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江苏省徐州市王杰中学八年级英语上册《Unit1 Friends 9-Main task》导学案

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Unit1 Friends导学案

Period 9 Main task


文章的结构:Introduction→Main body→Conclusion

单 词 1. smiling 2. pleasant 3. wear

词 组 1. live next door 2. wear a smiling on her face

句 子 1. She lives next door ( to me ). 2. She likes to work with children.

3. The smiling eyes make her really pretty and kind. 4. She always wears a smile on her face.


1.阅读教材P.15-16.,试做Part B&C。

2.Language points:

① Think about your??ideas. 中的think about意思为“考虑”“想”,

其中about是介词。 think of 意思为“想起”“想到”, think over


② Think about??and prepare??ideas.中的prepare是及物动词,意思



Kite likes to work with children.中work with意思为“共事”“一起


Read your article??for mistakes.试比较read about sth./sb.和

read sth.。read about意思为“读到有关??..”,read sth.“读??”。 ③ ④


Part A: 理解语境,学生示范朗读,纠正语音。

Part B: 讲解笔记技巧——记关键词,用不同形容词避免重复。同座交流,请几位学生朗读示范自己的笔记。

Part C: 听录音阅读课文,在形容词下划横线。提问题检查学生对课文的理解。分析段落结构(导入—主体—结论),段落标题,代词在写作中的作用。

Part D: 修改、充实所写草稿,同座交流互改,对选词和语句结构提出改进意见。择优全班朗读示范。




3.她很聪明,乐于助人,经常帮助同学们打扫教室,帮老师收发(hand in /out)作业本,乐于帮助别人解决难题。大家都喜欢她。


________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1




( ) 1.Which word belongs to “Personality”? A. slim B. ponytail C. polite D. thin

( ) 2. Which word belongs to “General appearance”?

A. friendly B. clever C. handsome D. musical

( ) 3. Which word can describe “Hair”?

A. honest B. shoulder-length C. tall D. smart

( ) 4. Which word can describe “Abilities”?

A. smart B. big C. strong D. cheerful

( ) 5. What you said sounds ________ . I agree ______ you.

A. right, with B. all right, to C. all right, with D.right, to

( ) 6. Now we are studying at a ________ school.

A. primary B. high C. secondary D. country ( ) 7. “Don’t be ________,” the teacher said to me befort the test. A. talk B. smile C. quite D. nervous

( ) 8. I think it is ________ to run in the park in the early morning.

A. pleasure B. pleased C. please D. pleasant ( ) 9. The old man and his son have ________ to make a good boat.

A. the abilities B. the ability C. an ability D. abilities

( )10. ——How do you like Kate’s appearance?

——Her____eyes____her____pretty and lovely?

A. smile, makes, look B. smiling, makes, to look

C. smiling, makes, look D. smiling, make, look

( ) 11. I believe she ________ a good designer in the future. A. is B. must is C. will is D. must be



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