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九年级unit 7(2)

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Section A

3a – section B 2c

Answer these questions after you read the article about Paris.

1. Where is Paris? 2. Are there any beaches? 3. What is the most famous sight in Paris? 4. Do Frenchmen speak English?

5. If you go to Paris, how will you visit the city?
6. What do you think of Paris?

1.为何不做某事 2.考虑做某事 3.最有活力的城市之一 4.包含某物 5.方便做某事 6.一般来说 7.做某事是最好的 8.打包轻便的衣服 9..应该做某事 10.温暖的地方

Make some sentences using these phrases.

consider doing the capital of one of in the world be convenient to do in general

1. _______________________
2. _______________________ 3. _______________________ 4. _______________________ 5. _______________________

6. _______________________

Write the answers to these questions. Then talk about them with your partner.

A: Where would you like to visit? B: I’d like to visit Holland. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Where would you like to visit? _______________________ Why do you want to go there? _______________________ What would you do there? _______________________ Where don’t you want to go? _______________________ Why don’t you want to go there? _______________________ A: Why do you want to go there? B: …

one day

例句: One day we'll both get to see New York. 总有一天我俩都有机会看看纽约。 One day the temperature was 30℃ 有一天温度达到三十摄氏度。


some day

例句: Some day he will be a king. 有朝一日他能当上国王.


Some days (一些天,几天,)

I stayed there for some days .我在那儿待了好多天 了。

Some day/one day, some days
? ? ? ? ? 1.I want to go to the moon _________. 2.She would like to stay in Beijing for ___. 3.We’ll become successful ______. 4.I hope you can keep the cat for me for _____. 5.They have learned how to cook for ____. They hope they can cook _____.

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