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江苏省徐州市王杰中学八年级英语上册《Unit1 Friends 7-Integrated skills》导学案

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Unit1 Friends导学案

Period 7 Integrated skills

【学习目标】:1.讨论未来计划。2.从听力材料中获取信息。3.掌握下列词汇和句型。 单 词social solve problem future famous, agree popular

词 组 1. make friends with ? 2. solve problems 3. a Grade 8 student 4. try to be 5. try one’s best to do. 6. in the future 7. make sb. happy

8.one of + 最高级 + 名词复数 9. make sb. feel happy

句 子 1. I feel unhappy when my friends are sad.

2. I would like to be a social worker when I grow up.

3. Who’s the boy on the left? Who’s the boy next to Peter?

4. What’s he like? 5.What does he look like?



3.Language points:

(1)help people solve problem 帮助人们解决问题

help是使役动词,后可跟带to或不带to的动词不定式,还可用help sb. with sth.的词组。

例如:I often help my mother (to) do some house work. = I often help my mother with some housework.我经常帮妈妈做些家务。

solve problem 解决问题

(2)Make people happy 使人们高兴 a. make ( + sb./sth. ) + adj. 使??怎么样 例如:My little dog death makes me sad. 我的小狗的死使我难过。

b. make 做使役动词,后跟不带to的动词不定式。

例He tells funny jokes and always makes me laugh.他讲笑话总把我逗笑。

c. 其它的make 的词组:make friends 交朋友 make the bed 铺床 make tea 沏茶 make cakes 做蛋糕

(3)I try my best to help them. 我尽最大努力帮助他们。

try one’s best to do sth. 尽力做某事 = do one’s best to do sth.

(4)a famous singer 一个著名的歌手

famous 意为“著名的”,同义词是“well-known”,常用的词组还有 be famous for “因??而著名”。例如: China is famous for the Great Wall. 中国因长城而著名。

(5)I agree. 我同意。 agree to do sth. 同意做某事 agree with sb. 与(某人)有相同看法 agree about/on sth. 关于??..的意见一致,同意某事

agree to sth. 答应、同意、接受(某人的建议、安排、计划等)

(6).outdoor 户外的 反意词为indoors“在户内”。如:

outdoor sports户外运动 an outdoor theatre露天剧场indoor exercise户内锻炼 (7) What is he like?此句型用来问一个人的外表(appearance)或品质(character)。如:“What is sb like?”"He is tall and thin.” “他长得怎样?”“又高又瘦。”

[注] What is sb.?意为“某人干什么工作的?”用来问职业。How is sb.?意为“某人身体怎么样?”,用来问身体情况。如:


“What is your father ?""He is a driver.”“你父亲是干什么工作的?”“司机。” “How is your mother?”“She enjoys good health.“你母亲身体如何?”“很好。”


Part A1 阅读理解语境表格—听录音选择答案—提问学生公布答案。

Part A2 阅读理解语境,请几个学生逐句朗读并完成填空,全班校对。

Part A3 阅读理解语境及信函—听录音完成填空—学生朗读信函校对答案—再听录音,朗读信函。

Part B 合上书听录音—跟老师朗读课文—结队活动操练表演对话。 【当堂巩固】


1.帮助人们解决问题 ____________ 2. 交朋友 ____________________

3.倾听烦恼 __________________ 4. 左边的男孩 ________________

5.和他一样受欢迎 ____________ 6. 尽全力做某事 ______________

7.既友好又乐于帮助人 __________ 8. 感到不高兴 ________________


我将投艾伦一票,因为她很幽默。 ___________________________________________________________










A: Who is the boy o_______ your right? B: Oh, this isTom. I think he’s very g_________ . He is always willing to share things w__________ others.

A: Yes, I see.

B: He is one of the most h_______ boys in my class.

A: What’s he l_____ ?

B: He’s helpful and p____ . He’s ready to help others and never says a b_____ word about anyone.

A: He is really a good student. We must l________ from him.

B: Yes, you’re right.


Dear Editor,

I am really happy to tell you about my ________ plans. I like singing and I want to be a ________ . It’s great to sing ________ people. I’d like to ________ people feel happy. My ________ singer is ________ she sings very well. I want to be as ________ as she is when I grow ________ . I hope to be a ________ singer and ________ around the world in the ________ .



【家庭作业】: 课后反思: 3

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