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冀教版七年级上册:Lesson 2Teacher and Students(冀教版七年级上册)

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Lesson 2

Teacher and Students

A: Hello! B: Hello! A: How are you? B: I’m fine. And you? A: I’m fine, too. Thanks. Nice to meet you.

B: Nice to meet you, too.


This is my friend.

Her name is Jenny.
She is in Class One.

This is my friend. His name is Li Ming. He is in Class Two.

Listen and fill
Li Ming: Good morning, Wang Mei.

Good morning Wang Mei: ______________, Li Ming.
This is Li Ming: Wang Mei, _________ my friend. He Class Four ______ is Yang Hao. He is in ___________. Wang Mei: Nice to meet you, Yang Hao. Nice to meet you Yang Hao: ________________, too. Wang Mei: This is my friend, Li Lin. Class Five She is in ___________. Yang Hao: Nice to meet you, Li Lin.

Li Lin: Nice to meet you, too.

She is our homeroom teacher. Her name is Liu Mei.

What’s his name? His name’s …

What’s her name?

Her name’s …

Read and answer
1. Who is the man over there?
He is Mr. Jones—our

homeroom teacher.
2. Who is the girl with him? She is our classmate.

Pair work
A: What’s your name?
B: My name’s …

or I’m …
A: What’s his/ her name? B: His/ Her name’s …

Language Points
1. This is Wang Hong. 这是王宏。
介绍某人。某物时常用结构:This∕That is …

2. This is Ms. Liu. She is a teacher.
这是刘女士。她是一名老师。 3. That is Li Ming. 那是李明。

Ⅰ. 补全对话 Jim: Hello,Meimei. Meimei: Hello,(1). Jim,this is Wei Hua. Wei

Hua,(2) (3)Jim.
Jim: Hello. Wei Hua!Nice to meet you. Wei Hua: Hello,Jim!(4) (5) (6) (7),too.

How are you?
Jim: Fine,thank you. (8) (9)? Wei Hua: (10) fine. Jim Nice to 1. _____ 2. _____ 3. _____ 4. _____ 5. _____ this is you you meet And I’m 6. ______ 7. _____ 8. _____ 9. _____ 10. _____

Ⅱ. 连词成句 (注意大小写及标点符号)

1. his, name, what, is What is his name _____________________________ ?
2. name,is,Kate,my My name is Kate _____________________________ . 3. a, is, she, teacher She is a teacher _____________________________ .

4. are,how,you How are you _____________________________ ?
5. you ,too, meet, nice ,to Nice to meet you, too _____________________________ .

Introduce a friend to your classmates. You can use: This is … Her / His name … He / She is in …

Everything is good when new, but friends when


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