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班级 姓名 学号 成绩


( )1. Half of the class _____ done most of the work. The left _____ difficult.

A. have, is B. has, is C. have, are D. has, are

( )2. Dung is kind and helpful, but he is a little careless ______.

A. at time B. at a time C. at times D. once a time

( ) 3.—Do you prefer tea ____coffee ? -–____ is OK , I don’t mind .

A. or , Neither B. to, Either C. to , Both D. or, Either

( )4. Is it important ________us __________ English well?

A. for, learning B. for, to learn C. of, learning D. of, to learn

( ) 5. Thanks for _____ the new chairperson.

A. recommend me as B. recommending me as

C. recommend me for D. recommending me for

( ) 6. Which word is formal language?

A. PS B. Mr. C. I’m D. cheers

( ) 7.It is very kind ____ you to help me with my lessons. It is hard ____ me to learn them


A. of; for B. of; of C. for; of D. for; for

( ) 8. A: I’m ___________ to eat a horse now!

B: Really? But I don’t have _____________for you. It’s a great pity!

A. hungry enough, food enough C. hungry enough, food enough B. enough hungry, enough food D. hungry enough, enough food

( ) 9. Don’t worry _____. or you’ll get _____ thin.

A. much too; too much B. too much; much too

C. much too; much too D. too much; too much

( ) 10. I can’t decide _____ .

A. to buy which one B. which one to buy

C. to buy which D. which to buy one


( ) 11. How many students are born _________the same star sign ?

A. with B. to C. under D. for

( ) 12. A: What ___________ our star signs?

B: The time of your _____________!

A. makes, year B. decides, birthday C. has, month D. takes, birthday

( ) 13. Sam _____ Chinese tea with nothing in it.

A. prefers B. prefers to C. would rather D. would like to

( ) 14. Tom has difficulty _____ Chinese so he asks me _____ help

A. to understand; with B. understanding; of

C. to understand; for D. understanding; for

( ) 15. In the past, he always worried about _____ food to eat.

A. have B. having C not having D. not have

二、完形填空 (10分)

Many people think the time is spent, the more work will be done. So students have to spend the whole day doing school work the three meals.

Modern students have many . They love sports, computers and music. A holiday can get them away from too much school work , and they can do what they like. But still teachers do not it. Because they have too much homework, they have no time to enjoy themselves. Students are really tired of their weekend homework. So they don’t do it Sunday night. And there is not enough time to finish the homework carefully. The poor weekend homework usually makes teachers Things always get worse right ideas. Too much school work makes students lose in learning. It’s also bad for their health.

A horse runs faster after a rest. But for students only a rest is not enough. So such a condition(状况)should be to give students both pleasure and knowledge.

( )1. A. many

( )2. A. except B. much B. for C. more C. during

C. pens

D. most D. with D. friends D. two-day’s

D. look after ( )3. A. hobbies ( )4. A. two days B. books B. two-days C. two-day ( )5. A. talk about B. think about C. speak of


( )6. A. on B. except C. after D. until

( )7. A. to get angry B. get angry C. to feel unhappy D. quite surprised

( )8. A. to B. by C. without D. with

D. themselves

D. made ( )9. A. interested ( )10. A. changed

三、阅读理解(20分) B. interest B. kept C. interesting C. taught

( A )

Young people and older people do not agree. They sometimes have different ideas about living, working and playing. But in one special programme in New York State, grown-ups and teenagers live together in a friendly way.

Each summer 2000 teenagers and 50 grown-ups live together for eight weeks as members of a special work group. Everyone works several hours each day. They do so not just to keep busy but to find meaning and enjoyment in work. Some teenagers work in the woods or on the farms near the villages. Some learn to make things like tables and chairs and to build houses. The grown-ups teach them these skills.

There are several free hours each day. Weekends are free, too. During the free hours some of the teenagers learn photo-taking or painting. Others sit around and talk or sing. Each teenager chooses his own way to spend his free time.

When people live together, rules are necessary. In this program the teenagers make the rules together. If someone breaks a rule, the problem goes before the whole group. They talk about it and ask, ―Why did it happen? What should we do about it?‖

One of the teenagers has this to say about the experience. ―You stop thinking only about yourself. You learn how to think about the group.‖

( )1. All the members work some time every day mainly to _____.

A. lead a busy life B. learn new skills

C. get used to the life on the farm D. find pleasures in team work

( )2. Living together, _____.

A. the teenagers have to follow the rules the grown-ups make

B. the members don’t have to follow the rules

C. the members are not allowed to break the rules they make together

D. the members have no free time except on weekends


( ) 3. The last paragraph shows the teenager thinks his experience in the program is _____.

A. dull B. meaningful C. tiring D. relaxing


Just before Christmas in 1971, a German girl called Juliana was flying over a big forest of America. The plane was flying high in the sky.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise. Juliana found herself falling through the air. She closed her eyes. She was sure that she was going to die.

She fell 3000 metres. When she opened her eyes again, she found that she had landed in a tree in the middle of a forest. She was not dead! To her surprise, she was alive. She wasn’t even badly hurt. She was still sitting in her seat. She was holding a bag of sweets. She got out of the seat and climbed down the tree. But she could see nobody else. She was alone except for a few dead bodies here and there.

She bagan to walk. At first she had nothing to eat except the sweets. Later, she found a little fruit. She had never seen this kind of fruit before. She found that the fruit was safe after she saw some monkeys eating it.

After four days, she came to a deep river. She walked by the side of the river for six more days and at last arrived at an Indian village. She was safe!

