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江苏省徐州市王杰中学八年级英语上册《Unit1 Friends 8-study skills》导学案

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Unit1 Friends导学案

Period 8 Study skills







2.重点词汇:reader, magazine, move, advice, in the future



① I am very unhappy??with my new school. 此句中have some problem with?意为“在某个方面有困难?”,其中problems可以换成difficulties。have some problems with/(in) doing sth.意思为“在学做某事中有问题”。

②“I miss ?very much”中miss 意思为“想念”。Miss 作为及物动词意思为“想念,错过”

③I hope ? some advice.此句中的advice意思为“劝告,忠告”,是不可数名词,a piece of advice 一条忠言 some advice 一些建议


1. 导入新课:阅读文章时想知道什么?启发学生得出六个“wh-”和一个“H-”。

2. 阅读理解“Looking for main points and keywords”

3. 阅读理解语境,听老师读并回答问题: Who is Cindy? Why is Cindy unhappy? What is Cindy’s problem?

4. 介绍阅读技巧,记住六个“Wh-”和一个“H-”。

5. 运用技巧,独立细读课文,划出要点,在集体校对。再读课文,划出关键词语。

6. 分组活动:再看要点和关键词语,回答问题:

(1) What is it about? ( It’s about problems with a new school. )

(2) Who is it about? ( It’s about a Grade 8 student. )

(3) What happened? ( She changed to a new secondary school. She is unhappy, nervous and uncomfortable at the new school. She is always alone. )

(4) Where did it happen? ( In Sunshine Town.)

(5) When did it happen? ( After changing to the new school.)

(6) Why did it happen? ( She doesn’t have friends there and she misses

her classmates in the old school.)


Ⅰ. 单项选择:

( )1. Do you know our city ---- Nanjing very ________?

A. good B. nice C. well D. fine


( )2. I hope you ________ me some advice. A. to give B. give C. will give D. giving

( )3. Do you feel nervous when you answer your ________ questions in class?

A. teacher’ B. teacher of C. teachers D. teacher’ ( )4. After ________ , I began to like talking with my new classmates.

A. sometimes B. sometime C. some times D. some time

( )5. I miss my old classmates very much. Here “miss” means ________ .

A. think over B. think about C. think of D. think that

( )6. You may call me if you ________ in the future.

A. need to help B. need help C. will need help D. will need helps

( )7. So many people are over there. What ________ ?

A. happened B. is happening C.is happened D. does it happen Ⅱ. 改错: 1. I often get some advices from my teachers. ________

2. Did you have any problem with your Chinese when you were in china? _______

3. Can you tell me when are we going to have a picnic? ________

4. Where will they have the meeting is a problem ? ________

5. The height of Zijin Mountain are more than 440m. ________ Ⅲ. 汉翻英:

1. 我是你们杂志的读者。我在新学校里遇到了一些困难。我需要你们的帮助。 ___________________________________________________________________

2. 我不知道该怎么和新同学交谈。 ___________________________________________________________________

3. 有时上课时也会紧张,不知道该怎么回答老师的问题。


4. 我常一个人坐在操场上看书。 ___________________________________________________________________

5. 我不知道现在该怎么办。我希望你能给我一些建议。




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