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冀教版七年级上册:Lesson 27Danny at Home(冀教版七年级上册)

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Lesson 27 Danny at Home





The picture is________ the bed. above The bed is _________ the picture. below

beside The lamp is ______ the bed.

The desk is beside the bed. The lamp is on the desk. The chair is in front of the desk. The ball is under the chair.

What’s in my bedroom?

The picture is above the bed. It is on the wall.

It is sleeping behind the door.

Listen and fill
Jim : This is a nice picture. Who is that man beside you. uncle Danny : That is my _______.

How old Jim : __________ is he?
thirty Danny : He is ________. Jim : How old are you? thirteen Danny : I am ________ years old. How about you? Jim : I am ________. twelve

Language Points
1. The picture is above the bed. 图画在床的上方。
above意为“在??之上”,强调一种空间的上方,物体 一般不接触;而on则表示二者的紧密接触;over也有

“在??之上”的意思,但它常强调一种上下的垂直关 系,二者也不接触。above 与below是一对反义词。
例如: There’s a lamp over the table. 桌子上方有盏灯。(强 调上下垂直)

We are flying above the clouds. 我们飞行在云层之上。 There is a dog under the tree. 树底下有只狗。 I write my name below the line. 我把名字写在线的下方。 2. The lamp is beside the bed. 台灯在床的旁边。 【要点剖析】①beside是介词,意为“在??旁边”,表 示空间位置。 例如:I like to live beside the sea. 我喜欢住在海边。

② beside的同义词是by或at。例如:
Miss Li is sitting at/beside the table. 李女士正坐在桌子旁边。 【联想发散】beside与besides外形极为相似,二者在词性上 和意思上有很大差别。beside是介词,意为“在??旁边”, besides是副词,意为“此外,而且,再者”。试比较:

Jenny will come to the party besides Li Ming.
除了李明,詹妮也来参加晚会。 Uncle David is sitting beside the driver. 大卫叔叔正坐在司机旁边。

New sentences:

How old

用于对年龄进行提问, e.g. : How old +am/is/are

“主语+ am /is/are+数字.” 或 “主语+am/is/are+数字+ year(s) old.”

e.g. : How old are you ?
I’m 13. I’m 13 years old.

How old is she ? She is 12. She is 12 years old.

1. The basketball is

_____ the chair. under 2. The bed is ______ beside
the desk.

3. There is a cat
_______ the door. behind 4. The picture is _______ the bed. above

作文: 描述一下自己的卧室。要求: 1. 描述要按一定的空间逻辑顺序; 2. 给自己的写作配一幅图, 要和描述内容一致; 3. 不少于5句话。

Cease to struggle and you cease to live.


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