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江苏省徐州市沛县张寨镇中学七年级英语下册《Unit4 Finding your way Study skills》导学案

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江苏省徐州市沛县张寨镇中学七年级英语下册《Unit4 Finding your

way Study skills》导学案(无答案) 牛津版

Learning aims : 1.To know the rules of falling tone and rising tone.

2. To read the sentences in different tones。

Activity 1、Pre-read. 预习生词并且完成以下练习。(检查学生的预习效果:小组讨论,老师点拨。)

1. 玲珑的,娇小可爱的____________ 6. 好主意__________________

2. 狮子______________ 7. 回头见__________________

3. 穿过桥_______________ 8. 星期六 ___________________

4. 你想去做某事吗?_____________ 9.阳光购物中心__________________

5. 去购物______________ 10. 距离某地远 _________

Activity 2、Ask the students to say out which kind of sentences they are ?

1. Do you have a good time at school ? ____________

2. Will you visit the 200 tomorrow ? ____________

3.Dose the boy sit in front of you ? ____________

4.What will you do on Sunday ? ____________

5.How many students are there in our class ? ____________

6.The dog is under the beach. ____________

7.There is a lake in the park. ____________ 总结:一般疑问句用升调读,特殊疑问句用降调读,陈述句用降调读。

8.Simon: The zoo is about three kilometers away from our school.

Daniel: Three kilometers?


Activity 3、让学生用老师讲解过的方法朗读书上的句子(51页),同时标出正确的语调。老师及时纠正不正确的语调。

Activity 4、你知道这些知识吗?跟我走进这些背景知识。


Activity 5、课堂达标检测

1、My mother often has a lot of housework ___(do).

2、Listen! Someone ____(sing) next door.

3、I’d like to go ____(swim) with simon.

4、He always ____(try) to help others.

5、I’ll ask him ____(call) you back.

6、How ____(get) there? 7、Would you like ____(go) and see a film.


8、We can ____ (go) ____(shop) there too.

9、They want ____ (go) to the park.

10、Pandas ____(be) cute.

11 There____(be) a path between the hills. 12 ____(be) there any lions?

Activity 6、布置家庭作业。


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