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A.Does;get B.Does;gets C.Do;get D.Do;gets ( )13.We have ________breakfast________ morning.

A the; in B /; in the C the ; in the D /; in ( )14.What time ______ he usually_____ a shower?

A do; take B do, takes C does; takes D does; take ( )15.I’m never late _____ class.

A. to B .from C. for D. at ( )16.--What’s the time? -- ______ nine thirty.

A .The time is B. It’s C. at D. This is

( )17. It’s seven o’clock . It’s time to go ______ .

A .to home B. the home C .my home D. home ( )18.He ______ his homework ______ Sundays.

A. doesn’t; on B .don’t do ; in C.doesn’t do ;on D .don’t do ; on

( )19.—What time ______ Lucy and Lily go to scool? —At 7:00.

A .do B. does C. is D. are

( )20.There are lots of ________ to do ervey day.

A things B homework C news D maths ( )21.I often go to work_______ .

A ride my bike B by bike C by a bike D on bike

( )22.It takes the man half a year _____ the work.

A finish B finishing C to finish D finishes ( )23-- _____ do you usually go to school? --By car.

A What B Where C When D How ( )24.-- _______ does it take?

--It takes about half an hour.

A What time B When C How D How long

( )25.It takes ______ half an hour _____ on foot.

A my; to get to school B me; to get to school C my; gong to school D me; gong to school ( )26.-- ______ is it from your home to school? -- Three miles.

A How far B How much C How soon D How long ( )27.It’s difficult for me______ English well.



--------------------------------A learn B to learn C learned D learns

( )28.He _____ a mother to me .

A. likes B. is like C. liked D. be like

( )29.It’s about ten ______ walk from here.

A.minutes B.minutes’ C.minutes D.minute of

( )30.She has ______ books in her room.

A. seven hundreds and twenty-three ( )43.Jack can play the guitar. ( )44.Jack is in the music club. ( )45.Jack’s teachers like him. B

△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△B. seven hundreds and twenty three C. seven hundred and twenty-three D. seven hundred and twenty three


We need _____ at the old ______ home. _____ you free ____ July?Are you good _____ old people ? Can you talk ______ them and play games _____ them ? They can ______ you stories,and you can _____friends. It’s interesting and fun!Please call us ____ 689-7729 today.

( )31.A.helps B.help C.helpes D. Helping

( )32.A.people B.people’s C.peoples’ D.peoples ( )33.A.Are B.Do C.Does D.Is ( )34.A.in B.on C.at D.under ( )35.A.with B.at C.in D.on ( )36.A.in B.at C.to D.on ( )37.A.in B.at C.with D.on ( )38.A.tell B.speak C.talk D.say ( )39.A.make B.talk C.makes D.take ( )40.A.at B.in C.with D.on

III.阅读理解:(每小题2分,共30分) A

My name is Tom. I’m 12 years old. I have a good friend. His name is Jack. He is 13 years old. He can play the drums and the guitar. He can also play soccer. He is in the school sports club. His teachers and classmates like him very much. 阅读短文后,判断正(T),误(F)。

( )41.Tom and Jack are frieds. ( )42.Jack is 12 years old.

初一英语第3页共8页 A.Every day. B.From Monday to Saturday. C.From Monday to Friday.D.Saturday and Sunday. ( )47.What lesson do they have at 10:30 on Tuesday?

A. Math B.English C.Science D.Chemistry

( )48.Do they have lessons at twelve thirty.

A. Yes,they do. B.No,they don’t. C.Yes,they have. D.No,they haven’t.

( )49.Can they swim on Wednesday ?

A.Yes,they can. B.No, they can’t. C.Yes,they do. D.No,they don’t. ( )50.When must they be at school?

A.Before 7:00. B.Before 8:00. C.At 12:00. D.After 8:00.




△订△ △△线△ △△订


△△ 不△△△ 答



△△△△O△O △△ △△O△ △△O






In one village in China, it is not easy for the students to go to school.There is a very big river between their school and

the village. There is no bridge and the river runs too quickly for boats. So these students go on a ropeway to cross the river to school.Lingling is 11 years old . He crosses the river every O

school day. But he is not afraid.“I love to play with classmates.And I love my teachers.My teachers love me,too.”

Many of the students and villagers never leave the village. It is their dream to have a bridge. Can their dream come true ?


-------------------------------- ( )64.When do you get up ?

( )65.How can I connect (联系) you ? B A. No,he doesn’t.

B. I can play the guitar. C. Yes,they do.

D. It’s five kilometers. E. It’s one o’clock.

F. My phone number is 421-5129. G. She eats dinner at five thirty. H. I get up at six thirty. △△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△装△△ 装△订

△△线 △△△内 ---------------订△△ 不

△△ △答

△△ ----------------△题线)△△△△ △O

△△O △△ △O△△ △

51.Is it easy for students in the village to go to school ?

__________________________________________________________ 52.How do the students in the village go to school ?


53.Why does the boy like his school ? __________________________________________________________ 54.Why do they go to school like this ? __________________________________________________________ 55.What is the villagers’dream? _________________________________________________________ IV.在B栏中选择与A栏各句相对应的答语:(10分) A

( )56.What can you do ?

( )57.What sports can you play ? ( )58.How far is it from here ?

( )59.Do your friends go to school on foot ? ( )60.Does your dad drive his car to work ? ( )61.How does Mike get to school ?

( )62.When does she eat dinner ?

( )63.What time is it ?

初一英语第5页共8页 I. He rides his bike. J. Soccer.

V.(共30分)(1)用所给词的正确形式填空:(10分) 66.We need you ______ (help) us.

67.Please ______ (come) to the Students’Sports Center. 68.What about ______ (play ) soccer.

69.Can your father ______ (speak) Chinese? 70.He often _______ (watch) TV after dinner.

71.My brother often _______ (do)his homework after school. 72.Jenny ______ (go) to school at 7:30.

73.Please talk about _______ (Jack) school day.

74.I ______________ (not have ) an English lesson on Monday. 75.60 ____________ (minute) is an hour. (2)句型转换:(20分)

76.He can swim.(改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答)

_______ _________ swim ? ________, he _________. 77.She can dance .(改为否定句) She _________ _________.

78.It’s 7:30.(就划线部分提问) ________ ________ is it ?

79.We play soccer after school every day . (就划线部分提问) _______ ________ you play soccer every day ? 80.We have lunch at six thirty.(改为同义句)

We have lunch at ________ _________ _________. 81.We ride our bikes to school. (改为同义句)





-------------------------------- We go to school ________ ________.

82.He drives their cars to work every day. (改为同义句) They go to work _______ _______ every day. 83.He goes to work by subway. (改为同义句) He _______ ________ ________ to work.





△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△ 84. 根据下列表格提示,以My Sunday 为题写一篇60词左右的英语短







初一英语第7页共8页 _____________________________________________________________









△订△ △△线△ △△订


△△ 不△△△ 答



△△△△O△O △△ △△O△ △△O



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