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M8 U2I was trying to pick it up when it bit me again

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Module 8


Unit 2
I was trying to pick it up when it bit me again.

Bishan school lily

Words and expressions bite climb hide throw fridge pain worse medicine v. 咬,叮 v. 爬,攀爬 v. 躲,躲藏 v. 扔,掷 n. 冰箱 n. 痛,疼痛 adj. 更糟的,更坏的 adv. 更糟,更严重 n. 药,药物

What can you use a mobile phone to do?

If I have a mobile phone, I can …
make a phone call send messages listen to music take photos send emails take videos go online play games read novels … wake you up take video

Do you know that a mobile phone can save a person’s life?

Look at the pictures. Say what is happening.

1. Where is the man? 2. What can you find in the kitchen ? 3. How do you feel about snakes? Why?

See and choose.

Which paragraph is the main
idea of the passage? A. The first paragraph.

B. The fourth paragraph.
C. The last paragraph but one.

Work in pairs. Put the sentences in order. a. The snake bit Henry’s hand.

b. A box of bananas arrived. c. Henry went to hospital. d. Henry left hospital. e. Henry took a photo.

f. The doctors sent the photo to a zoo. g. The snake climbed out of the box. h. The doctors gave Henry the right medicine. i. Henry’s hand began to hurt. j. The snake hid behind the fridge.
Key: b – g – a - e – j – I – c – f – h – d

Choose the correct answer.

1. The snake bit Henry again when _____. a) he was throwing it across the kitchen
b) he was trying to pick it up c) it was climbing out of a box

2. When Henry was trying to find the snake, _____. a) he could take a photo

b) the snake became cool
c) his hand began to hurt badly

3. Henry hurried to hospital because _____. a) his hand was hurting
b) he had a photo of the snake

c) the doctors called him on his mobile phone

4. The doctors gave Henry the right medicine after _____.

a) they knew what kind of snake bit him b) they saw the snake in the photo
c) he left hospital the next day

Complete the passage with the correct form of the words in the box.
climb hide hurt medicine pain throw

climbed A snake (1) _______ out of a box of bananas and (2) ___ somewhere. hid When Henry was working, the snake bit him.

He (3) _____ the snake on a table threw and took its photo. When he was trying to find the snake, his hand began to (4) hurt badly. At the ____ hospital the (5) pain got worse. _____ The doctors sent the photo to a zoo. After they found out what kind of snake bit him, they gave him the right (6) medicine ________.

2.While the snake was lying on the table, Henry quickly picked up his mobile phone and took a photo with it. 蛇躺在桌子上的时候,亨利迅速拿起手 机,给蛇拍了张照片。 take a photo with…. 用…拍照 You can take a photo with your phone. do sth with …用…(具体的工具)来 做…. 可以和use … to do sth互换 You can use your phone to take a photo.

Language points
1.I was trying to pick it up when it bit me again. 我正想过去抓住它

,又被咬了一口 pick up 抓住,捡起来;开车去接… Don’t worry, I’ll pick you up at the airport. bit是bite的过去式,其变化规则与hide相 同。

3.He hurried to hospital. 他立刻赶去了医院。 hurry to +地点 匆忙、立刻去某地 我们也可以用go to …in a hurry来表达此 意 Tom went to work in a hurry without breakfast. Tom hurried to work without breakfast. 我们还会经常使用到Hurry up! 来表示催 促。

4. As soon as they learnt what kind of snake bit him, they gave Henry the right medicine. 当他们一知道是哪种蛇咬了他,就给了他 合适的药物。 as soon as 一...就… 引导时间状语从句常用一般现在时态,主 句常用一般将来时态。 He will call us as soon as he arrives. the right medicine 对症的、合适的药物 吃药:take medicine

1 1




working in the kitchen picked up

came to, hid appeared, bit under the dish





stayed cool and took a photo

went to hospital

showed … to … saved his life

One day… Suddenly…A few days earlier… Anyway… Soon…Then…Finally…


Write a short story about an accident. Pay attention to words and expressions One day… A few days earlier… …when… While… When…was… As… As soon as

Look at how they are used to tell the story. Use the words and expressions to write a new story. Start with: One day, when a woman was getting dinner ready for the animals at a zoo, her hand began to hurt. A few days earlier…

一、根据句意及首字母提示,写出相 应的单词。 ite 1. Do you b__ your fingernails? 2. The kids are always c_______ trees. limbing 3. Quick! --- she’s coming --- we’d better h___! ide 4. Someone t_____ a stone at the car. hrew

5. You keep more food than beer in the f______. ridge 6. Take these pills if you’re in p___. ain 7. The weather was w____ than last orse year. 8. Have you taken your m______? edicine

二、根据汉语提示完成下列句子,每空 一词。 1. 前段时间我发现了许多游戏。 I found many games a few days earlier _______________. 2. 那只猫掉进洞里,爬不出来。 The cat fell into the hole and couldn't __________ climb out of it.

3. 电话响起,我拿起了话筒。 picked it up The phone rang and I ___________. 4. 让我们拍一张酒店的照片。 take a photo Let’s ____________ of the hotel.

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