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Adverbial Clauses

How to form an adverbial clauses of time?
the adverbial clause of Time 时间状语从句

When she was working as a manager, she had trouble with her reports. conjunction 从句
main clause 主句 When, 当。。。时候(表示时间) She had trouble with her report when she was working as a manager.

时间状语从句(Adverbial Clauses of Time) 常见的引导词 when, while, since, before, after, until, …………



Her little sister Jane was reading books at 7. while Mary was playing the piano. While Mary was playing the piano, her little sister was reading books.

when Mother called in
When Mother called in, Mary was playing the piano.

1.when, while
(1) when 引导的从句:表示“当?时候” 从句的动作发生在主句动作之前。
I was going out when a visitor came. (动作同时发生) They continued their way when the snowstorm had passed. (动作不同时发生)

2. while 引导的从句:它强调主句和从句动作的同时发生。 e.g. While we were watching TV, Mr. Li is reading in the office.

The adverbial clauses of Time (时间状语从句)

Ken had dinner.

Ken did homework.



Before Ken did his homework, he had dinner.

Ken did his homework after he had dinner.

4. before 引导的从句:一般表示主句的动作发生在从句 动作之前。 e.g. I didn’t know any English before I came here. 5.after引导的从句:表示主句的动作发生在从句动作之后。 After he locked the door, he left. After he had finished his work, he played a game of chess with his friend.

take a break; finish cleaning the house

give lessons ; be seated

was reading 1.My sister _____________(read)her book in the classroom when her teacher came in.
was doing 2.I __________ (do)homework were watching while my parents_______________(watch) TV last night. before I will not watch TV _______(after/ before) I 3.
finish my homework .

Adverbial Clauses

1. Mozart started writing music 时间状语从句 when he was four years old. (当)莫扎特4岁的时候,开始 一、当 … 的时候 写音乐作品 When, while, as 2. He visited a lot of places while he was traveling. 注意时态一致。 他在旅途中参观了许多地方。
Part 1
Part 1

3. As I was getting on the bus, someone called me. 我上公车时,有人叫我。

Adverbial Clauses
Part 1 Part 1 时间状语从句

1. Check the paper carefully before you hand it in.
交试卷之前仔细核对一下。 2. I will tell you after they leave. 他们走后我会告诉你的。

二、先后发生的动作 before, after, since
① 注意动作先后。

② 动作/状态持续到现在, 3. She has been living a hard life since her husband died. 用连词since,主句用现在 自从她丈夫去世以来, 她一直 完成时。 过着艰苦的生活。


3. It is a long time since I met you last time.

地点 目的 结果



让步 原因

语 从 句

1. I was doing my homework at 7p.m. yesterday. (时间状 语)

? I was doing my homework when you texted me.
(时间状语从句) 2. We’ll build a power station in that city. (地点状语) ? We’ll build a power station where you live. (地点状语从句) 3. I work hard so as to pass the exam. (目的状语)

? I work hard so that I can pass the exam.

Part 1 Part 2 地点状语从句

连接词 where, wherever 1. They went where they could find work. 他们去了他们能找到工作的地方。 特定地点

2. They went wherever they could find work.

他们去了他们能找到工作的任何地方。 非特定地点

1. She grew up where she was born.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Adverbial Clauses
Part 1 Part 3 目的状语从句

连接词 in order to /so as to/ so that “以便,为了” 引导目的状语从句,从句常用情态动词 1. I'll put it in my diary right away in order to/ so as to forget it.

2. I'll wash this dress so that you can wear it. 我要把这条连衣裙洗一洗,好让你穿。

I often listen to pop songs so that I can play in fr ont of my friends.

1. She does jogging every day

she can keep fit. so that ________________

?so as to/in order to keep fit.

So that

Olympic athletes train hard……

Some people exercise every day……

Adverbial Clauses
Part 1 Part 5 条件状语从句

连接词 if, unless, 在含有条件状语从句的主从复合句中,如果主句 的时态是一般将来时,那么从句要用一般现在时 由if引导的 条件状语从 句表示在某 种条件下某 事很可能发 生 If you ask him, he will help you.

如果你请他帮忙, 他会帮你的。
If you fail in the exam, you will let him down.

如果你考试不及格, 你会让他失望的。

If I became your girlfriend, I will call your parents politely.

Adverbial Clauses
Part 1 Part 5 条件状语从句

unless “除非 ... 否则, 如果不” 1. You will fail to arrive there in time unless you start earlier. 如果你不早点动身,你就不能及时赶到那儿。 2. Unless it rains, the game will be played. 除非下雨,否则比赛将照常进行。

1. You will be hurt unless you give me all your money.


Adverbial Clauses
Part 1 Part 7 原因状语从句

连接词 because, for. 语气强弱 because > for

?He is absent because he is ill.
他因病缺席。 ?for it is so hot, let's go swimming. 既然天气这么热, 我们去游泳吧。



? People would like to listen t o rock and roll because it makes people feel excited

?He takes an umbrella because it rained.

Beijing is a popular places of interest, ……..
I’d like to listen to pop musi c…

Children like to watch cartoons …

Adverbial Clauses
Part 1 Part 8 让步状语从句

连接词 although / though,


ugh / though 引导的让步状语从句中, 主句中不能用but
?Although he is rich, his life is not happy. ?他虽然很有钱, 但生活并不幸福。

1. Although she was a child, she had to ea rn his living.

2. Though he was young, he had to support his family.

Though he was ill, he worked hard. 他虽然生病, 但仍努力工作。

Though he is very strong, he is under the mountain for 500 years

small; comfortable
Although the room is small, it is very comfortable.

Although he can’t walk, he never give up.

can’t walk; never give up

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