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How often do you exercise

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How often do you exercise? Section-B (reading)

ask的用法, 1.意思是:“要求、请求”时 ask sb to do sth ,要求/请求某人做某 ask sb not to do sth ,要求某人不做 2.意思为:“询问,查询”时 ask sb about sth 询问某人关于某事 3.意思是:央求,要求时 ask for+help,请求帮助

数词+percent of+名词 意为“……当中的百分之多少”, 在通常情况下,其中的名词是特指的, percent 所以通常会带有定冠词或其他表特指 限定词 如his, her, these, those, Tom’s等 Ten percent of the apples are bad. 这些苹果中有10%是坏的。

Not at all的用法 ? 1. 用来回答感谢, ? 意为:不用谢; 不客气。如: ? —Thank you very much. ? —Not at all. 不客气。

2. 用来回答带有感谢性质的 客套话,意为:没什么。 —You are very kind. 你真好。 —Not at all. 没什么。

3. 用来回答道歉,意为:没关系。 —I’m sorry I’m late. 对不起,我迟到了。 —Oh, not at all, do come in. 噢,没关系,请进来

4. 用来表示否定(是No的加强说法), 意为:一点也不。如: —Are you tired? 你累了吗? —Not at all. 一点不累

5用于句子中表否定“一点也不 ? I don’t like English at all. ? 我一点也不喜欢英语

注意: ? the answer to ? 表示:...的答 案/回复,这是 固定结构 ? one to three ? times a week ? 表示:一周 ? 一到三次

Although 的用法 ? 一、用作连词 ? 表示“虽然”,可换用,只是 although 比though 更为正式: ? Though [Although] it was raining,we went there. ? 虽然下着雨,但我们还是去了 那儿

Though [Although] we are poor, we are still happy. 我们虽然穷,仍然很快活。

? although 一般不用 作副词,而 though 可用作副词,且一 般放在句末(不放在 句首),意为“可 是”、“不过”:

? It’s hard work; I enjoy it though. 工作很辛苦,可 是我乐意干。

? 在 as though(好 ? She closed her eyes as though 像,仿佛),even she were tired. though(即使,纵 然)等固定短语中 她闭上眼,仿佛 不能用 although: 很疲劳似的。

四:although 与though 不能与but连用 ? Though [Although] it was raining, we went there .
? 同义句:It was raining,but we went there .

at least至少 for fun 为了娱乐
? ? ? ? ? go online 上网 另: surf the Internet use the Internet
? surprised 在句中多作 表语,后面可接不定 式或从句,其主语多 是人 ? be surprised to do sth. ? I was surprised to see him there. 我真想 不到会在那儿见到他

? All students like surfing the Internet. ? Most students often do homework after school ? Many students usually watch TV on weekends. ? Some students exercise once a week. ? No students want to argue with


By doing sth 通过做某事
? The best way to do sth ? 做某事的最好方式 ? The best way to learn English is talking.

? for example 用法与for instance 一样的 举同 类中的一种情况,后除 可接短语或名词外还 可以接句子 ,是举例子, 而 such as 则列举多 个后接名词或名词词 组 可以与and so on连 用

。 spend,cost,take和pay 都可以表示“花费”,但用法却不尽相同

? spend的主语必须是人 ? (1) spend time /money on sth. 在……上 花费时间(金钱) ? I spent two hours on this math problem. 这 道数学题花了我两个小时 ? (2) spend time / money (in) doing sth. 花 费时间(金钱)做某事。 ? They spent two years (in) building this bridge.造这座桥花了他们两年时间

? (3)spend time with sb. ? 和某人一起度过时 光 I usually spend time with my friends on weekends. ? 周末我通常跟朋友 一起度过。

? take常用于“占用、 花费”时间,其主语 通常为形式主语“it”或 物 ? It takes/took sb some time to do sth = ? Sth takes sb some time. ? 如: It took me three years to draw the beautiful horses.

pay为“付款、赔偿”之意, 主语通常是人
? Sb pays some money for sth ? 或pay sb (some money for sth) ? 例如: I paid fifty yuan for the coat. ? 我花50元买了这件大衣。

? cost的主语必须是某物。spend … on sth./in doing sth.的主语必须是人。 pay … for 的主语也是人。It takes + sb.+ 时间(或钱)to do sth.的主语则必须是形 式主语It。 动词cost的常用用法是sth.cost (sb.) some money。 如:The dictionary cost me £ 20.

old habits die hard 老习惯难改
? die瞬间动词,也就是死的那一刻 death名词,死亡 dead死的,形容词 dying奄奄一息的,濒临死亡的,形容词 例句: 1.His father died last week. 2.She cried out after knowing his husband's death. 3.He found a dead bird in the garden. 4.The dying man was saved by a kindhearted lady





20 45





Read the article again and answer the questions.

1. How many percent of the student do not exercise at all? Twenty percent . 2. How many percent of the students use the Internet every day? Ninety percent .

3. How often do most students watch TV? What do they usually watch?

They watch TV every day. They usually watch game shows.
4. What does the writer think is the best way to relax? Why? Exercise . It is healthy for the mind and the body.

5. Do you think the students at No. 5 are healthy? Why or why not?

No , I don’t think so. Because they watch TV more and exercise less.

Eighty-five percent of the students always watch T

Forty -five percent of the students usually exercise

Ten percent of the students often use the Internet. Two percent of the students sometimes watch TV .

Thirteen percent of the students usually watch TV

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