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Module 9

Cartoon stories

Superman who can save Tony.

Unit 1 We need someone like

Words and Expressions
1. 卡通
2. 闪光灯 3. 图画 4. 那边 5. 言语 6. 漂亮的 7. 天堂,天国 8. 可爱的 9. 杂乱 10. 怪物

cartoon flash

15. 领导 16.统治 17.桃子 18.常用的 19.老板 20.表面 21.从…开始 22.卡通画家 23.系列 24.经历

leader rule peach common

over there word cute
heaven loveable mess monster

surface from the beginning

series experience

11. 私人的,秘密的
12. 赢得…的心 13. 在各个地方 14. 手提包

private 25.创造者 won the heart of 26.逝世的 everywhere handbag

late single

28.和某人说几句话 have a word with

---- Excuse me, do you do your homework on Saturday evening? ---- No, I don’t. ---- What do you do then? ---- I watch TV because I’m very busy on weekdays. ----What’s your favourite programme? ---- Cartoons. ---- Really? Me, too. ---- Let’s watch together next time. ---- That’s a good idea! ---- First let’s look at some cartoon pictures ---- OK.


黄 山

1. What kind of cartoons do you like ?

2. Does it always have a happy ending?
3. Is it always funny? 4. Who is your favorite cartoon character?

1. What kind of cartoons does Betty like?
Betty likes cartoon stories with a hero who saves the world. 2. What kind of cartoons does Tony like? Tony likes funny cartoons.

Read the dialogue and answer the questions. 1. What does Betty think the ending will be?
She thinks it will be an unhappy ending.

2.Why is the situation no laughing matter?
Because Tony has lost his father’s camera and his father will be angry when he talks to his father.

3. How do you think Superman can save Tony?
He can find the camera and give it to him before he talks to his father.

4. Who does Mr Jackson give the camera?
Mr Jackson gives the camera to Daming.

5. When will Tony possibly find out that his friends have got the camera?
When they take a flash photo of him.

6. Why does Betty say she’ll be Superman?
Because she’s the one who will save Tony from the bad situation.

Use your own words to complete the sentences.
1.Daming likes cartoons that have lots of jokes , and characters are heroes like Superman or Batman . 2. Mr Jackson wants to have a word with Tony because he has found his camera .

3.Tony will be in deep trouble if his father finds out that he lost the camera. .

4.The flash will show Tony that the camera has been found . 5. The cartoon will have a happy ending

because Tony won’t get into trouble after all .

Complete the sentences with words in the box
cartoon character ending flash funny hero joke laugh news drawing save serious smart story

1. A character is a person who plays a part in a story, and the 2. A hero is the person who plays the main parts. ,

serious cartoon is one which doesn't make you laugh drawing of a news story.

such as a

3. A cartoon in which the hero save someon

e is a story with a happy 4. A ending . is a story you tell to make people laugh.


Language points 1. It’s no laughing matter. 这不是什么可笑的事情! 用于告诫对方不要随便开玩笑! 2. be like look like feel like doing 指外貌 或品行 看起来像 想要要做某事


make sb do sth
make sb\sth + adj. make sb +n.

使…… 处于某种状态 使成为……

4. have a word with 和…… 说话 I want to have a word with Lily.

5. be in a deep trouble


1. To learn the new words and expressions in Unit 1. 2. To learn the dialogue by heart. 3. To finish the exercises in the Workbook.

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