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江苏省徐州市沛县张寨镇中学七年级英语下册《Unit4 Comic strip Welcome to the unit》导学案

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江苏省徐州市沛县张寨镇中学七年级英语下册《Unit4 Comic strip

Welcome to the unit》导学案(无答案) 牛津版

Learning aims :

1.词汇:way, follow, down, afraid, north, north-west, south-west, east, south.

2.识记下列短语:go down, go up, be sure, be afraid, the Sunnyside Garden, bus stop,

know the way, have to, be north of, be north-west of, follow me,

3.重点句型:Let’s go to the zoo.

How do you get there?

The zoo is north of Beijing Sunnyside Secondary School.

I think we’ll have to go up again.

Activity 1、Pre-read。 (预习一下课文,对你可有帮助啦,行动起来吧!)

1. 预习本课的生词, 你会读吗?根据音标和规则试着读几遍吧,并理解他们的词义和

词性, 把不会读的记下来_________________________________

2. 你能用下面的句型造句吗?试一试!

I think ?. ________________________________

Let’s ?. ________________________________

How do you get to ?? ________________________________


A . 写出对应的英语单词或中文意思

东_______, 西_______, 南_______, 北_______, north-west _______

south-east_______, 西南_____________, 东北_____________

B. 阅读卡通片,翻译下列词组 Follow me. ____________ go up____________ go down ___________ have to ____________ spring outing ___________ go by bus ____________ Activity 2、Listen to the tape and Answer the following questions.

1. Where are Hobe and Eddie? 4. What do they have to do?

2. Can Eddie go down the hill? 5. What is between the hills?

3. What does the sign say?

Activity 3、学习*研讨: 这是本课的知识点,快来看一看,你都记住了吗?

1. follow me 跟我来

follow ,“跟随、随从、随着”

(1). You go first, I _______ you.

(2). Spring _______ winter. \

2.Let’s go down here. 让我们从这下去。 go down “下去,往??下去”“沿着?”

(1).It’s easy to _______the hill and it’s hard to go up the hill.

(2). _______ the street ,you will find the park.

3. be sure “确信、有把握”

be sure + 从句, 表示句子的主语感到有把握


(1). I am sure that he will come. 我相信他会来。

be sure of +sth. /doing sth, 表示句子的主语感到有把握 (2).I am sure of his coming. 我相信他会来。

be sure to do sth 表示说话人认为句子的主语会怎样

(3).He is sure to come. 他肯定会来。

4. go on an outing 去郊游

go on “去??” go on a picnic 去野餐 go on a visit 去参观

go on “继续??” go on with sth /go on doing sth / go on to do sth

5. have to “必须、不得不”,与must同义,must 强调主观性,have to 强调客观


(1).We _______ work hard. 我们必须好好学习。

(2).My mother is ill, I _______stay at home to look after her. 我妈妈病了,我必须留在家里照顾她。

6. get to “到达”

get to school /the park 到达学校/公园

get home /here/there 到家/到达这儿/到达那儿

Activity 6、课堂达标检测

( 经过学习,你一定更好地掌握了本课内容吧?来试试你的身手吧!)

A . 根据首字母补全单词

1. Are you s_______ you can climb that tall tree?

2. He is afraid of being alone. He likes f_______ me everywhere.

3. We are p_______ a spring outing to Hangzhou next week.

4. Kunming, a beautiful city, is in the s__________ of China.

5. He is a teacher in a s_________ school in Shanghai.

B. Complete the following sentences 1. Are you _______(确信) that you know _______________(如何达到那儿)?

2. The Slender West Lake is ______________________(西北部) Yangzhou.

3. ____________(跟着我)_, or you can’t find _______________(去---的路)

Runyang Bridge.

4. The best time to __________________(观光旅游) in Yangzhou is in spring.

5. __________(让我们) go to the Bamboo Garden ________(乘公共汽车).

6. You don’t have to ___________(drive) me.

7. There’s a ___________(小路,小径) between the hill. 8. We’ll ___________(到那) ___________(乘车)


_______________________________________________________________________ Activity 7、布置家庭作业。


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