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This is Yuntai Mountain,it is in Henan Province.I went to there in the summer holiday, the mountains and water there were really fascinating,I was so amazed that the water was so clear,I could even see the bottom of the water! The mountains was very beautiful too. Some liked fish and others liked camels,

I thought I was very lucky to have the chance to

see the views there,I even imagined what would happen if I and the girl I loved get there together,it must be very romantic!

I think the most interesting thing was I feed the monkeys,I went to the cage with a peach,I wanted to feed them. But to my surprise, they climbed up the cage and asked for it. I gave them the peach very carefully because if the peach dropped,it would be very hard for them to eat it.

After the trip,I thought I really changed,I became patient and open. I love the views of the mountain!

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