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Unit 5 Section B 2

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Write more questions 3a about sports equipment?
1. Do you have a soccer ball? (√ ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t. 2. Do you have a volleyball? ( ) Yes, I do. ( √ ) No, I don’t. 3. Do you have a ping-pong bat? (√ ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t. 4. Do you have a baseball bat? ( ) Yes, I do. ( √ ) No, I don’t.


Exchange books with a partner. Answer his or her questions in 3a.


Look at the information in 3a. Write about yourself and your partner with but.

写作指导:1. but可连接两个意思相反的句子, 表示转折关系,but前句子加逗号。2. 注意谓语 动词的数与主语的人称和数相一致。 1. I have a soccer ball, but I don’t have a volleyball. ping-pong bat, but I don’t have a 2. I have a baseball bat. 3. Li Lei has a basketball, but he doesn’t have a soccer ball. 4. Li Lei has a volleyball, but he doesn’t have a ping-pong ball.


List all the sports you know. Write what you think of them.
Your opinion fun, difficult ___________________ fun, easy ___________________ ___________________ interesting, difficult ___________________ fun, difficult ___________________ boring, difficult ___________________ relaxing, easy

Sports volleyball ________________ basketball _________________ ping-pong _________________ _________________ baseball _________________ soccer ball _________________ tennis

2 Complete the questions and
1. A: ________________________________? Does your mom have a baseball bat
B: Yes, my mom has a baseball bat.

2. A: Do you have a volleyball?
B: ________________________________ Yes, I do./No, I don’t.

3. A: ________________________________? Does your father have a soccer ball
B: Yeah, my father has a soccer ball.

4. A: ________________________________? Does your sister have a tennis ball
B: No, she doesn’t. My teacher has one.

一、写出下列词组或句型。 play volleyball 1. 打排球 _____________ 2. 打篮球
3. 踢足球 play basketball ______________ play soccer _____________ play tennis _____________ _____________ play ping-pong

4. 打网球
5. 打乒乓球

watch TV 6. 看电视 ___________ on TV 7. 通过电视 ___________ 8. 放学后 ___________ after school 9. 下课后 ___________ after class play computer games 10. 玩电脑游戏 ______________________ 11. 那听起来很放松。 That sounds relaxing. ____________________ 12. 它对我来说很困难。 _________________ It’s difficult for

after, has, doesn’t, for, does, sounds, on, but, play

1. _____ Jenny have a ping-pong bat? Does 2. Ping-pong is easy _____ me. for 3. — Let’s play volleyball after school? _____ — That ______ interesting. sounds 4. I don’tplay sports. I only watch them _____ ____TV. on 5. My grandfather _____ six baseballs and has bats, ____ he doesn have a basketball. ______ but

三、从方框中选择恰当的应答语。 A. No, they don’t. B. Yes, they are. C. Yes, she does. D. It’s in the bookcase. E. That’s sou

nds boring. C ____ 1. Does Linda have a tennis ball? E ____ 2. Let’s watch TV. ____ 3. Are these your ping-pong balls and bats? B ____ 4. Do they have a soccer ball? A ____ 5. Where’s your baseball bat? D

四、读对话,填上正确的单词。 Excuse do A: ________ me, ______ you have ping-pong bat? don’ B: No, I ______. have Does t A: ______ Tom _____ a ping-pong bat? B: No, he ______ _______ a ping-pong bat. doesn’t A: _____ Linda have a ping-pong bat? Does have B: Yes, she_____ a ping-pong bat, ____ she has but doesn’thave ______ a ping-pong ball. A: Well, ____ you have a ping-pong ball? do do have B: Yes, I ____. I _____ three ping-pong ______. balls

五、选择正确选项补全对话。 A.That sounds boring. B. Let ’ s play volleyball. C. But mom don’t let us play it. D. But it’s difficult. A: 1. ___________ B E. But I don’t have a volleyball. B: That sounds interesting. 2. __________ E A: Well, do you have a ping-pong ball? B: Yes. 3. _________ I can’t (不会) play it. D A: Then let’s watch TV. B: 4. _______ Hmm … Let’s play computer A game. C


I basketball my brother soccer ball my sister ping-pong ball

don’t have
volleyball baseball bat tennis ball

I have a basketball, but I don’t …

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