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词汇训练(8BUnit 1-3,A卷)

A. 请根据括号中的中文提示、英文释义或句意,写出句中所缺单词,使句子通顺。

1. Reading English sentences again and again can help you learn ___________ (语法) better.

2. This restaurant provides door to door ___________ (服务) .

3. The CEO of this company often goes ___________ (to a foreign country) for his job.

4. An international ___________ (a large formal meeting) will be held in Beijing next month.

5. Please reduce your ___________ when you’re driving on a foggy day.

B. 请根据句意从方框中选择合适的单词,并用其适当形式填空,使句子通顺。

6. Never feel ___________ when you are in danger. You should try your best to save yourself.

7. This ___________ red dress doesn’t match your yellow boots.

8. The baby’s first step caused great ___________ in the family.

9. The boys over there are the ___________ of the football match.

10. He fell off the bike the day before yesterday, but ___________ he didn’t hurt himself.

C. 请根据句意从方框中选择合适的动词,并用其适当时态填空,使句子通顺。

11. __________ you __________ about any exciting news recently?

12. The Greens __________ a film in the cinema this time yesterday.

13. Mr Dong misses his old friends very much because they ___________ to places far away. Young teachers __________ to work in the poor areas every year.

14. His uncle has stayed in Beijing for a week. He __________ home in three days.

15. Lucy, don’t give the monkeys any food. I __________ them just now.


1. grammar

6. helpless

11. Have, heard 2. service 3. abroad 4. conference 5. speed 10. luckily 15. fed

7. shiny 8. excitement 9. winners 12. were watching 13. have moved 14. will return

词汇训练(8BUnit 1-3,B卷)

A. 请根据括号中的中文提示、英文释义或句意,写出句中所缺单词,使句子通顺。

1. What will you do to ___________ (放松) yourself this coming weekend.

2. Mr Wu is a man with a lot of ___________ (经验) of working in the area.

3. Finally, he ___________ (get to know and understand something) that his son did right.

4. My ___________ (understanding of or information about a subject) of Japanese is rather poor.

5. The audience couldn’t stop ___________ their hands when the host appeared at the charity show.

B. 请根据句意从方框中选择合适的单词,并用其适当形式填空,使句子通顺。

6. Sutong Bridge has been in ___________ for several years.

7. If you exercise every day, you’ll soon feel much ____________ (health).

8. My parents will celebrate their 20 years of ___________ this Sunday.

9. This is such an ___________ film that all the students are moved by it.

10. Computers are ___________ used in our daily life and are becoming more and more useful.

C. 请根据句意从方框中选择合适的动词,并用其适当时态填空,使句子通顺。

11. The twins ___________ the appearance of the robber at the police station at present.

12. The water is polluted because people often ___________ rubbish into it.

13. —Has the teacher finished marking the exam papers?

—Sorry, I don’t know, but he them in the office yesterday afternoon.

14. —How soon __________ the reporter ___________ the chairperson?

—In two weeks.

15. Tom __________ much progress in his English study since last term.


1. relax 2. experience 3. realized

8. marriage 4. knowledge 5. clapping 6. service 7. healthier

9. educational

10. widely

11. are describing 12. throw 13. was marking 14. will, interview 15. has made

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