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冀教版七年级上册 Units 1-4单元综合检测试题 (新版)冀教版

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Units 1-4单元综合检测试题

(120分钟 120分)


Ⅰ. 听力(20分)


1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________ (Ⅱ)录音中有五组对话,听一遍后,选择最佳答案。(5分)

6. —How much for a hot dog?


A. Five yuan

C. Seven yuan

7. —What would the man like?

—He’d like _________.

A. a glass of juice

B. a bottle of water

C. two cups of coffee

8. —Does the man feel happy today?


A. Yes, he does

C. He feels happy

9. —What’s the man’s favourite colour? B. No, he doesn’t B. Six yuan


A. Black B. Blue C. Purple

10. —Does the man like apples or oranges?


A. Oranges B. Apples

C. He doesn’t like apples or oranges


11. A. At home.

C. In a shop.

12. A. Tomatoes.

C. Bananas.

13. A. Six yuan.

C. Four yuan.

14. A. Apples.

C. Pears.

15. A. No, he can’t.

C. No, he can.

(Ⅳ)录音中有一篇短文及五个问题,听两遍后, 选择最佳答案。(5分)

16. A. China.

C. England.

17. A. Yes, she does.

B. No, she doesn’t.

C. No, she is.

18. A. 1. 63 metres.

C. 1. 53 metres.

19. A. A red coat.

C. A red skirt.

20. A. Pizza.

C. Hamburgers.

Ⅱ. 单项选择(15分) B. Sandwiches. B. A green coat. B. 1. 62 metres. B. Canada. B. Yes, he can. B. Oranges. B. Five yuan. B. Carrots. B. At school.

1. I ________ your friend. We ________ good friends.

A. am; are

C. am; is B. is; are D. are; are

2. —Are you Miss White?

—________. I’m Miss Green.

A. Yes, you are

B. No, you aren’t D. No, I am not C. Yes, I am

3. —________?

—I’m fine, thank you.

A. Who are you

B. How do you do C. Are you fine D. How are you

4. —________ is your bag?

—It’s light green.

A. What colour B. Where

C. Which D. What

5. I don’t feel well today. I ________.

A. have a stomach ache B. have a stomach

C. have stomachs D. have stomach aches

6. —I’m hungry. What about you?

—Me, too. I want to eat something. Let’s go to a ________.

A. library

B. school D. classroom C. restaurant

7. His father buys two ________ shoes for him.

A. a pair of

C. pairs of B. pairs D. pair

8. Jenny’s eyes are blue and ________ hair is short and blond.

A. her B. she C. hers D. his

9. —Your jacket is very nice.


A. No, it’s not nice B. You’re welcome

C. Thanks D. Sorry

10. —Do you like your shirt?


A. Yes, I am

C. No, I do B. Yes, I do D. No, I’m not

11. His brother is about 1. 9________.

A. metre tall B. metres tall

D. metres’ tall C. metre’s tall

12. —________?

—Oh, I feel sick.

A. What’s the matter

C. Are you sick B. Are you OK D. How tall are you

13. I get up early ________ the morning.

A. on B. at C. in D. after

14. —Do you like ________, Danny?

—Yes! ________ my favourite clothes!

A. short; It’s

B. shorts; They’re D. short; They’re C. shorts; It’s

15. —How many ________ do you want?

—I want nineteen.

A. apple

B. an apple D. a apple C. apples

Ⅲ. 完形填空(10分) I have 1 good friend in my class. 2 name is Sam. 3 is from England(英国). He is 4 China with his parents. He likes China. He likes Chinese food, 5 . He has breakfast at home. He eats 6 egg, bread and porridge for breakfast. He doesn’t like milk. He has no time to go home 7 lunch. So he has it at school. The lunch in our school is delicious. He can have different 8 of food for lunch. He eats rice, meat and vegetables. Sometimes he 9 noodles and dumplings. He has

supper at home with his parents. Sometimes he goes out 10 with his friends. He has fish, meat, vegetables and fruits. 1. A. an 2. A. He 3. A. He

B. a B. Him B. She B. of B. also B. an

C. the C. His C. His C. at

D. / D. Her D. Her D. in D. to D. /

4. A. from 5. A. too 6. A. a 7. A. to C. for

C. either C. the

B. of

D. from B. kinds D. a kind B. have D. to have B. to eating D. to eat

8. A. kind C. kindes 9. A. has C. to has 10. A. eat C. for eat

Ⅳ. 阅读理解(30分)


My name is David. I live in China now. My mom and dad are in the US. I have long legs and arms. My nose and ears are small. My hair is brown, and my eyes are brown, too. My favourite colour is green.

