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内蒙古阿鲁科尔沁旗天山第六中学八年级英语《Unit6 enjoying cycling Topic2 Section D》导学案

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内蒙古阿鲁科尔沁旗天山第六中学八年级英语《Unit6 enjoying cycling Topic2 Section D》导学案(无答案) 人教新目标版


1. 学习一些新单词: guard, realize

2. 学习一些有用的表达法:

3. 总结时间状语从句

After we had lunch, we climbed up the Dragon and Phoenix Gate to take pictures. While we were having fun exploring, I realized Darren was lost.

We were so excited and happy when we met again.

4. 掌握如何描述活动的经历以及写日记的方法





get up early______________ ride to__________ get off_________________ stand for_____________ shout at______________ have fun doing________________ be lost______________ everywhere_____________ask sb. for help_________________


(1)What should the officials do in the old days?

(2)When did they arrive at the Great Palace Gate?

(3)When did they climb up the Dragon and Phoenix Gate?

(4)What special thing happened to them?

5. 根据1a,完成1b

6. 朗读并尝试背诵2a,2b

根据下列关键词,复述1a. rode to Ming Tombs----arrived at the Great Palace Gate ----rode their bikes along the 7km Sacred Way ----had lunch----climbed up the Dragon and Phoenix Gate ----be lost ----lookred for Darren----asked the guard for help ----found Darren


三.随堂练习( )1.When did your father come back last week?

He didn’t come back ____he finished all the work.

A. until B. while C. if D. when

( )2.Your picture is wonderful! I worked for 8 hours ____I finished it. When B. before C. while D .after

( )3.I decide to buy a book about Chinese history for our foreign teacher ____he is interested in Chinese culture.

A.when B.because C.until D.as soon as

( )4.I’m sorry that John is out. Please ask him to call me as soon as he _____.

A.returned B.returns C.will return

( )5.At weekend Kangkang’s family usually_____camping.

A.go B.goes C.going D.to go

( )6.There are many trees on ____side of the road.


A.each B.both C.all D.every

( )7.Hello!I’d like to speak to Jake.____________________________________.

A.Yes,I’m Jake B.This is Jake speaking. C.How are you. D. I’m here.

( )8.Bingbing is looking forward to____the summer holiday.

A.have B.having C.to have D.has ( )9.Kangkang was ____excited ______say a word.

A.too,to B.so,that C.such ,hat D./,that

( )10.____perfect holiday the Greens had in China!

A.What B.How C.What a D.How a

阅读理解On the evening of June 21, 1992, a tall man with brown hair and blue eyes entered the beautiful hall of the Bell Tower Hotel in Xi’an with his bicycle . The hotel workers received him and telephoned the manager , for they had never seen a bicycle in hotel hall before though they lived in ‘ the kingdom of bicycles.’ Robert Friedlander, an American , arrived in Xi’an on his bicycle trip across Asia which started last December in New Delhi , India.

When he was 11, he read the book Marco Polo and made up his mind to visit the Silk Road . Now , after 44 years , he was on the Silk Road in Xi’an and his early dreams were coming true .

Robert Friedlander’s next destinations (目的地) were Lanzhou , Dunhuang, Urumqi, etc . He will complete his trip in Pakistan.

1.The best headline (标题)for this newspaper article would be ____ .

(A)The Kingdom of Bicycles (B)A Beautiful Hotel in Xi’an

(C)Marco Polo and the Silk Road (D)An American Achieving His Aims

2.The hotel workers told the manager about Friedlander coming to the hotel because ____. (A)he asked to see the manager (B)he entered the hall with a bike

(C)the manager had to know about all foreign guests

(D)the manager knew about his trip and was expecting him

3.Friedlander is visiting the three countries in the following order :____ (A)China, India, and Pakistan (B)India, China , and Pakistan (C)Pakistan, China, and India (D)China, Pakistan, and India

4.What made Friedlander want to come to China?

(A)The stories about Marco Polo. (B)The famous sights in Xi’an .(C)His interest in Chinese silk . (D)His childhood in Chinese silk.

5.Friedlander can be said to be ____ .

(A)clever (B)friendly (C)hardworking (D)strong-minded


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