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This is_____orange pen.

A. a B. an C. he D. / What’s that____English?

A. to B. at C. on D. in Please eat some______.

A. water B. drink C. orange D. oranges I have a friend.____name is Mike. A. Her B. Your C. My D. His ---Hello, I’m Mary. Nice to meet you. ---Nice to meeet you, too.____

A. Hi B. Hello C. Good morning D. I’m Mlke Are___Kate’s_____?

A. This,book B. That,book C. these,books D. those,book The blue pencil is David’s and the green one is______. A. mine B. Your C.her D. my Please call me___493-5940. A. at B. for C. in D. on ____do you spelldictionary?

A. What B. Where C. How D. Who -Thank you for your help. -_________.

A. Yes B.No C. OK D. You’re welcome. Lucy and Lily are twins. They are in_____room. A. they B. their C. them D. theirs

Tony’s CDs____on the bookcase in the living room. A. is B. am C.are D. be

There___a computer on the desk. A. areB. isC. haveD. Has

Look. This is a picture___my bedroom.___bedroom is clean. A. of., A B. of,The C. for,A D. For,The ----Is the baseball in the backpack? -----____________

A.Yes, they are B. No, he isn’t C. Yes, it is. D. No, they aren’t. 16. ----What’s under the desk? ----_________

A. There’s a cat. B. I can see a set of keys. C. They’re red boxes. D. It’s a football.

17. ---Where are your brothers? ----____________

A. They are at schoool B: He is in his room C: Yes, they are D He is at home 18. Let’s play________basketball. A. the B. an C a D /

19. ----_____she have a soccer ball? ----No, she _____.

A Is, isn’t B. Is , doesn’t C. Does, isn’t D Does, doesn’t 20. Watching TV_______interesting.

A. plays B likes C. sounds D. has 二 完形填空(每题2分,总分20分)

What do people usually do on weekends? Some people like to stay at 1_____, others like 2_____ out for a walk. In England, 3____is one of the favorite games. Rich and poor, young and 4_____, man and woman, people all like 5_____ football. Bob is an English student. He studies hard 6___school and he often gets good grades. Like other students, Bob 7____football very much. On weekends, he usually 8____with his friends in the park. And they often play for two hours. But sometimes, he goes to 9_____football games with his parents. He can tell the names of the 10____of some popular teams. ( )1. A.school B. home C. the library D. the store ( )2.A. go B. went C. to go D. goes ( )3.A. football B. volleyball C. basketball D. ping-pong ( )4.A small B.short C. tall D. old ( )5.A play B.plays C. playing D.played ( )6.A. at B. of C. in D. in ( )7.A. loves B. wants C. makes D. knows ( )8.A. dances B. plays C.helps D.sings ( )9 A. buy B.find C. take D. watch ( )10. A. people B. children C. players D. workers 三 阅读理解(每小题2分,总共30分) A

Hello! My name is Robert. My family name is Smith. I’m 15 years old. My birthday is in winter. The weather is very cold. That girl is my sister and her name is Tina. I like basketball and volleyball, but I don’t play baseball. Tina likes reading. She often goes to the reading room. We often go to a movie on weekends. Both of us like comedies because we think they’re fun.We often have a good time at the movie.


( ) 1. Robert’s last name is Smith.

( ) 2. Robert likes baseball.

( ) 3. Robert’s birthday is in June.

( ) 4. Robert and Tina are good friends.

( ) 5 Robert and Tina like to see a film on weekends.

( ) 6. Tina thinks comedies are fun but Robert doesn’t think so.


Look at the picture of Richard’s room. The walls are white and the window is big. You can see some books and a photo is on the desk. It’s very good. It’s a photo of a man and a boy. The man is Bob Brown. Bob is Richard’s father. And Richard is the son of the man. He’s twelve years old and is a middle school student.

Can you see that big photo on the wall?It is a photo of a nice woman, Helen Brown, and a lovely girl, Betty Brown. Helon is Bob’s wife and she is Betty’s mother. Betty is very young. She is only six.

1. Is this Betty’s bedroom

2. What’s Richard’s family name?

3. What’s Richard’s father’s first name?

4. Where is the big photo?

5. What does the passage tell us about?


Do you have a wish?

My cousin Emily is always wishing for things. She wishes for new shoes. She wishes for new ribbons for her hair. She wishes for toys.

My brother Justin wishes for different things than Emily does. Justin wishes for a computer. He wishes he could fly to the sky. He wishes he could travel to the moon.

I like to wish, too. But I wish for different things than Justin or Emily. I wish for sunny skies. I wish for a letter from my grandmother. I wish I could see my friends every day.

Everyone has wishes. Our wishes don’t have to be the same. We are all different and we all have different wishes.

( )1. Emily wishes for______-

A toys B. sunshine C. a hero D. a computer

( )2. Justin wishes for______

A. to travel to the moon B. to have a computer

C. to fly to the sky D. All of the above

( )3. All the wishes are_____

A. boring B. different C. interesting D. the same

( )4. The purpose of this story is_____ A. to tell you not to wish for things B. to tell you your wishes could be the same C. to tell you it is Okay to have different wishes. D. to tell you it is wrong to have different wishes. 四.根据首字母提示,补全所缺单词(每小题1.分,总分10分) 1. It’s cold. Put on your j_____, please. 2. I don’t have the k____, so I can’t go into the room. 3. My mother’s parents are my g_______. 4. There are a lot of books in our school l_______. 5. What time is it? Do you have a w_____? 6. Don’t look for it, your h___ is on your head. 7. I have a tennis r____, but I don’t have a tennis ball. 8. ----Let’s play basketball.----That_____good.aa 9. Do you have a s_____ ball? 10. S_____the word, please. 五.根据中文意思来翻译(每题2分,总共10分) 1. 这些是我的哥哥们。 2. 他们是你的祖父母吗? 3. 他的铅笔盒在哪里? 在书的旁边 4. ------我们一起去打篮球吧。 -------听起来不错。 5. Jim 有两个网球,三个乒乓球和一个排球。 六. 作文 (20分) Write a passage to introduce yourself including(自我介绍) 1 name 2 age 3 telephone number 4. hobby (爱好) 5. family 每点4分,注意单词的拼写与结构的合理。 不得少于60字

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