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江苏新教材 牛津英语 八年级上 Unit 5 Wild animals Welcome to the uiit

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Welcome to the unit

1.知识目标: 学习词汇: wild free dish pity die giant panda zebra 学习词组:no way ,have/take pity on, in fact

学习句子: 1) They may become dishes on the table any time. 2) Could you please not eat them? 3) I may die without them.

2. 技能目标: 1) To introduce wild animals in English. 2) To express your likes and dislikes of wild animals. 3. 情感目标: Express your likes and dislikes of wild animals.

认真阅读课文,相信你能把下列短语译成英语: Look tasty 1. 看起来很好吃 _________________ 2. 处于危险之中 ________________ In danger Write a report 3. 写一份关于……报告 _____________on…… Have a pity on _____ 4. 同情他们 ______________them 5. 照顾某人 ______________________ Look after sb. Do a quiz 6. 做一个有关野生动物的测试 _________on wild animals

(二)用所给动词的适当形式填空 Does talk 1. _______your father often _____(talk) to you after he comes from work? Yes, quite often. to play 2. It’s dangerous ________(play) with fire. Don’t do it again. will show 3. --Look! Children! I ______________ (show) you how ______(use) the computer. --OK. Thanks very much. to use 4. Would you please _______(not use) your mobile not use phone at the gas station? It’s very dangerous. will catch 5. Study hard and you__________ (catch) up with the top students. 6. Our teachers always ________(say) the same words: says “Study hard!” at school.

Free talk
? Do you like animals? ? What animals do you know?

Look at the following

pictures and write down
the names of the animals.



giant panda




1. They are the largest animals on the land.


2. They are a kind of horses, with black and white lines on their bodies.


3. It has black and white fur. It’s like a cat.

a giant panda

4 . It lives in Australia. It has a big pocket and a long thick tail.

a kangaroo

Have a competition One points and the other says

A: Which animal do you like best? B: I like giant pandas best. A: Why?

B: Because they are lovely.
A: Which animal do you like least? B: I like tigers least. A: Why? B: Because they are dangerous.

Make a survey
bear Me Partner dolphin giant panda kangaroo squirrel tiger

Listen and answer (Part B on Page 57)
1.What wild animal does kitty like best ?

2.What wild animal does Simon like best ? 3.What wild animal does Peter like best ? 4.What wild animal does Millie like best ?




Repeat after the tape and then make a new dialogue.

Free talk

Is Hobo a wild animal?

Listen and answer
1.Would Eddie like to live in the wild? Why or

why not?
No, because wild animals may become dishes on the table any time. 2.Will Eddie eat the animals? why or why not? Yes. He may die without them, and these are not wild animals.

Listen and match
Hobo eats Eddie’s food Hobo doesn’t eat food Eddie doesn’t

eat food Eddie dies No one will look after Hobo Eddie won’t talk to Hobo Hobo dies Eddie dies

1. How many kinds of animals do you know? 2. How much do you know about animals? 3. What’s the differences between pets and wild animals, do you know? 4. What other wild animals do you know?

1.你的食物看上去很美味. Your food _________ _________. looks delicious 2.如果你吃了我的东西,我就不和你说话. won’t If you ______ my food, I _______talk to you. eat 3.如果我死了,就没人照顾你了. If I _____, no one ______ ______ after you. die will look 4.你更喜欢哪一个动物,这只大熊猫还是那只小松鼠? Which_______ do you like better, this______ ________ animal giant panda or that small _________? squirrel 5.我再也不喜欢野生动物了. any more I_______ like _______ animals ____ _______. don’t wild

1. A wild animal that lives in water dophine 2. A wild animal like a horse, with black and white lines on its body 3. The biggest living animal on land elephant 4. A wild animal that looks like a cat tiger and has yellow fur and black stripes zebar

5. A wild animal that is like a bear, but with black and white fur Giant panda 6. A wild animal that has a long, soft tail squirrel 7. A wild animal that lives in one of the coldest places Polar bear 8. An animal that can live without water for a long time Camel


1. Revise what you have learned during this period of class.
2. Get ready for the next period.

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