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What do you do or eat on your birthday?

Read the article about food traditions 1. and complete the chart.
birthday cake


Special meaning
if the birthday person blows out all the candles in one go, the wish will come true. It is lucky to find a candy in a cake. Long noodles are a symble of long life. Eggs are a symbol of life and good luck.

long noodles, eggs


Read the second paragraph again and answer the questions.

1. How can a person make his or her birthday wish come true? If he or she blows out all the candles ____________________________________ in one go, the wish will come true. ______________________________ 2. What do people in the UK sometimes put in a birthday cake? _________________________________ They usually put a candy in a birthday cake.

Read the third and fourth paragraph and answer the questions.
3. Why do people never cut up birthday noodles in China? Because the long noodles are a symbol _________________________________ _________________________________ of long life. 4. Why do people eat special foods on their birthday? Because they want to bring good luck _______________________________________ to the birthday person. ___________________________

3. Read the article and find these phrases.
1.全世界 13. 过生日的人 2. 在他们过生日的时候 3.在不同的国家 4.吃生日蛋糕 5......的数量 6. 许愿 7.吹灭蜡烛 8.一次性地 9.变得受欢迎 10.切碎 11.长寿的象征 12.给...带来好运

Read this passage and find these phrases.
1.全世界 around the world=all over the world 2.在他们过生日的时候 on their birthday 3.在不同的国家 in different countries 4.吃生日蛋糕 have birthday cakes 5. .....的数量 the number of..... 6. 许愿 make a wish 7.吹灭蜡烛 blow out the candles 8.一次性地 in one go 9.变得受欢迎 get popular 10.切碎 cut up 11.长寿的象征 a symbol of long life 12.给...带来好运 bring good luck to...... 13. 过生日的人 the birthday person

People eat different food ___ ___ ____(在 他们过生日时).

In the UK, people ____ ____ ___(吃生日蛋糕)

with candles. ____ ___ ____(...的数量) the candles is the person’s age. The birthday person must __ __ __(许愿) and __ __ __ __(吹灭蜡烛). If the birthday person blows out all the candles __ ___ ___(一口气), his or her wish will __ __(实现). sometimes English put a candy in a birthday cake. The child ____ the candy is lucky.

In China, it is popular ____(吃生日蛋糕) on your birthday.But many people still eat very __ ___(长寿面) or eggs on their birthday. Because they are ___ __ __ __ __ (长寿的象征)and good luck. The foods may be different, but the ideas are the same. All of them can __ __ __ __(给... 带来好运) the birthday person.

1. The number of the candles is the person’s age. 蜡烛的数量是这个人的岁数。 the number of +名词复数 意为“……的数目”, 当其作主语时,谓语动

词应用单数形式。 我们班里学生的数目是四十人。 The number of the students in our class is forty. 返回

2. In China, it is getting popular to have cake on your birthday. (在本句中it为形式主语,真正的主语为动词不定式部

It is ... for sb to do sth.

It is very easy for him to finish the homework.

It is lucky to have the candy in the cake.


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