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1、 china is one of ____in the world.

a. the big countries b. the bigger countries c. the biggest countries

2. Does Lily sing ____Helen ?yes, she does. Both of them get good grades in music. a. as well as b. as good as c. worse than

3. ______ is the best movie theater in town, screen city town cinema or movie world? I think screen city is .

a. how b. where c.which

4. uncle wang’s has the ____ , the waiters there are very friendly to every guest. a. best service b. most seats c.cheapest service

5. miller’s is ______clothing store around there . many people like to go there to buy clothes. a. the worst b. the best c.better


1. the shop has the ____________(friendly)service.

2.blue moon has better quality than _______(miller).

3.Dream clothes has ______(bad) clothes than blue moon.

4. what’s the ______(good ) clothing store in your town?

5.107.9fm is pretty________(bad).

6. of all the dictionaries,,this one is _____(good).

7.I think jazz is ______(interesting) music in the world.

8.which is the _____(hot) season in Chengdu?

9.he was so angry that he ______(leave) the classroom without a word.

10. who is the best_______(perform) tonight ,eliza ,steve or dennis?

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