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江苏省徐州市沛县张寨镇中学七年级英语下册《Unit4 Finding your way Reading》导学案(1)

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江苏省徐州市沛县张寨镇中学七年级英语下册《Unit4 Finding your

way Reading》导学案(1)(无答案) 牛津版

Learning Aims:

1. 知识目标:

(1) 词汇:everybody,straight,on,bamboo,alldaylong,along,road,king,remember,that,



(2) 理解并识记下列短语:like to eat bamboo,lie down all day long,come here

to see them,make beautiful sounds,jump around,make people laugh

(3) 重点句型:Go straight on,and you’ll find the Panda House.

Walk along the road. To the north of the Panda House,you’ll find the lions. Turn left, and to the west of the Lions’ Area,you’ll find the World of Birds. North-east of the giraffes there’s a bridge.

Cross the bridge, and you’ll see the elephants.

Have a nice trip!

2. 技能目标:能了解动物园常见动物的名称及基本习性。

3. 情感目标:能为别人指路,能他人指引的路线作出正确地反应。

Learing Process:

Activity 1 Learn new words.


Activity 2 Read the introduction,and complete Part B1.

学生四人一组合作,在B1部分的地图上标出六种动物所在的位置,看看哪个小组完成的最好。鼓励学生一边找出自己所喜爱的动物所在的位置,一边说出如何到达。巩固方位的表达法。For example,I like monkeys best. The monkeys are north of the World of Birds. Activity 3 Read the introduction again,and fill the blanks.

① _____ are black and white,they are very ___. They live in the _____ _____.They like to eat ________. They are a little lazy, they like to ___ ___ __ __ ____.

②Lions are the _____ of the _______ world. They are very _________. So never ____ ______ them.

③_____ are lovely. They can _____. Birds can_____ ______ ______ when they

sing.When winter comes ,they always fly to the ______.


④_______ are clever and ______. They like to _____ ______. They can also ____ ____(玩把戏)and _____ _____ ______. Monkeys are people's friends. They ___ ___ (像)people.

⑤This is an ________. It is very _____. It walks slowly. It has a long _____. Its ears are like _____ _____. It is different from other animals, It walks on ______. ⑥_______ are ______ tall. They have very ____ _____ . They can eat ______ from trees.I know there are _____ bones(骨头) in their long neck. Activity 4 Listen to the tape, and judge right or wrong.

1.The students start their visit from the North Gate.______

2. Pandas do not like to lie down all day long.______

3. Visitors can’t go near the lions.______ 4. The birds in the zoo are very quiet.______

5. Monkeys are clever and funny.______ 6. To the north-east of the giraffes there is a hill.______

Let the students point out the mistakes, and correct them.

Activity 5 Read and answer the following questions. 1. Who comes to see the panda?

2.What animals are the kings of the animal world?

3. How do monkeys make people laugh?

4. What helps giraffes eat the leaves from trees?

5. What are elephants’ ears like?

Activity 6 Exercise

Translate the sentences into Chinese.

1、 Go straight on,and you’ll find the Panda House.

2、 They like to eat bamboo and often lie down all day long.

3、 North of the Panda there is an area for the lion.

4、 Never go near them.

5、 Their large ears are like open fans.

Activity 7 Homework




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