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1. –I just have ___cup of milk for ___ breakfast.

-That’s not enough.

A. a; a B. the; the C. a; 不填

2. The girl ___ I just talked with is Ben’s sister.

A. whom B. which C. she

3. This is the best time I_________ in the past twelve years.

A. have had B. had C. have D .has

4. He speaks too quickly________.

A. understand B. write them down C. to understand D.and write

5.Tony thinks ______ easy ______ English.

A. that, learn B. it, learns C. it, to learn D. that, to learn

6. It ___ that he has been ill for a long time.

A. seems B. looks C. looks as if D. seems as if

7. You used to be really little fat,_______ you?

A. did B. Didn’t C. didn’t D. Did

8. His father makes a living

A. by B with C for D through

9. ——No, but I spend much time my homework.

A. on; in B. on; on C. in; on D. in; in

the grammar I’ve learned.

A. use B to use C used D using

A. used to B. use to C. usedn’t to D. use

the foreigners?

A to understand B understand C understanding D understood

13. Mary won’t go and Peter won’t go,____.

A. too B. also C. either D. neither

14. I think ________ vocabulary lists ________ us a lot.

A. Make, help B. making, helps C. makes, helping D. making, help

15. — Can you tell me what to wear at the party?

—you, I the blue jeans.

A. am; will wear B. was, will wear C. were, would wear D. were, wore

16. — I finished my work.. —

A. So do I. B. So does I. C. So have I. D. So did I.

A. in B. of C. to D. for

A. choose B. choosing C. to choose D. chose

that terrible hat.

A. to wear B. wear C. wearing D. wore


A. stay, go B. to stay, to go C. staying, going D. staying, to go

21. You have to be 18 years before you _________ to drive a car.

A. are allowed B. are C. allowed D. allow

22. If I were you, I’d talk _________someone _________looks friendly.

A. to; what B. for; who C. to; who D. for; what

23. This question is ______ easy, all the students can answer the question.

A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too

24. This book ______ Tom’s father’s, because his name I son the book.

A. maybe B. may be C. must be D. must

25. Who does this T-shirt belong ______?

A. in B. on C. to D. of

26. We should talk in English as _____ as possible.

A. much B. many C. more D. a lot

27. He pretends _______this thing.

A. not know B. not knowing C .not to know D .to know not

28. The headmaster _______be in the office because the light is off.

A. can’t B might C. could D. must

29. The books belong to ____.

A. him B. his C. he's D hers

30. —Must I finish my homework now? —No, you ____. You may have a rest first.

A. mustn’t B. can’t C. may not D. needn’t

31. We were late for class ____ the heavy rain.

A. because B. because of C. so

difficult ____ English .

A. it, to learn B. that, to learn C. it, learning

33. A serious accident ____ her and she was badly hurt.

A. happened to B. was happened to C. was happening

34. A woman ______ a camera over there is Tom’s mother.

A. on B has C with

35. Do you know ___________?

A. What will he do next B. What he will do next

C. where does he usually go D. Where might he go

36. The boy used to spend time __________his classmates.

A. chat with B chatting with C. to chat with D on chatting with 38. A. reads —Don’t worry. Your father is coming to help you.C. by reading —he doesn’t come?

39. I don’A. What about B. Why not C. What if

40. —A. belongs I like to spend my free time drawing pictures. B. belongs to C. does it belong to

41. —A. So do I B. So am I —C. So I do —42. We shouldn’t leave A. what I think so. B. who C. whose

A. with, open B. with, on C. when, turning open 2

43. Not only I but also Jack ______ interested in English because it ______ useful.

A. is, is B. is, are C. are, is

44.—Could you help me put up the signs on the wall? —______.

A. No problem B. I hope so C. That’s all right

45. I don’t like stories ______ have unhappy endings.

A. who B. that C. where

46. I hope to go to places some day ______ there are many places of interest.

A. when B. if C. where

47. —Can you come and play football with me?

—______. But I have a lot of homework to do.

A. Excuse me B. I’d like to C. I’m afraid not

48. I like these photos and they can ______ me ______ the life living in the country.

A. think…of B. remind…of C. let…down

49. —I don’t like cats. Cats aren’t friendly enough.

—______ do I.

A. So B. Neither C. too

50. You don’t need to describe her. I ______ her several times.

A. meet B. have met C. met

51. My grandma_____me stories when I was very young.

A.used to tell B.is used to tell

C.was used to tell D.is used to telling

52. —What did your mother say to you just now?

—She told me______computer games in school.

A.not to play. B.not play. C.don’t play. D.won’t play.

53. —Does the teacher allow you_____home before 12 o’clock?

—No, she doesn’t.

A.go B.to go C.going D.gone

54. —Will you go to Tom’s party tomorrow?

—If you go,___________.

A.so do I B.so I do C.so will I D.so I will

55. This kind of bicycle looks_____and sells_______.

A.nice , well B.nice , good C.well , well D.good , nice

56. —Don’t worry. John will come and help you.

—________he doesn’t come?

A.How B.What C.What if D.How if

57. —That T-shirt must belong to________. He likes him a lot.

—No , it ______be his . He doesn’t like black at all.

A.Tommy’s, can’t B.Tommy, needn’t C.Tommy’s, mustn’t D.Tommy, can’t

58. We will have________holiday next week .Where are you going?

A.a four-days B.four-days C.a four-day D.a four days’

59. Mum, why not consider______noodles instead of dumplings?

A.have B.to have C.having D.had

60. —How many tourists come to visit your city every day?

—I am not sure. ______them.


A. Thousands B.Thousand of C.A thousand D.Thousands of

61. --Must I take a taxi? ---No, you__________. You can take my car.

A. needn’t B. had better to C. must not

62. ---Where is Mrs. Jones? ---She ________ to the hospital.

A. has gone B. has been C. went D. goes

63. There________ a restaurant here.

A. used to B. used to be C. used to have D. is used to be

64. If you still have any other questions, please __________ your hand.

A. put off B. put down C. put on D. put up

65. He looks sad. Let’s A. cheer him up B. cheer up him C. cheered him up D. cheered up him

66. It is not so difficult ______ math well.

A. learns B. to learn C. learning D. learned

67. We still couldn’t decide _________ with our difficulties in learning English.

A. how to do B. how to deal C. what to deal D. what to solve

68. As time _________,we know each other better.

A. goes by B. passes by C. went off D. going by

69.– Which book would you like to borrow? -- ________ of the two books is OK.

A. Either B. Both C. Any D. None

A. tell;to remember B. telling;remember

C. telling;to remember D. tell;remember

A. staying;go B. staying;to go C. to stay;going D. to stay;go

72. All of us feel surprised that ________ a little boy can eat ______ much food.

A. so; such B. such; so C. so; so D. such; such

73. —next Sunday?

—No, he doesn’t. But if heI’ll give you a ring.

A. will come;will come B. comes; will come C. comes;comes D. will come;comes

74.– When shall we meet again next week?-- _______ day is possible. It’s no problem.

A. Either B. Neither C. Every D. Any

75.We can’t do it ________ your help.

A. with B. Of C. under D. without

76. He hasn’t heard from his friend __________ last month.

A. since B. by the end of C. for D. until

77. The pen _________ him ten yuan.

A. paid B. cost C. took D. spent

78. Would you please tell me ________ next, Mr Wang?

A. what should we do B. we should do what C. what we should do D. should do what

79.He knows _________ English ________ French. But he’s very good at Japanese.

A. either; or B. both; and C. neither; nor D. either; nor

80.There are many trees on ________ side of the street.

A. either B. any C. all D. both


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