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unit1 复习课教案 张静芳

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Book 1 Unit 1 Friendship (Revision )

高一英语 张静芳

Teaching Goals:

1. Target language (语言目标)

a. 重点词汇和短语

calm, concern, settle , disagree , ignore , walk

recover from, suffer from, add up , face to face

b重点句式 2. because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. 1.I’d seen the night face to face moonlight and flowers could have kept me spellbound.


that really must be experienced.


3 Although I try to talk to my classmates, I still Ability goals(能力目标)------master some expressions, know some knowledge of friendship.

Learning ability goals(学能目标) -----improve the listening, reading and writing abilities.

Teaching important and difficult points:

The usage of some important words and expressions

Improve the Ss writing ability


1. Father tried to daughter down after he knew that she was cheated by her former boyfriend.

the dog by the river, he met an old friend of his.

3. The girl a heavy fever in the summer.

4. It’s said that he

5. After graduating from Beijing University, she went to Tibet and to help the local people.

6. He a bag with a few things and left without telling anybody.

二.活学活用 用恰当的短语完成下列句子

1._______________ in English every day is a good way to improve your English.

2.Every time I _________ these figures I get a different answer. 

3.He _________ all his important thoughts in his diary.

4.Ever since then I have been longing to meet him __________

5.I’ve come out from town _____________ to meet

6. 我的假期完全被一连串的雨天毁了。

rainy days.

7. 伊拉克已经经历了太多的战争。

Iraq too many wars.

8. 作为中国人,我们对台湾问题特别关注。

As Chinese, we 9. 英国的年青人对《哈利波特》的喜爱近乎狂热。

Young people in Britain “Harry Potter”.

10. 你想和我一起参加英语角吗?

Would you like to


While walking the dog, you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car.






1.我不知道是不是因为他急切渴望成功以致于他对与学习有关的一切事都很狂热。 2..只要用心我们发现学英语并不难。





四.Writing 能力提升



1.Polish your composition.

2.R review the important words and sentences again.

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