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1.Martha is ________girl. She always smiles and says hello to others.2012

A.shy B. friendly C. crazy D. Health

2. You are doing great! I have never had _________answer before.2012

A. better B. best C. a better D.the best

3. Of all the subjects chemistry seems to be ________for me.2011

A.diffcult B. too difficult C.more difficult D. most difficult

4.Sometimeswalking is even ____________than driving during the busy traffic hours.2010

A.fast B.faster C.slow D. slower


1. Debbie is growing fast. She is even____________ than her mother.(北京)

A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest

2. Mr. Smith thinks running is _________ than gymnastics.天津

A. very popular B. more popular C most popular D. the most popular

3. You look tired these days. I think you need a ________sleep. 重庆

A. shorter B. shortest. C. better D. best

4. —It’s one of the things in the world to stay with friends. 陕西

—I agree. It always makes us relaxed.

A. worst B. happiest C. busiest D. hardest

5. ---Is the child any better today?

---I think so. His temperature seems _________ now.

A. high B. normal C. low D. special

6.Lanzhou is the only capital city that the Yellow River, the second ___ river in China,passes through.

A. long B. longest C. longer D. Length 兰州

2012 各地中考选编

1.A _____ girl named Dong Xinyi looked after her disabled father. 【甘肃鸡西市】

A. three-year-old B. three-years-old C. three years old

2.---Are you afraid of dogs? 【湖北十堰】

---Yes. I’m ______________ of them.

A. surprised B. terrified C. embarrassed D. excited

3.The smell of success around her shows that she is a Dancing Queen on the stage.【湖北随州】

A. sweet B. tasty C. final D. great

4. The First Huaguoshan International Golf Open was success that we enjoyed ourselves very much.

A. such a great B. a such great C. so a great D. a so great 【江苏连云港】

5.—Why did you vote for Maggie? 【江苏连云港】 —Because she is very . She always shares things with others.

A. practical B. active C. generous D. energetic

6 【江苏南京】 A. unpleasant B. useless C. summertime D. surprising


7.— Why is the traffic today moving so slowly? We are running late! 【江苏无锡】 — Calm down. Let’s take route. Turn left over there.

A. a same B. the same C. a different D. the different

8.—Jack, is there in today’s newspaper? 【江苏宿迁】 —No, nothing.

A. anything important B. something important C. important anything D. important something

9.The meat smells . Throw it away. 【江苏宿迁】

A. well B. good C. badly D. bad

10. The Internet is really _________ to us. We can download a lot of things from it,【山东聊城】 Auseful B. difficult C.different D. safe

11. — why are you driving so____. Tony? I'm feeling sick. 【浙江丽水】 — Sorry, but the train is leaving in 20 minutes. We have to hurry.

A. often B. fast C. hard D. slowly

12. The flower smells and I like it very much. 【重庆市】

A. well B. good C. bad D. Badly

13..It’s dangerous ______ with the wild animal. 【湖北随州】

A. for us to play B. of us playing C. for us playing D. of us to play

14.— Jack is a(n) _ _____young man. 【浙江湖州】

—That's true. He always feels nervous when he speaks before people

A. Friendly B shy C. honest. D. lively

15. This T-shirt is not large enough. Please show me a one. 【 四川成都】

A. large B. larger C. largest

16The____you work at your lessons, the____results you will get. 【湖北黄石】

A.hard; good B.harder; good C.hard; better D.harder; better

17.He speaks French well, but of course not _____ a person born in France. 【江苏镇江】

A. as clear as B. clearer than C. as clearly as D. the more clearly

18. This place is not big enough for Lucy’s birthday party. We should find a _____ one. 【陕西】

A. big B. small C. bigger D. smaller 56.

19.To live a green life, we should try to save ______ energy and produce_______ pollution.

A. more; less B. less; more C. more; fewer D. most; least

20. At present, blogs are traditional diaries (日记) among young people.【山东?东营市】

A. very popular B. as popular as C. not so popular as D. much more popular than

21.Eighteen kids died in the school bus accident in Gansu Province. It's_____ one that I have ever heard of.

A.a very serious B. a more serious C. the most serious D. the least serious 【广东】

22. — For me, winter is the best season of a year! 【浙江丽水】 - Me too. ______ if there’re some snows. I like a white world.

A Better B. Worse C Longer D. Shorter

23. —Helen, can I wear jeans and a T-shirt to the school talent show? 【湖北襄阳】 —OK, but a dress might be _____.

A. good B. bad C. better D. worse

24. —Sonia, do you think you are different from Linda? 【山东济南】

—Yes. I'm ______ at drawing than her.

A. better B. good C. well D. best

25. -It's summer now the weather is getting____. 【贵州六盘水】 2

A. higher and higher B. lower and lower C. hotter and hotter D. colder and colder 3

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