I like Chinese food. My favourite Chinese food is dumplings. Chinese food doesn’t have too much sugar, but it’s very delicious.

In China I have many new Chinese friends. I feel happy here. 1. David has ________. A. a big nose

B. brown eyes

C. short legs D. black hair

2. Where do David’s parents live? A. In the UK.

B. In Canada.

C. In China. D. In the US.

3. What colour does David like?

A. Green.

C. Brown. B. Black. D. Red.

4. What’s David’s favourite Chinese food?

A. Chinese meat.

C. Dumplings. B. Chinese fruit. D. Noodles.

5. How does David feel in China?

A. Happy.

C. Tired. B. Sad. D. Hot.


It is Sunday afternoon. Mary goes shopping with her mother. Her mother wants to buy some food for supper. Mary wants to buy a new skirt and some school things. They come to a shop.

“What does your shop sell?” Mary asks. “A lot of things. ” The girl in the shop says, “You can buy food, drinks, clothes in our shop and school things, too. ” Mary and her mother go in. There are many people in the shop. Mary finds a nice white skirt. “How much is the skirt?” Mary asks the girl in the shop. “It’s eighty yuan. ” “That’s too dear. Can you find a cheap one?” “What about the green one? It looks nice. And it’s only thirty yuan. ” “OK, thanks a lot. ” “You are welcome. ”

After that, Mary buys some school things, too. Her mother buys a lot of food, like bread, cakes, meat and fish. They get home very late.

6. Mary goes to do shopping with her mother on ________.

A. Saturday afternoon

C. Sunday morning B. Saturday morning D. Sunday afternoon

7. Mary wants to buy a new skirt and ________.

A. some food

C. clothes B. some drinks D. some school things

8. The white skirt is ________.

A. 30 yuan B. 110 yuan

C. 80 yuan D. 100 yuan

9. Mary buys a ________ skirt.

A. white B. green C. red D. dear

10. Mary’s mom buys a lot of________.

A. food

B. clothes D. drinks


Today is Henry’s birthday. He wants his friends to have lunch with him. Now they are in the KFC.

“What would you like, Kate?” Henry asks. “I’d like two sandwiches and some French fries, ” Kate says.

“What about you, Danny?” Henry asks. “I’m too hungry. I didn’t have breakfast this morning. I would like ten donuts. ” Danny says. “What would you like to drink, Danny?” Kate asks. “Three bottles of coke, please. ” “OK. ” says Kate. “Er. . . ten donuts and three bottles of coke are too much. Then I would like six donuts, ” Danny says.

“What would you like, Henry?” Danny asks. “I’d like a hamburger and a hot dog. Mum says there is a new kind of hamburger with many vegetables, ” Henry says. “Really? Henry, I would like a hamburger with many vegetables, too, ” Kate says.

“Me, too, ” Danny says.

11. Where do they have lunch?

A. At Henry’s house.

B. In the KFC.

C. In a Chinese restaurant.

D. At school.

12. How many people are having lunch in the passage?

A. Two.

C. school things B. Three. C. Four.

D. Five.

13. What would Kate like?

A. Two sandwiches, a hamburger and some French fries.

B. Two hamburgers, six donuts and three bottles of coke.

C. Six donuts, a hamburger and a hot dog.

D. Two hamburgers, one sandwich and some French fries.

14. What would Henry like to drink?

A. One bottle of coke.

B. Three bottles of coke.

C. A cup of coffee.

D. We don’t know.

15. What would Danny like to eat?

A. Ten donuts and a sandwich.

B. Six donuts and a hot dog.

C. Six donuts and a hamburger.

D. A hamburger and some French fries.


Ⅴ. 任务型阅读(10分)

Mr Green is from London. He teaches English in a high school. He can speak a little Chinese. He goes to Chinese classes every evening. And he likes to go to Hong Kong. Mr Green likes China very much. He likes Chinese food and Chinese people. And his students are nice to him.

Mr Green has a son and a daughter. His son’s name is John. His daughter’s name is Mary. They go to school in China. They are in the same school, but in different classes. They like their school very much.


( )1. John and Mary are in different schools.

