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1. What does your father do , Lily?________________

A. He is 40 years old . B. He is a teacher. C. He works in a school.

2. What ___________animals do you like? I like dogs, too.

A.other b.others c.another

3.Lucy is ill. She is ________ now.

I'm sorry to heare that. Let's go to ________ to see her.

A.in the hospital; hospital b.in hospital; hospital

c.in hospital; the hospital

4.The little girl can_______ herself, though(尽管) she is very young.

A.dress b.wear c.put on

5.______ the young men ______ volleyball on the playground every morning ? a.Are ; playing b. Do , playing c. Do , play

6. What do you think of the book ? It's ___________ interesting.]

A.a kind of


b.kind of c.a kind b.across c.pass c.needs to have c.gets, call 7.Don't go ________ the street. The bus is coming. 8.He ________ an interesting job. A.needs have A.get , will call A.come to a.Chinese b.needs to be 9.If he ______here, I ________ you. b.arrives, will call b.to come 10. Why not ________ see the smart dolphins? c.coming and c.American c.at the beginning of 11. How many ____ are there in the hotel? b.Frenchmans 12.The man ______ Mary is so tall that she can't see the show. A.in front of A.like b.in the front of b.likes 13.Jane is getting on well with her classmates . Everyone in our class _______ her. c.liking

14.What are you______? Haha... It's secret.

A.talk about

a.Good idea.


16. How is the weather in Wuhan? (同义句)

_______ the weather _________ in Wuhan?

17. Mr. Zhang is our English teacher.(同上)

Mr. Zhang ___________ __________ English.

18. Can you tell me how to get to the zoo.(同上)

Can you tell me _____ ____________ to the zoo.

19. What is you sister?(同上)

________ ________ you sister's _________?

20. The teacher tells us that we can't eat in the class. (改为否定句)

The teacher tells us ________ _________ ________ in the class.

21. (就划线部分提问)

_____ ________ his uncle _______ ?

22. Tom often plays basketball with his friends after school.(用now代替after改写) Tom _____ ______ basketball with his friends now.

23. There is a woman doctor in the hospital. (改为复数句子)

There _____ many ____ _____ in the hospital.

三、根据短文内容, 选择正确答案

Hello, I'm Xu Jie. Do you know_____ ? I'm from Taiwan. I am 11 yeas old now. I have an English name. My English name is Jeff. So you can ____ me Jeff.

I am_____ and I can speak Chinese. I can also_____ English very well. I think English is very _________. Now it is important to learn English.

Do you like singing ? I like ____ very much. And my dream is ________ a super singer. Do you like Zhang Shaohan? I like her songs very much. I can sing her songs b.talking with B. I think so c.talking about c.Pretty good 15.Hi, Mike ! How's it going? ________________

very ______. And I also like Liang Jingru. I can sing many of her songs. _____ of them are famous singers.

Would you like to be my friends? I can sing ______ beautiful songs for you. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

四、从方框中选择合适的句子完成对话, 有多余的选项 A: Do you like animals ? B:______________________

A: Let's go to see the animals this afternoon. There's a new zoo in our city. B:_________________ A:______________ B:Dolphins! A:_______________

B:Because they are kind of smart. I like to see a dolphin show. A:Well , I like elephants. B:Why do yo like them?

A:_________. They can do a lot of things with their noses.

A.Because they are interesting. B.What animals do you like? C.Why do you like them?

) 1. A.him ) 2. A.call ) 4.a.speak



b.let b.tell b.useful b.have b.good b.All b.many

c.know c.a Chinese c.say c.boring c.swimming c.to be c.nice c.Both c.little

) 3.A.a Japanese ) 5.a.healthy ) 6.a.singing ) 7.a.be

)8.a.well ) 9. a.Each

b.an English


) 10.a.much

D.That sounds good.

E.Yes, I do.

F.Why are they interesting.


A: Excuse me, where is the library?

B: Sorry, I am new here.


A: Excuse me, __________________?

C: Yes, go down this street and turn right at the second turning. Go up the road to the end, you'll find it.


B:Yes, it is quite far from here. You'd better take a bus.


B: You can take the No.5 bus. It'll take you there.

A: Thank you very much.

B:________ ___________.

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