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八年级英语 Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation

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Guess where did your teacher go on vacation?

Unit 1
Where did you go on vacation?

Where did your teacher go on vacation?
I went to Shanghai by plane on vacation.

Let's talk Where did you go on vacation?

1a Match the activities with the pictures (a-g)



New York City

summer camp /k? mp/

museum /mju:'zi?m/

went to the mountain

went to the summer camp

Where did they go on vacation?

went to New York City

went to the beach

1b Listen and number the people (1-5) in the picture.

1.Tina 2. Xiang Hua 3.Sally 4. Bob 5.Tom

Where did they go on vacation?
1. Tina
2. Xiang Hua 3. Sally 4. Bob 5. Tom

Activities went to the mountains went to New York City stayed at home visited his uncle went to summer camp

A: Where did Tom go on vacation? B: He went to summer camp. A: Where did you go on vacation? B: I …

Look at the pictures carefully and guess what they did. (仔细看图并抢 答)

What did he do last weekend?

He played tennis last weekend.

What did he do last weekend?

He played basketball last weekend.

What did he do last weekend?

He watched TV last weekend.

What did he do last weekend?

He stayed at home last weekend.

What did he do last weekend?

He went swimming last weekend.

What did he do last weekend?

He took a shower last weekend.

What did he do last weekend?

He went to the mountains last weekend.

两人一组,选好题号,一人面向屏幕,表演图中内容,另一人猜测: What did he do on vacation?


Regular verbs Irregular verbs clean cleaned make made play played study studied stayed were stay are visited do visit did watch watched am/is was had look looked have helped went help go

2a Listening
Where did Grace,Kevin and Julie go on vacation?Match the person with the place.

? People

1. Grace 2. Kevin 3. Julie

Places a.the beach b.home c.New York City

2b Listen again.
For each question check(V) “ Yes,I did.”or “No,I didn’t.”as you hear Yes,I did. them talk. Did you … No,I didn’t.
Grace go with anyone? go to Central Park? buy anything special? play volleyball? swim? meet anyone interesting? Julie do anyting interesting? study for tests? go out with anyone?


2c Groupwork
Role play conversations between Grace,Kevin and Julie.You can talk about the activities in the chart and other activities.

Grammar Focus
Where did you go on vacation? Did you go out with anyone? Did you buy anything special? I went to New York City. No, No one was here. Everyone was on vacation. Yes, I bought something for my father. No, I bought nothing.

How was the food? Did everyone have a good time?

Everything tasted really good. Oh, yes. Everything was excellent

1.不定代词some, any, no, every与-one, -body, -thing构成复合代词。我们称之为复合不定代词

somebody 某人 someone 某人 something 某物,某事 nobody 没有人 no one 没有人 nothing 没有东西


y 任何人 anyone 任何人 Anything 任何事物 Everybody 每人 Everyone 每人 Everything 一切

1. 形容词修饰这些复合不定代词,形容词必须 后置。如: 找出书上的不定代词和形容词的搭配

anything special anyone interesting anything interesting anywhere interesting
There is something wrong with your ears.

2. 其后谓语动词用单数形式。

Is everyone here today?
Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. 世上无难事,只怕有心人。 Nobody/No one knows his name

因为some一般用于肯定句,any一般用于否定句或疑问 句,no表示完全否定。 --Did you buy anything special? --Yes, I bought something for my father. --No, I didn’t buy anything. (I bought nothing) Someone is singing in the next room. Does anyone live in the old house? Did you go out with anyone ? Would you like something to eat? 表示邀请时,疑问句里可用something.

1. Do you have _____ to do this evening? A. important something B. anything important C. something important

2. _____ is watching TV . Let’s turn it off . A . Somebody B. Anybody C. Nobody 3. Would you like ___? I can get it for you . A. something else B. anything else C. everything else 4.I agree with most of what you said, but I don't agree with ______. A. everything B: anything C. something D. nothing


Fill in the blanks with the words in the box and practice the conversation

Linda: Did you do________ fun on your vacation, anything Alice? anyone Alice: yes, I did. I went to Sanya. something Linda: How did you like it? anything Alice: Well, it was my first time there. everything everything So __________anyone was really interesting. Linda: Did you go with__________? nothing Alice: Yes, I did. I went with my sister. Linda: Did you go shopping? something Alice: nothing of course. I bought _________ for my parents, anything but __________ for myself. anything Linda: Why didn’t you buy__________ for yourself? Alice: I didn’t really see _________ I liked.


