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Be going to 与will 表示将来的区别

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Be going to 与will 表示将来的区别

Be going to 与will 两者都可表示将要发生的事、将要去做某事,但他们的用法有以下几点区别:

1. be going to 表示近期、眼下将要发生的事情,而will表示的将来时间则较远一些。 Eg:(1) He is going to write a letter tonight. (2) He will write a book one day.

2. be going to 表示根据主观判断将来绝对发生的事情,will表示客观上将来势必发生的事情 Eg:(1) He is seriously ill. He is going to die. (2) He will be twenty years old.

3. be going to 含有“打算,准备”的意思,而 will 则没有这个意思。

Eg:(1) She is going to lend us her book. (2) He will be here in half an hour.

4. 在有条件从句的主句中,一般不用be going to, 而多用will。

Eg: If any beast comes at you, I’ll stay with you and help you.

5. will 可以表示主动为他人做某事或给出一个承诺,可译作“为,会”。

Eg:(1) It is very cold. I will make you some hot coffee.

(2) If you take part in the election, I will support you.

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