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冀教版七年级上册:Lesson 22In the Restaurant(冀教版七年级上册)

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Lesson 22 In the Restaurant


It’s lunch time. We are hungry. We want to go to the restaurant.



a bottle of water


a can of Coke

tomato and egg noodles

chicken noodles

beef noodles


Are you ready to order?

Waitress: Are you ready to order?
Li Ming: Yes, please. How much are the noodles? Waitress : Fourteen yuan for beef or chicken noodles. Eleven yuan for tomato and egg noodles. Li Ming: OK. I’ll have the chicken noodles.

A: Would you like some pizza and sandwiches? B: No. C: Would you like a glass of orange juice?

B: Okay. Thank you.
C: You’re welcome.

Let’s sing a

song.hungry boys, sitting down to eat. Eleven
Some want dumplings, some want meat.
Noodles and rice, soup and fish. Red strawberries, sitting in a dish. Twelve hungry girls, coming home to eat. Sandwiches and cookies, they all want meat. Thirteen grapes, we want to eat them all. Fourteen melons, round as a ball.

1. It’s lunch time. 该吃午饭了/到了吃午饭的时间了。 上句相当于:It’s time for lunch. “It’s time for+名词”这一句型表示“是该??的时候 了”。 例如: (1)It’s time for bed. 该睡觉了。 (2)It’s time for breakfast. 该吃早饭了。 也可以用It’s time to +动词原形表示,即It’s time for + 名词=It’s time to +动词原形。 以上两句分别可说成: (1)It’s time to go to bed. (2)It’s time to have breakfast.

Language Points

2. Are you ready to order? 你们要点菜吗? (1) ready为形容词,意为“预备(准备)好的”。

(2) order作动词,意为“订购”。例如: We will order a room. 我们要订一个房间。 (3) ready的固定搭配: ① be ready意为“准备好”。例如:

Everything is ready. 一切就绪。
② be ready to do sth.意为“已准备好做某事”。例如: I’m not ready to leave. 我没准备离开。

Ⅰ. 完成句子
1. 现在是上午12点钟,该是吃午饭的时候了。 lunch time It’s twelve o’clock in the morning. It’s _____ _____. 2. ——你想吃些什么? ——我想吃一些香蕉。 What _____ like —______ would you _____, please? —I’d like some bananas. 3. ——你准备好点餐了吗?——是的。 Are ready order —____ you _____ to ______? -Yes, please. 4. 你想要一碗牛肉面条吗? a bowl of beef Would you like _____ _____ _____ _____ noodles?

Ⅱ. 补全对话
A: ______ you ready _____order? Are to B: _____, please. I would like some dumplings. ______ Yes A: Sorry, we don’t _____have any. B: _____ you have any rice and vegetables? Do A: Yes, we have. B: How _____ for a bowl of rice? much A: One yuan. B: I’ll take ______two bowls. A: Would you like _____ soup? some B: Yes, please. Thank you. A: You’re welcome _________.

What would you like to order? Look at the menu in this les

son and make up a dialogue.

He is wise that is honest. 诚实者最明智。

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