Fill in the blanks in the e-mail message with the words in the box anything

Dear Bill, anything How was your vacation? Did you do _________ everyone interesting? Did __________ in the family go with you? I went to a friend’s farm in the countryside Everything with my family.__________ was great. We fed some hens and saw some baby pigs. They were so cute! The only problem was that there was __________ nothing much to do in the evening but read. Still ___________ seemed to be bored. Bye for now. No one

everything, nothing, everyone, no one


1.Everything tasted really good!所有的东西尝起 来真的很好吃! taste在此为系动词,意为“尝起来”,其后接形容

a. The food tastes really great.食物尝起来棒极了。 b. The milk tasted terrible.牛奶尝起来很糟糕。 2.Did everyone have a good time? 大家玩得开心吗 have a good time = enjoy oneself = have fun 玩得开心 (+ doing) eg: We ha

d a good time visiting the Great Wall. enjoyed ourselves visiting = We ______ ________ ______the the Great had fun visiting Wall.

Did you go shopping? 你们去购物了吗? go shopping意为“去购物;去买东西”,

eg: I usually go shopping on Sundays.
拓展:“go + doing”形式表示“去做某事”, 常用于表达从事某一体育活动或休闲活动。 go bike riding 骑自行车旅行 go climbing去爬山 go skating去滑冰 go hiking去远足 go sightseeing去观光 go fishing去钓鱼 go swimming去游泳 go camping去野 go boating去划船 go surfing去冲浪 go skateboarding去进行滑板运动

The only problem was that there was nothing much to do in the evening but read.

nothing much to do意为“没什么事可做”。 拓展:nothing…but…意为“除……之外什么也 没有;只有”。but后可接名词或动词原形。 a. I had nothing but a cup of tea this morning.我 今天早上只喝了杯茶。 b. I had nothing to do but watch TV.我无事可做, 只有看电视。

Still no one seemed to be bored.

1)seem不及物动词或系动词,“好像;似乎;看来”。 eg:Everything seems easy.一切似乎很容易。 拓展:a. seem+adj.“看起来……”。 You seem happy today.你今天看起来很高兴。 b. seem+to do sth.“似乎,好像做某事”。 I seem to have a cold.我似乎感冒了。 c. It seems/seemed+从句 “看起来好像…; 似乎…”。 It seems that no one believes you. 看起来好像没有人相信你

Still no one seemed to be bored. 2)辨析:bored与boring a. bored意为“厌烦的;感到无聊的”, 一般在句中修饰人, b. boring意为“无聊的;令人厌烦的”, 一般在句中修饰事或物 eg:a. I’m boredwith what he said. _____ 我对他说的话厌烦极了。 b. I find the story very boring _____. 我发现这个故事太无聊了

重点短语 go on vacation去度假 stay at home待在家里 go to the mountains去爬山 go to the beach去海滩 visit museums 参观博物馆 go to summer camp去参观夏令营 quite a few相当多 study for为……而学习 go out 出去 most of the time大部分时间 taste good尝起来很好吃 have a good time玩得高兴

New words
How was the Ice cream?

It was delicious.

How was the apple?

It was terrible.

How was the house?

It was expensive.

How was the pen?

It was cheap.



How was the movie?

It was exciting.

How was the English Class?

It was boring.

2a Discuss the questions with your partner.
1.What do people usually do on vacation? 2. What activities do you find enjoyable?
/? k'tivitis/

阅读技巧 ——略读

skipping and scanning

2b. Read Jane’s diary entries about her vacation and answer the questions.
1. Did Jane have a good time on Monday?
Yes, she did.

2. What about on Tuesday

No, she didn't.