2. John and Mary are in ________ classes.

3. What does Mr Green like to go?


4. What does Mr Green teach in a high school?


5. 将文中画线部分翻译成汉语

___________________________________________________________________ Ⅵ. 词汇运用(10分)

(Ⅰ)根据句意及首字母或图片提示完成单词(5分) 1. Take this _________ , please. You’ll be OK soon. 2. On my birthday, my friend gives me this nice _________. 3. I want to buy a ________ . Then I can take pictures.

4. Kim is my c_________. We are in the same class.

5. I feel sick today. I have a h_________.

(Ⅱ)用所给词的适当形式填空 (5分)

6. Look at her_________ (eye). They are green.

7. Mr. Smith _________ (have) a big nose.

8. Danny is hungry. He wants _________ (eat) some bread.

9. Would you like _________ (make) dumplings for lunch?

10. I _________ (not have) any food or drinks.

Ⅶ. 完成句子(10分)

1. 汤姆,这是我的朋友杰克。

Tom, _________ _________ my friend Jack.

2. 布莱克夫人今天看上去如此漂亮。

Mrs. Black _________ _________ _________ today.

3. 迈克长什么样?

_________ _________ Mike look _________?

4. 你最好不要吃太多的肉。

You _________ _________ _________ _________ too much meat.

5. 李明想要和我一起去便利店。

Li Ming _________ _________ _________ to the corner shop _________ me. Ⅷ. 补全对话(5分)


B: Her hair is red.

A: 3

B: She has green eyes.

A: 4

B: She is 1. 7 metres tall.

A: Wow, she is very tall! What’s her name?

B: 5

A: Oh, I know. She is from England.

1.________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________

Ⅸ. 书面表达(10分)



1. 她是加拿大人,名叫詹妮。

2. 她有一双蓝色的大眼睛,她喜欢穿白色的毛衣和蓝色的裤子。

3. 她最喜欢的颜色是蓝色,汉堡包是她最喜欢的食物。她早餐吃汉堡包和鸡蛋。 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Ⅰ. (Ⅰ)

1. Mary is a beautiful girl.

2. I’d like some chicken for lunch.

3. Joy has a toothache today.

4. Li Wei has short black hair.

5. These are nice markers.

答案: 1~5. CBDEA


6. W: How much for a hot dog?

M: Six yuan.

7. W: Can I help you?

M: Yes, please. I’d like a bottle of water.

8. W: Do you feel happy today?

M: Yes, I do.

9. W: Is your favourite colour purple?

M: No, it’s blue.

10. W: Do you like apples or oranges?

M: Oranges.

答案:1~10. BBABA


W: Good morning. What can I do for you?

M: I want some tomatoes.

W: How many tomatoes do you want?

M: Six tomatoes. How much are they?

W: They are five yuan.

M: Here is the money.

W: Thank you. What else do you want?

M: I want some pears, too. Pears are my favourite fruit.

W: Sorry, we don’t have any pears.

M: Where can I buy pears?

W: You can go to the supermarket across the lane.

M: Thank you.


11. Where are they talking?

12. What does the man want?

13. How much are the tomatoes?

14. What’s the man’s favourite fruit?

15. Can the man buy pears here?

答案:11~15. CABCA


Hello. My name is Linda. I am a girl from Canada. I have long red hair. I am thirteen years old. I am 1. 62 metres tall. I often wear a red coat. Skirts are my favourite clothes. Red is my favourite colour. My favourite food is pizza. I don’t like sandwiches.


16. Where is Linda from?

17. Does Linda have short hair?

18. How tall is Linda?

19. What does she often wear?

20. What’s her favourite food?

答案:16~20. BBBAA

Ⅱ. 1. 【解析】选A。考查be动词的用法。I后的谓语动词用am,主语为复数we时谓语


2. 【解析】选D。考查一般疑问句的简略答语。根据答语“我是Miss Green。”可知,前面应该是否定回答,排除A项与C项。根据交际用语可知,否定回答应是“不,我不是。”故排除B。

3. 【解析】选D。考查交际用语。根据答语 “I’m fine, thank you. ”可知上文是问“你好吗?”故选D。

4. 【解析】选A。考查特殊疑问词辨析。根据答语 “It’s light green. 它是浅绿色的。”可知上文在询问颜色,用what colour提问。

5. 【解析】选A。考查固定短语。表示某部位疼痛常用短语 “have a/an+身体部位+ache”,故选A。

6. 【解析】选C。考查名词词义辨析。library图书馆;school学校;restaurant餐馆;classroom教室。根据句意“我也饿了。我想去吃点东西。让我们去________吧。”可知C选项符合题意。

