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外研版七年级英语上册 Module 7 ComputersUnit 1 How do I write my homework on the computer学案

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外研版七年级英语上册 Module 7 Computers

Unit 1 How do I write my homework on the computer.学案


1. To learn 15 new words ( keyboard, mouse (mice), screen, connect, turn, turn on ? 2. To learn how to write homework on the computer by using the words(first ,next, then, finally).

3. To grasp the simple present tense by using(when, where, how).


A. 识记下列单词和词组

1. 鼠标;老鼠 2. 连接 3. 学习;学 4. 使用

5. 保存;储存 6. 框;盒子 7. *打印 8. *纸

9. 打开电脑 10. 把 ? 连接到 ?

11. 写作业 12. *在 ? 的左边 B. 理解与运用

a. 翻译:

1. 你如何在电脑上写作业?

________do you write your _______ _______ the computer?

2. 他每天什么时候做作业?

When ______ he ______ _______ ______ every day?

b. 句型转换:

1. You can click “save” next. (划线提问)

________ can I ________ next? 2. I write the name in the box..(划线提问)

________ ________ you write the name? 3. I play computer games at six. (划线提问)

________ do you ________ computer games?



1. We__________(use) computers, but we _____________ (not play) games on our computer.

2. Li Fan ________ (not use) a computer to do his homework, but he_______ (listen) to music on it.

3. I want _____________(save) money to buy a bike. 4. What _________ he _________ do on his computer? 5. Would you like ____________ (play) football with me tomorrow afternoon?

6. Excuse me, Lily. Please _____________(turn) on the computer for me.

7. My brother often____________ (watch) TV on Sunday afternoon.

8. Let’s ___________ (send) emails to our teacher.

9. ___________ (one), open a new document.


1. 把鼠标点在“新文件”。

2. 我在哪里写名字?

3. 你在新文件里写作业。

4. 我怎样打印我的文件? _____________ the mouse __________ “new document”. ____________ _____________ I _____________ the name? You ___________ ___________ ___________in the new document. ________ do I _________ my______________?

5.首先把纸放进那儿。 You ___________ the paper __________there __________.

6. 一些纸怎么样? ____________ ____________ ______________ paper?

d. 选择题

( )1. First I open a document. Then what do I do ____________? A. first B. next C. last D. finally

( )2. — _______ do you do it?— I do it like this. A. How B. What

( )3. Please connect the screen ______ the computer. A. with B.to C. When D. Where C. for D. in

C. mouse D. printer ( )4. We use the _____ to click on the computer. A. laptop B. keyboard

( )5. I like playing computer games, ______ my sister doesn’t. A. and B so C. but D. because

( )6. I get _____ email from my pen friend every week. A. a

( )7. How many computers ______ there in your school? A. is B an B does

C. 不填 D. the C. do D.are ( )8.How _____ you use a computer? A. is B does C. do D.does

( )9.—What____ your mother _____ ? —she is a teacher. A. do; do B does do C. do; doesD.does; does

( )10.Finish your homework and _____ play games. A. first B second C. only D.then

( )11. I turn ______ the computer and go to bed. A. at B off C. from D. on

( )12 ______ the TV and let’s get some information about tomorrow’s weacher.

A. Turn off B Turn on C. Turn down D. Turn up C. third D. finally ( )13.Sunday is the ______ day of the week. A. first B second

( )14.Before(在?之前)you turn off the computer, you must ______ the document.

A. click B open C. print D. save

( )15.________, open a new document.________ you write your homework in the new document,______ click “save”._________ click “print” and “OK”.

A.First; Then; next; Finally B First; next; then; Finally

C. First; Next; finally; Then D. First; Finally; next; Then


1. It’s a keyboard in English.(对划线部分提问)

_________ this in English?

2. We have got a computer at home. (改为一般疑问句及其否定回答。)

_______ you _______ a computer at home? No, ________ _________. 3.You can open the document like this.(对划线部分提问)

________ _________ I open the document?

4. She doesn’t know anything about the computer.(改为肯定句)

She _______ ________ about the computer. 5. I write the name in the box. (对划线部分提问。)

_______ ________ you write the name?

6. Tony plays computer games at six every evening.(改为一般疑问句及肯定回答)

_______ Tony ________ computer games at six every evening? Yes, ________ ________. f. 用适当的疑问词填空when, how many,what, where, which

1. — ___________ is this in English?

2. — ____________is your computer? — It’s a screen. — The red one.

—At home.

—It’s next Saturday.

— About 300. 3. —____________ do you use a computer? 4. —_____________ is your birthday party? 5.— ______________ computers are there in your school?


1. 听录音模仿朗读Act 4对话, 注意语音语调,有条件的同学可以进行分角色表演。

2. 根据拼读规则,拼读并记忆本单元的十四个单词。

3. 运用first, next, then, finally,表达如何在电脑上写作业。完成作业本(1)和(2)。

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