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( ) 1. the boy eats_______ meat, so he is_______ fat now.

a. too much; much too b. much too; much too c. too much; too much d. much too; too much

( ) 2. — what are you going to do next sunday?

— my mother wants me_______ my grandparents with her.

a. visiting b. to visit c. visits d. visit

( ) 3. i have two tickets_______ today's ball game.

a. in b. of c. to d. with

( ) 4. mr black didn't have_______ money with him, so he wouldn't buy that car. a. some b. many 月 c. a few d. enough

( ) 5. — would you like tea or coffee?

— _______ . i really don't mind.

a. either b. both c. every d. all

( ) 6. we don't know how to remember these english words.

can you give us_______?

a. an advice b. some advice c. any advices d. many advices

( ) 7. — may i borrow an eraser_______ you? — certainly. here you are. a. from b. of c. to d. for

( ) 8. — let's invite tom to our party. — _______

a. you're welcome. b. are you sure? c. that's a good idea. d. thanks a lot.

( ) 9. — is your father the same age_______ your mother?

— no, my father is older than my mother.

a. like; two years b. as; two-years c. as; two years d. like; two-year

( ) 10. — i can't find mr wang. where is he?

— sorry, i don't know. maybe you should_______.

a. call up he b. call up him c. call he up d. call him up



1. all of the students are having sports ________________ (除了) tom.

2. "i come from canada." tom said in ______________ (大声的)voice.

3. — what's jane's part-time job?

— a _____________(家庭教师).

4. if you ___________(比较)british football with american football, you'll find many differences.

5. his sister was sad because she f________________ the english exam last monday.

6. this skirt is out of s_____________ . she doesn't want to take it.

7. the writing materials(文具)i____________ pens, pencils and erasers .

8. some of us often watch the f________________ games on tv.

9. he is s______________ an e-mail to his pen pal now.

10. the sweater is too large. it doesn't f_____________ me.

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