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新版人教版英语七年级下册Unit 8 Section A

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Unit 8
? Is there a post office near here?

near/next to 在…附近 between…and… …之间 in front of …之前 behind …之后 across from …对面

Just do what I do! 根据老师的介绍, 描述 你(同学)的位置。

Do as quickly as possible. 听指令做动作,尽可能 快地把东西放到指定处。

The pay phone is next to the library.

The pay phone is between the post office and the library.

The pay phone is across from the library.

Where is the pay phone?
The pay phone is on Green Street.


pay phone

The pay phone is in front of the library.

pay phone

The pay phone is behind the library.

2c Ask and answer questions about the places in 1a on page 43.

2d Role-play the conversations.

Homework :
Draw a picture of your neighborhood and write a short passage to introduce it.

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