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a: i think it's short and ugly.

b. i don’t like sunglasses.

c. you should wear sunglasses.

d. i don't like my haircut.

e. it's too hot to wear a hat.

f. it’s too long.

g. short hairstyle is very popular.

a: hi, gina! why do you wear a hat?

b: _______ (1)

a: what's wrong with your hair?

b: _______ (2)

a: let me have a look. wow, you have a new look. now, you're different. you are smarter than before. b: but it looks like boys' hairstyle. i wear a hat so that nobody can see it.

a: but now it's summer. _______ (3)

b: what should i do?

a: i have an idea. _______ (4)

b: oh, no. i don't like to do that.

a: then i think you should cut your hair much shorter. _______ (5)

b: yes, that's a good idea.



( a )

a good way to pass an exam is to work hard every day. you may not pass an exam if you only work hard before the exam, do not only learn grammar rules. try to read stories in english and speak english whenever you can. before you start the exam, read the questions carefully. try to understand the exact(确切的)meaning of each question before you pick up your pen to write. when you finish the exam, read your answers once more. correct the mistakes if there are any and make sure that you don't miss anything out.

( ) 1. how can you do well to pass an exam?

a. work hard every day. b. read stories in english.

c. be careful in doing the questions.

d. read your answers once more before you hand in your paper.

( ) 2. only learning rules of grammar _______ to pass an english exam.

a. is enough b. is not enough c. is good d. is not good

( ) 3. it is not a good way _______ .

a: to read english stories b. to learn rules of grammar

c. to speak english as much as possible

d. to work hard only a few days before the exam

( ) 4. the word "whenever" means _______ .

a. every time b. what time c. at any time d. forever

( ) 5. before you start the exam, what should you do?

a. read your answers loudly. b. correct the mistakes carefully.

c. write the meaning of each question. d. read the questions carefully.

( b )

on october 8,2005,a huge earthquake took place in kashmir(克什米尔地区).lots of buildings began to fall down. many people had no time to run out of their houses and buried under the buildings. soon many people lost their parents, children, sisters and brothers. they lost their homes and all the things.

the huge earthquake was 7.6 magnitude(级).it hit south asia including india, pakistan and afghanistan. it killed more than 35,000and injured 40,000.pakistan was the worst hit area.

the earthquake hit at the beginning of the school day. schools fell down in almost every town. “a whole generation was lost in the worst hit area. most of them were schoolchildren ,”said pakistan spokesman.

(帐篷),cold and without food and bedding.

the world has begun to send help. countries including the us and canada have promised hundreds of millions of us dollars. china has promised $6.2 million. a 49-member chinese rescue(营救)team went there .they brought tons of food, medicine and other things.

( ) 6.the earthquake in south asia happened on .

a. october 18,2005 b. october 17,2005 c. october 8,2005 d. october 18,2005

( ) 7.the earthquake hit .

a. india b. pakistan c. india and pakistan d. india, pakistan and afghanistan

( ) 8. people lost their lives in the earthquake.

a.35,000 b.40,000 c.75,000 d.4,000,000

( ) 9.the underlined word “homeless” in the text means .

a.无家的 b.回家去 c.朴素的 d.想家的

( ) 10.in the worst hit area, most of the lost their lives. it was a great loss(损失).

a. woman b. schoolchildren c. men d. workers at the office



a man goes to a fast food restaurant for lunch. "hi," a waiter says. "may i help you?"

"i'd like a hamburger, large fries, and a medium coke." the man says.

"anything else?" the waiter asks, "no." the man answers. "that's all."

"is that for here or to go?" the waiter asks.

"to go," the man says.

the man pays for his lunch. the waiter puts the man's lunch in a bag. the man takes the bag away.

the man pays for his lunch. the waiter puts the man's lunch in a bag. the man takes the bag away.

"thank you," the waiter says. "have a nice day."

the man walks to a park. he is surprised. there is no hamburger in the bag. there are no french fries. there is no coke. there is a lot of money in the bag! the man counts the money. two thousand dollars!

why is the money in the bag? the man doesn't know. do you know?

can you guess?





5. where does the man go for lunch?______________________________________ what does the man wan___________________________________________ where does the waiter put the man's lunch?_____________________________ where does the man go to eat his lunch?_____________________________ what is in ____________________________________________

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