( )4. The air accident happened in _______.

A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter

( )5. Juliana was from _______.

A. America B. Germany

( )6. Which of the following is true?

A. Some monkeys saw her eating the fruit.

B. She could not see anybody else alive around her in the forest

C. At last she came to a village in India.

D. It took the girl 6 days to walk to the village from the middle of the forest.

( C )

Do you know why different animals or pests have their special colours? Colours in them seem to be mainly used to protect themselves .

4 C. England D. India

Some birds like eating locusts(蝗虫), but birds cannot easily catch them. Why ? It is because locusts change their colurs with the changes of the colours of crops .When crops are green , locusts look green .But as the harvest time comes , locusts change into the same brown colour as crops have .Some other pests whose colours are different from plants/ are easily found and eaten by others .So they have to hide themselves for lives and appear only at night .

If you study the animals’ life , you’ll find the main use of colours is to protect themselves .Bears , lions and other animals move quietly through forests .They cannot be easily seen by hunters because their colours are much like the trees.

Colours are useful not only on the land , but also in the sea .A kind of fish in the sea can give out a kind of black liquid(液体)when the fish face danger. The liquid spreads(扩散) over quickly , so they cannot be found by their enemies and can quickly swim away . That is why they can live safely though they are not strong at all .

( ) 7. From the passage , we can know that ___________.

A. locusts are big animals B. locusts are easily found by birds

C. locusts are dangerous to their enemies

D. locusts can change their colours to protect themselves

( ) 8. Bears and lions can keep safe because ___________.

A. their colours are much like the trees B. they move quickly

C. they are very strong D. they live in forests

( ) 9. According to the passage, the fish can keep safe because ____________.

A. they can change their colours B. they can give out a kind of black liquid

C. they are strong enough D. they swim faster than any other fish

( ) 10. Which is the best title for this passage ?

A. The colours of the seasons B. Animals on the land and in the sea

C. The main use of colours for animals and pests D. How to keep safe in the sea



1. Mr. Wang is so e_____________ that he does not get angry easily .

2. The big birthday cake _____________ (divide) into ten parts

3. What about ___________ ( not wear) boots today? You must go to school.


4. To forgive others’ __________(过失) is also a kind of wisdom.

5. On the last day of his trip to Japan , he made a big _________(决心).

6. Which colour represents new life and ____________ (grow)?

7. She often makes mistakes. She is a _________ girl. (care)

8. He is very__________(大方) with money.

9.Yellow is the color of __________(聪明).

10.The boy always does things quickly while he is a little __________(patient)


One day a few years a___1_ a very funny thing h__2___ to a neighbor of mine. He is a t__3___ at one of London’s big medical school. He had finished his teaching for the summer term and was at the airport on his way to Russia to g__4__ a lecture(报告).

He had put a few clothes and his lecture notes in his shoulder bag, b__5___ he had put Rupert, the skeleton(人体骨架) to be used in his lecture, in a large brown suitcase. At the airport desk, he s___6__ thought that he had f__7___ to buy a newspaper. He l___8__ his suitcase near the desk and went over to the shop. When he got b__9__ , he discovered that someone had t___10__ his suitcase by mistake. He often wonders what the man said when he got home and found Rupert.

1. __________ 2. __________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. __________

6. __________ 7. __________ 8. __________ 9. __________ 10. __________

六、根据要求变换句型(5分) (画线部分提问)

_________ _________ is our new teacher?

2.You are full of energy. (改写成同义句)

You are ___________.

3.He is so imaginative. He has new ideas about the plan.( 改写成同义句)

He is _______ ________ ________have new ideas about the plan.

4.Boys like basketball better than volleyball.

Boys __________ __________ ___________ basketball ___________ volleyball.




We’re _________to _________ David ________ the new chairperson of the Union.


________ red also ________ it _________ for you to take action.

3. 他今天心情不好。

He is ________ ________ ________ ________ today.



Zhang Yingmin is a street entertainer(表演者) from Shandong. He gave a great stunt(绝技) in Nanjing. First, he Drank some milk through his nose. Then we could see the milk squirting(喷出) from his eye and everything went normal. The crowds were all shocked by his special performance. He can shoot the liquid(液体) up to 2 metres actually. In addition, he blew up a balloon with an ear, while inflating(充气) another one with his eye at the same time. His performance attracting the attention of people passed by.


A s__________ entertainer gave a great p___________ in Nanjing. He squirted m_________ from his eye after ―d___________‖ through his nose.

2.What did Zhang do besides squirting milk from his eye?


In the United States, a company in Boston, Terrafugia, has created a car that can fly .The company’s CEO says that the company is ready to produce the flying car, but the US

recession(经济萧条) has slowed down the progress.

In August last year, Terrafugia tested out its latest prototype(原型样板). The test was

successful and since then the team has been perfecting its design and preparing to put it on the market.


Carl Terrafugia CEO, said, ―This is a 200,000 dollar car, so you are buying it or you are

buying a Lamborghini(兰博基尼跑车). So when you have got that choice, why are you buying a Lamborghini if you can buy something that looks cool and flies on top of that?‖



请你给班主任写一封推荐信,推荐 Li Lei 当班长。信中要对Li Lei进行全面介绍。


1.16岁,九年级,外貌。 2.星座-----喜欢的颜色-----,以及所代表的性格特征。


5.为人善良,不自私,能注意每个细节。 6.聪明、富于创意和想像力。

18th January

Dear Mr Lu


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