7. 【解析】选C。考查固定短语。句意“他的父亲为他买了两双鞋。”a pair of. . . 意为“一双??”;two pairs of. . . 意为“两双??”,当数量大于一时,pair要用复数形式。故选C。

8. 【解析】选A。考查人称代词的用法。句意“詹妮的眼睛是蓝色的,她的头发是短的、金黄色的。”位于名词hair之前,表示“某人的”用形容词性物主代词。故选A。

9. 【解析】选C。考查交际用语。当别人对你进行赞美时,你应该表示感谢。故选C。

10. 【解析】选B。考查一般疑问句的简略答语。Do you. . . ? 的肯定回答为:Yes, 主语+do. 否定回答为:No, 主语+don’t. 故选B。

11. 【解析】选B。考查固定句型。表示某人身高常用句型:sb. is+数词+metre(s)+tall. 当数词大于一时metre用其复数形式metres。故选B。

12. 【解析】选A。考查交际用语。根据答句“哦,我感觉不舒服。”可知上文问“你怎么了?”故选A。

13. 【解析】选C。in the morning为固定短语,意为“在早上/在上午”。

14. 【解析】选B。考查名词复数及代词用法。shorts意为“短裤”,常用复数形式,下文“它们是我最喜爱的衣服!”指上文提到过的短裤,故用复数形式。

15. 【解析】选C。考查how many引导的特殊疑问句。句意:你想要多少个苹果?how many后跟可数名词复数形式,意为“多少个??”。故选C。

Ⅲ. 1.【解析】选B。此句考查的是冠词的用法。good friend为第一次提到,且good是以辅音音素开头的词,故用a。




5.【解析】选A。本句考查too, also, either的用法区别。too, either均可用于句末,too用于肯定句,either用于否定句,而also常用于肯定句的句中,故只有too正确。




9.【解析】选A。have, has除了当“有”讲,还可当“吃”讲,本句的主语“he”为第三人称单数形式,故用has。


Ⅳ. 1.【解析】选B。根据句子 “My hair is brown, and my eyes are brown, too. ”可知,我的眼睛是棕色的。故选B。

2.【解析】选D。根据句子 “My mom and dad are in the US. ”可知“大卫的父母生活在美国。”故选D。

3.【解析】选A。由短文第一段最后一句 “My favourite colour is green. ”可知,“我最喜爱的颜色是绿色。”

4.【解析】选C。根据句子My favourite Chinese food is dumplings. 可知。


6.【解析】选D。根据第一句“It is Sunday afternoon. ”知。

7.【解析】选D。根据第一段第四句话“Mary wants to buy a new skirt and some school things. ”可知。



10.【解析】选A。根据最后一段中的第二句话“Her mother buys a lot of food, like bread, cakes, meat and fish. ”知。

11.【解析】选B。根据短文第一段第三句 “Now they are in the KFC. ”可知,他们在肯德基吃的午饭。

12.【解析】选B。文中共提到Henry, Kate, Danny三个人一起吃饭。

13.【解析】选A。根据句子 “I’d like two sandwiches and some French fries, ” Kate says和句子 “Really? Henry, I would like a hamburger with many vegetables, too, ” Kate says. 可知A选项符合。


15. 【解析】选C。根据句子“Then I would like six donuts, ” Danny says. 可知“Danny要六个面包圈”,根据句子“Me, too, ” Danny says. 可知他也要一个汉堡。故选C。 Ⅴ. 答案:1. F 2. different 3. He likes to go to Hong Kong.

4. He teaches English in a high school. 5. 而且他的学生对他非常友好。 Ⅵ. 答案:1. medicine 2. scarf 3. camera 4. classmate 5. headache

6. eyes 7. has 8. to eat 9. to make 10. don’t have

Ⅶ. 答案:1. this is 2. looks so pretty 3. What does; like

4. had better not eat 5. wants to go; with

Ⅷ. 答案:1~5. CGEAD

Ⅸ. 【参考范文】

I have a good friend. Her name is Jenny. She comes from Canada. She has long brown hair. Her eyes are big and blue. How tall is she? I don’t know. She likes to wear a white sweater and blue trousers. I know her favourite colour is blue. The hamburgers are her favourite food. She has hamburgers and eggs for breakfast. She is a good girl. I like her.

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