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Language in use

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Module 4 Education
Unit 3 Language in use

Teaching aims and demands:
1. To practise the time adverbials in present perfect tense. (重点) 2. To practise the expression of numbers.(难点) 3. To distinguish between present perfect tense and simple past tense 4. Affection: We should help and care for each other.

Match the words with the pictures:
? ? ? ? ? health care point leaflet organisation

Language practice:
? -How long have you studied Chinese ? -For a year. ? -How long have you lived here? -Since 2004. ? She’s studied it for a year. ? Since 1989 Project Hope has built schools all over China.

Write questions using: (1) Have/Has sb.+p.p.+…? (2) How long have/has…?

? Eg. you/ be to England? have you been to England? How long have you been in England? ? Lingling / study English? Has Lingling studied English? How long has Lingling studied English?
? Betty / live in Beijing? Has Betty lived in Beijing? How long has Betty lived in Beijing?

? Betty and Tony/ study Chinese? Have Betty and Tony studied Chinese? How long have they studied Chinese? ? Betty and Tony/ be at Beijing International School? Have Betty and Tony been at Beijing International School? How long have Betty and Tony been at Beijing International School? ? Betty /know about Project Hope?

Has Betty known about Project Hope? How long has Betty known about Project Hope ?

Complete the sentences.
1. Tony __________ (know) Daming _____ has known since September 2003. has lived since 2. Betty _______ (live) in Beijing _____2003 have studied 3. Betty and Tony ____________ (study) Chinese ____ a year. for have been 4. Betty and Tony _________ (be) at Beijing International School since _______ last year. 5. Betty __________ (know) about Project has known Hope ____ for one day. Lingling ____(tell) for told her about it yesterday.

Listen and answer the questions:
? How long has Charlie lived in Beijing? ? How long has May lived in Beijing? ? Where did she live before that? ? How long did she studied English?

Since 2002.

For seven years.

In a small village. For six years.

? When did she start learning it?

When she was seven.

? How long has Charlie studied Chinese?

Since June.

Match the words with the numbers:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. a billion a. b. four thousand three hundred and twenty c. d. five million e. six point two f. twelve point three six g. nine point four three 6.2

9.43 4,000 12.36 320 5,000,000

Read the numbers:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 46 2,000,000 1,000,000 20 30 5,000 530 8.56 a. forty-six b. two million c. one million d. twenty e. thirty f. five thousand g. five hundred and thirty h. eight point five six

Around the world: Oxfam

? Organisation / raise money/ help poor people/ pay for clean water and schools/ shops/ sell/ projects.

Module task: Write a leaflet to raise money for the Hope School.
1. Make a list of things Project Hope can do with your money. 2. Make a list of things

Project Hope has done. 3. Write 50 words for a leaflet about the Hope Schools. 4. Think of a title and choose a picture. 5. Put your leaflet somewhere.

A test: translate the following fhrases:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 辍学 为…付钱 集资 听说 国内外 互相 希望学校 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. drop out of school pay for raise money hear of look after At home and abroad Project school

? Homework: Finish all the Exx.

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