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Unit 2 What’s the matter? Section A (2a-2c)

What’s the matter with her?
She has a headache.

She has a stomachache.

What’s the matter with her?
She has a cold.

She has a fever.

What’s wrong with her ? She has a sore throat

She has a toothache

A: What’s wrong with her\him\you?

B: She\He has a …
I have a…

What should they do?


1.toothache 2. sore throat 3. stomachache

a. lie down and rest b. hot tea with honey c. see a dentist

4. fever

d. drink lots of water

2b I have a

sore throat.

You should drink some hot tea with honey. ___________

Give advice
A: I have a toothache. B: You should see a dentist.

A: I have a stomachache.

B: You should lie down and rest.

What’s wrong with her? fever She has a _________. drink lots of water and go to bed She should_____________________________. go out and exercise She shouldn't________________________.

toothache A:What’s wrong with you? Do you have a ____________? B:Yes, I do. see a dentist A:You should___________________. eat sweet things You shouldn't __________________.

What’s the matter with you? a sore back I have ________________. see a doctor You should ______________. You shouldn’t ____________. exercise

A:What’s wrong with you? stomachache B:I have a _____________. A:You ___________________________. Should lie down and have a rest You shouldn’t eat anything for two hours _____________________________.

A:What’s the matter with you? sore throat B:I have a _____________. should drink some hot tea with honey A: You_____________________________ or go to see the doctor ___________________ shouldn’t eat dry food such as cookies or You _____________________________ speak too loudly ______________________.

A: What’s wrong with her\him? B: She\He has a …

A:What should she\he do? B:She\He should….

? What’s

the matter with him\her\you? =What’s wrong with him\her\you?

Give advice: ? should +动词原形


How can we keep healthy?
?Green food
?Good sleep ?Do more exercises ?Keep a good living


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