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九年级英语 unit 2 period 1 作业

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选择题 ( A )1.He used to ____in the sun. A. read B. reading C. reads D. be read ( D )2.---Don’t you remember me ?----_____. A. Yes ,I did B. No, I do C. Yes, I don’t D. Yes ,I do ( C )3.She used to have short hair,_____? A. wasn’t she B. doesn’t she C. didn’t she D. isn’t she ( D )4. Are you afraid of _____alone? A. be at home B. be home C. at home D. being at home ( C )5. The little girl is terrified ____snakes. A. at B. on C. of D. in

二。用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.I used to copy copy) my friend’s homework,but _______( now I don’t. read 2. He used to ______(read) in the day, but now he is reading used to _______ (read ) at night. to help 3. Computers are used ________( help) people do many things. 4. Don’t use the bike there, It’s not used to _____(ride) ride 5.The machine is used for ________(make) candies. making 三。句型转换 didn’t he 1. He used to sing English songs, ______ ______?(完 usedn’t he 成反意疑问句)。 2. My mother used to go to work on foot .(提问) did use to How _______your mother ______ _____go to work?

3. The little girl often wore a skirt in the past.(同义句) used to The little girl ______ _____ wear a skirt. 4. Mike used to play soccer at school.(改为否定句) didn’t use Mike _______ ______ to play soccer at school. 5. They used to have a lot more free time. (改为一般疑 问句) Used to _______ they ______have a lot more free time?

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