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山东省宁津县育新中学七年级英语下册 Module4-6达标练习三

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( ) 1. —________ meat do we need to buy?

—Three ________.

A. How much; kilo B. How many; kilo

C. How much; kilos D. How many; kilos

( ) 2. This blue down coat (羽绒服) looks nice. I want to ________.

A. try up it B. try on it C. try it up D. try it on

( ) 3. —________?

—I’d like to buy some chicken.

A. How about going to the cinema B. What are you doing now

C. What will you do at home D. What can I do for you ( ) 4. —_______ is the building?

—About fifty metres. A. How long B. How much C. How old D. How high

( ) 5. —What is that _______ the street?

—I think that’s a clothes shop.

A. in the end B. in the end of

C. at the end D. at the end of ( ) 6. —Thank you for helping me.

—_______ A. See you. B. Have a nice day.

C. You are welcome. D. That’s very kind of you.



31. My favourite fruit is the ________ (柠檬). 32. Do you know the ________ (价钱) of the strawberry?

33. We will ________ (比较) these two reports (报告) carefully.

34. My mother enjoys going to the ________ (市场).

35. You can see flowers ________ (在任何地方) in the city.

B. 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。 36. How many ________ (church) are there in your city?

37. Mount Heng is ________ (low) than Mount Hua. 38. I think Green City is bigger and ________ (busy) than Sun City.

39. Can I ask you some ________ (question)? 40. There are no ________ (island) near the hill.


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