2c. Read Jane’s diary entries again. Fill in the chart
Did she like Things Jane did or it? Why or why not? saw (Yes/No)
tried paragliding
had Malaysian yellow noodles walked around Georgetown went to Penang Hill had a bowl of rice and fish Yes Yes Yes It was exciting. They were delicious.
There were a lot of new buildings now but the old buildings were still there.


It rained hard.


It tasted great because she was hungry.

阅读技巧 ———精读

/pi'n??/ /m?'lei??/ I arrived in Penang in Malaysia this morning with my family. It was sunny and hot, /traid//'p?r?glaidi?/ /di'saidid/ so we decided to go to the beach near our hotel. My sister and I tried paragliding.

Monday, July 15th

I felt like I was a bird. It was so exciting! For lunch, we had something very
special---Malaysian yellow noodles. They were delicious! In the afternoon, we /'baisikls/ /'bildi?s/ rode bicycles to Georgetown. There are a lot of new buildings now, but many of the old buildings are still there. In Weld Quay, a really old place in Georgetown, /treid?s/ /'w?nd?/ we saw the houses of the Chinese traders from 100 years ago. I wonder what life

was like here in the past. I really enjoyed walking around the town.

try 尝试 努力 try doing sth. 尝试做某事 try to do sth. 尽力做某事 have a try 尝试一把
D I am very sleepy. I tried _______ my eyes open, but I couldn't. A. keeping B. having kept C. to have kept D. to keep

Tuesday, July 16th

What a difference a day makes! My father and I decided to go to Penang Hill today. We wanted to walk up to the top, but then it started raining a little so we /weit/ decided to take the train. We waited over an hour for the train because there were too many people. When we got to the top, it was raining very hard. We /wet/ /?m'brel?/ didn't have an umbrella so we were wet and cold. It was terrible! And because of /'in?f/ the bad weather, we could't see anything below. My father didn't bring enough so we only had one bowl of rice and fish. The food tasted great because I was /'h??gri/ so hungry!

below 在......下面 There is much grass below the wall. Can you see anything below? under 正下方


Complete the diary entry about a trip to one of these places. Use the words and phrases in the box to help you.

Wednesday, _______ 20th August
hot and sunny Tian'anmen Square Today the weather was____________. I went to _____________.
took some photos and bought something special beautiful and interesting It was_______________. We_________________________ . I learned something important I liked this place because__________________.

delicious For dinner we had ____________. It was ________. In the Beijing duck tired evening, I felt really ________.

3c Write a travel diary like Jane’s on page. Use your notes in 3b.

1. Where did you go? I went to Hangzhou on summer vacation. 2. Did you go with anyone? I went with my friend. 3. How was the

weather? It was sunny and hot. 4. What did you do everyday? I travelled around Hangzhou. 5. What food did you eat? I ate dumplings, Dongpo meat, cabbages. 6. What did you like best? I liked dumplings. 7. Did you dislike anything? I dislike the bus in Hangzhou because there were too many people. 8. How did you feel about the trip? What an exciting trip!

Thursday, August 1st

It was sunny and hot this week. I went to Hangzhou with my best friend. It was my first time there, so everything seems to be very intersting and exciting. First I went to the famous "West Lake". How amazing it was! The water was very clean and the leaves of the trees danced with the wind.Then I walked along "Su Di", the wind touched my face gently, so I felt like dancing with it. For lunch, I had "Dongpo meat", it was not so good. In the evening, I went to "Hefang Street", there I ate many delicious local food and saw many special things. I was very tired when I went back to my hotel, but the city looked wonderful from the window. I had a great fun for my trip. How I wish I could come here again!



Friday, August 2nd

The weather was sunny and warm. I went to Beijing with my parents on vacation. It was my first time there, so everything was really interesting. We visited three places and took quite a few photos. First we went to Tian'an men Square. It was beautiful. Then we went to Palace Museum, we saw many old things there, it was cool. In the afternoon, we went to the Great Wall. We saw many beautiful things from the top. It was great and exciting, I think. We had a good time there.

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