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Where would you like to visit?

1.掌握Unit7的重点词组和句型 2. 学会用形容词和定语从句介绍一些旅 游胜地 3.学会表达自己对某事物的好恶

继续 ,坚持,保持 将来某一天

1.hold on to
2.one day/some day 3.take it easy 4. work as tour guides 5.hope to do 6.in general 7.thousands of 8.as soon as possible

当导游 希望做某事 大体上,一般而言



11.be willing to do

12.quite a few

13.dream of =dream about

(预言,期望)实现,成为事实 14.come true 15.trek through the jungle 在热带丛林中旅行 在亚马逊河热带丛林中 一个筋疲力尽的人 一项累人的工作

16.in the Amazon jungle
17.a tired person 18.a tiring job

迷人的故事 不太实际的梦想 刺激的假期 紧张的

21.a fascinating story
22. less realistic dreams 23.an exciting vacation 24.stressed out 25.on beach 26.Niagara Falls 27.Eiffel Tower 28.Notre Dame Cathedral

尼加拉瓜大瀑 埃菲尔铁塔 巴黎圣母院

实现梦想 付款

33. achieve one’s dream 34.pay for

旅游热点,旅游胜地 35.travel spotlight 36.consider doing sth. 考虑做某事 接受良好的教育 法国的首都 37.have a good education 38.the capital of France

最有活力的城市之一 39.one of the liveliest cities 最著名的教堂之一 40.one of the most famous churches

迷人的景观 41.fantastic sights
乘地铁 42.take the underground train 消费相当高的地方 43.quite an expensive place 在旅行社 47.at a travel agency 去暖和的地方 48.go somewhere warm


49. It’s best to do…/had better do sth. 做许多户外活动 50. do lots of outdoor activities
有厨房的房间 省钱,存钱 一年的这时候 51. a room with a kitchen 52. save money 53. this time of year 54. pack some light clothes 56.provide sb with sth.=provide sth. for sb



57.some information on…/about…
58. in the future 59. the findings of a survey 61. continue doing sth.=continue to do sth. 62. go to university 63. according to 64. all kinds of 65. at the 2008 Olympics

调查结果 继续做某事 上大学 根据…


1. v-ing型形容词和v-ed型形容词 1)v-ing型形容词,常见的词有: amaze—amazing 令人惊讶的 tire—tiring 令人疲惫的 surprise—surprising 令人惊奇的 excite—exciting 令人兴奋的 bore—boring 令人讨厌的 interest—interesting 有趣的 develop—developing 发展中的 move—moving 感人的

2)v-ed型形容词,常见的词有: amaze—amazed 惊讶的 tire—tired 累的 surprise—surprised 惊奇的 bore—bored 厌恶的 excite—excited 兴奋的 interest—interested 感兴趣的 develop—developed 发达的 move—moved 受感动的 please—pleased 高兴的


动词的适当形式填空。 to say to eat 1. I’m sorry ______ (say) that there’s nothing ______ (eat). 2. This afternoon the biggest football match of this year will be ______ (be) on TV. 3. They told us that Mr. Wu had seen ______ (see) the film before. left 4. It is ten years since I ______ (leave) my hometown. to drink 5. You need something ______ (drink), don’t you? am 6. Either he or I ______ (be) right. 7. Nosmoking(smoke) in the hospital, please. ______ pay 8. He would take out his money and ______ (pay) for the bill. having 9. It’s time for rest; let’s stop ______ (have) our lesson. to buy 10. What color do you decide ______ (buy)?

A 1. I’d like to trek ______ the jungle. A. through B. across C. over D. on D 2. —Why do the people decide ______ these days? —Because there’s not much to do. A. visit B. to visit C. not visiting D. not to visit 3. --- How about the movie you saw yesterday? A --- Some people think it’s boring, _____ think it’s exciting. A. others B. other C. each D. another B 4. The Travel Agency offered him a hotel ______ 30 dollars every day. A. / B. for C. to D. with A 5. My parents want to go ______ on vacation. A. somewhere peaceful B. dangerous somewhere C. somewhere boring D. fascinating somewhere

D 6. They ______ all over the country. So they plan ______ some other countries. A. have traveled, visit B. traveled, to visit C. traveled, visiting D. have traveled, to travel D 7. We want _____ a trip to Guilin this summer vacation. A. take B. takes C. taking D. to take A 8. I’m not sure if it _____ tomorrow. If it _____, we won’t climb the South Hill. A. will snow; snows B. will snow; will snow C. snows; snows D. snows; will snow C 9. Some robots are ______ to do the same things ______ people. A. enough smart, as B. enough smart, with C. smart enough, as D. smart enough, for 10. ______ would you like to live in? B A. where B. which city C. which D. when

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