅱ. Teaching Key Points

1. Key Vocabulary clean up, hunger, homeless, cheer up, give up

2. Target Language How to express offering to help with target language.

Ⅲ. Teaching Difficult Points

1. Teach the students how to use the new phrasal verbs.

2. Teach the students to express offering to help with target language.

Ⅳ. Teaching Methods

1. Teaching by giving sample sentences and making up sentences.

2. Teaching by showing pictures.

Ⅴ. Teaching Aids

1. A tape recorder 2. Some pictures on volunteer’s offering help

Ⅵ. Teaching Procedures

Step Ⅰ Revision

1. Revise the language points in Unit 7.

Ask some questions like this: Where would you like to go on vacation? Why?(Because…)

2. Revise the contents in Unit 7.

3. Check homework by asking some students to read their sentences they’ve made with the

verbs. Let them hand in their homework.

4. Dictate ten words in Unit 7.

Step Ⅱ la

In this unit we learn to offer to help.

We’ll use some phrasal verbs. Each phrasal verbs has two or three words, such as clean up, cheer up, give out.

Here is an example on how to use clean up. Look at the title of Unit 8. I’ll help clean up the city parks. Repeat it twice, please.

Ask the children to read the title twice.

Read the instructions to the students.

Step Ⅲ 1b

Call the students’ attention to the two lists in the box in Activity lb. Ask some students to read the eight sentences on the lists to the class. Explain any new words and phrases in it.

Make sure that all the students can understand the meanings of the eight items.

Step Ⅳ 1c

Read the instructions with the class.

Call their attention to the example in the speech bubbles in Activity la. Ask a pair of students to read this conversation to a class. Then let them practice in pairs.

Note their pronunciation of "like to" in phrases such as, I’d like to help hungry people. Tell them English speakers usually pronounce the words "like to" as if they were spelled like-tuh.

Step Ⅵ Homework

1. Make up one sentence with each of the following phrasal verbs:

clean up, cheer up, give out

2. Write out three conversations of activity 1c.

Step Ⅶ Blackboard Design

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