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Cloze A

Dear Jenny,

How’s it going? Are you busy with your study these days?

I’ve been back at school __1__ nearly four weeks. I’m very glad to tell you that great __2__ have been taken place in our school this term. First of all, we are asked to “clear our plates” when having our meals and say __3__ to wasting. Some of us used to order more than what we could eat. That was a big waste of food. Now we need to __4__ the food we order. We should also stop wasting in some other ways. For example, we should turn off the lights when we __5__ the classroom. And our school has opened up some fields for us to learn how to grow vegetables. Each class is given a small garden and our class has decided to grow some tomatoes and beans in our __6__ time. I think that will be very interesting. Maybe I’ll be able to __7__ you some beans we’ve grown by ourselves next time! What’s more, we have only two classes in the afternoon __8__ we have more time for afterschool activities. I’m one of the traffic safety volunteers in our school. After school, we take turns to go to the streets near our school and ask people to __9__ the traffic rules.

I think we are having a different school life now!

Please write back soon and tell __10__ more about your school.


Wang Wei

1. A. in B. for C. on D. at

2. A. changes B. things C. interests D. lessons

3. A. yes B. hello C. no D. thanks

4. A. clean B. pay C. cook D. finish

5. A. leave B. reach C. open D. build

6. A. busy B. free C. happy D. sad

7. A. plant B. buy C. post D. lend

8. A. because B. when C. before D. so

9. A. follow B. make C. break D. think

10. A. him B. her C. you D. me

Cloze B

It is often said that eyes can speak. Do you have such kind of __1__? In a bus you may look at a stranger, but not too __2__. If he notices that he is being looked at, he may __3__ uncomfortable. It is the same in daily life. When you are looked at for several more times, you will look __4__ up and down in order to __5__ if there is anything wrong with you. If __6__ goes wrong with, you will feel angry with the person who is looking at you. __7__ can speak, right?

Looking too long at someone may seem to be impolite. But sometimes things are __8__. If you wish to draw someone’s __9__, you may look at him or her for more than ten seconds. For lovers, they enjoy looking at each other longer to show the love that words cannot __10__. Clearly, eye communication should be done according to the relationship between the two people and the certain situation.

1. A. future B. fear C. experience D. exercise

2. A. late B. long C. low D. loud

3. A. feel B. smell C. sound D. taste

4. A. itself B. himself C. myself D. yourself

5. A. see B. guess C. hear D. expect

6. A. something B. nothing C. everything D. anything

7. A. Ears B. Eyes C. Mouth D. Nose

8. A. different B. difficult C. tiring D. boring

9. A. direction B. lesson C. attention D. trouble

10. A. write B. print C. read D. express

Cloze C

People all over the world celebrate the new year. However, not all countries celebrate in the same way, and in some countries, the new year doesn’t begin on the __1__.

In many countries, the new year begins on 1st January, but people start celebrating on 31st December, New Year’s Eve. In New York many people go to celebrate in Time Square. __2__ they’re waiting for the New Year, they listen to music, sing traditional songs and have fun. Just before 12 o’clock, everyone __3__ down from 10: 10, 9, 8… As soon as it’s 12 o’clock, everyone shouts very __4__, “Happy New Year!”

New Year’s Day is often a family day. Some families get together for a special meal. When the weather is fine, many families go out for a __5__.

On New Year’s Day, many people make resolutions for the year. They __6__ a list of things, such as “I will help out more with housework. I will work __7__ at school than others.” or “ I won’t spend so much time playing video games.” When they have made __8__ list, they reading it to their family or friends and promise to __9__ their resolutions.

So it doesn’t matter how they celebrate, __10__ people in countries all over the world, it’s a time to say goodbye to the old year, and to welcome the new.

1. A. familiar B. same C. important D. normal

2. A. If B. Even though C. While D. Before

3. A. comes B. turns C. looks D. counts

4. A. loudly B. quietly C. sadly D. safely

5. A. walk B. secret C. job D. treatment

6. A. put on B. write down C. take away D. look after

7. A. quickly B. hard C. harder D. hardly

8. A. its B. his C. her D. their

9. A. follow B. make C. do D. give

10. A. by B. for C. with D. from

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