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Lesson 22

What do you like to do after shool?


running I like to ( )

Where do you like to go?

I like to go to the_____to ____with ______.

Do you know about hockey ?
They are hockey players.

Hockey is a very popular sport in Canada. You skate on ice and try to put a hard rubber puck in the oopponent’s net. They are playing

? ? ? ? ? ? ? 打冰球 一个新的购物中心 在周末 做家务 整个下午 和我的朋友聊天 它离我家只有三个街 区的距离。
? play hockey ? a new shopping center ? on weekends ? do some housework ? the whole afternoon ? chat with my friends ? It’s only three blocks from my house .

Words preview case

? The school is four b____ from my house. locks ? Can you tell me the way to the nearest ank b____. ? She spent the w____ summer at home. hole ? My mother went to the shopping c____ to enter buy fruits. reezes ? During the winter the pond f______ , I can ockey play h____ on it. ? Other times I just c____ with my friends. hat ? The hot chocolate c____ $3.5. osts

Preview case
1.有时,我和她一起去,让他买我最喜欢的食品。 Sometimes I go _____ her and ____ her to buy my favorite foods. 2. 在我家附近有个鱼塘。 There is a _____ _____ my house. 3.然而,我通常先做些家务。 However,I usually _____ _____ _____ first. 4.冬天结冰期间,我可以和我的朋友们一起玩曲棍球。 During the winter it _____ , and I can ____ _____ on it with my friends. 5.整个下午坐在那儿是很舒服的。 It is very _____ to sit there the _____ afternoon.


? What does Michael do during the winter?

? What is in Michael’s neighborhood? What does it have?
? When does Michael go to the coffee shop? What does he do there? Is the hot chocolate expensive or cheap ?

True or False? (“T” or “F”)
1.Hockey is a sport .Many people like it in Canada. T 2. There is a pond far from his house . 3.On weekends, Michael likes to go to the park with his friends. 4.Michael usually has coffee in the coffe shop. 5 Michael sometimes goes to the grocery sotre with his parents.





1、During the winter it freezes ,and I can play

? ? ? ? ?

hockey on it with my friends .译——————— —。 freeze 结冰,凝结 ,过去式和过去分词分别为 froze ,frozen . play… with…“和….一起玩” play的其他用法: 1)、动词,意为“踢、玩、打”,后接球类名词 时,不加定冠词。 play basketball play hockey 2)、动词,意为“吹、拉、弹奏”时,后接西洋 乐器的名词时,要加定冠词。 Play the piano… play the violin

2、It’s only three blocks from my house. 译———它离我家只有三个街区的路程。

It’s +距离+(away) from …表示“某地离某地的距离有多远” 其中away可以省略。

例:The Library is two kilometers away from the supermarke

3、I like to go ther

e on weekends ,but Ihave to do some hou work first .译————————

on weekends 在周末, 也可用at the weekends ,on weekends ,


4、Sometimes I sit for the whole afternoon and do my homework. whole 和 all都有“全部的;所有的;完整的” 的意思 ,但是词序不一样。all 用于限定词之 前,whole 用于限定词之后。 全部时间 all the time = the whole time 整个下午 all this afternoon = the whole afternoon 我的一生 all my life= my whole life 整个班级 all the class= the whole class

whole 与 all 的区别
词条 含义 修饰词 用法


强调“完整性” ,全部


“限定词 +whole +单数名词”


强调“总量”,意 不可数名词或可 思近于每一个 数名词复数

“all +限定词+ 复数名词”

5、 cost, pay ,spend, take

cost 作动词,“花费”,主语为物,通常为所买 东西,不能是人,后跟宾语,即为“sth cost sb +名词(钱数)”
pay 意为“给……付款”宾语为人或钱,不能是 购买的物品,常用于“sb +pay +钱+for+名词 (所卖物)”或“pay for + sb / sth”句型中 spend 常指花费金钱或时间主语必须是人,句式为 “sb. +spend +时间/金钱+on sth /(in) doing sth ”



4. take意为“花费”时,常用于句型“it takes sb + 时间+to do sth” 意为“某人做某事花费 多少时间”

1.用cost, spend, pay ,take 填空
1)The book (costs) me 9 yuan. 2)They ( spend/pay ) too much time ( on/for) (写)the report 3) It will ( take ) me too much time to read this book. 4)-Wii you please ( pay ) for my dinner, Jim? -sure.

however, but
but所表示的是非常明显的对比, 转折的意味较however要强。 从语序上看,but总是位于所引 出的分句之首,而however却 可位于句首和句中。
从标点符号上看,but之后一般不得使用逗号,而 however则必须用逗号与句子其它部分分开。

1. on weekends=at weekends=at the Sum up weekend 2. during the winter 3. the whole afternoon 4. in the shopping center 5. have hot chocolate 6. it’s only three blocks from my house. 7. it costs 3.5$, and it is very expensive.

Ask: Excuse me, Where is …?/can can you tell me the way to …? Answer: ? It’s four desks from you. ? It eight desks from the board. ? Turn right/left at ___’s desk. ? Turn back ? Go straight the passageway. ? Go past the teacher’s desk. ? Go over there. At the end of the game, you should say :“there it is, I find the ___,thank you for your help! ”

game time

1. Everyone likes football.(对划线句子提问) ____ ____ everyone ____ ? 2.Our neighborhood has a coffee shop.(改为同义句) ____ ____ a coffee shop ____ our neighborhood. 3.I asked him to buy food.(改为否定) I asked him ____ _____ buy food. 4. The hot dogs cost me five yuan (改为同义句) I ____ five yuan ____ the hot dogs. 5.

Sometimes I cook dinner.(对划线部分提问) ____ ____ ____ ____ cook dinner.

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