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八年级英语下册 Unit 5《If you go to the party,you’ll have a great time》Period学案1 人教新目标版

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河南省南乐县张果屯乡中学八年级英语下册Unit 5《If you go to the

party,you’ll have a great time》Period 1 人教新目标版 Learning goals

1. Learn to talk about consequences.

2. Learn new language

If you do, the teacher won’t let you in.

Period 1

Step 1 Lead in

Teacher shows students a picture and ask : Look! It's 7:50 now.What's the boy doing? What will happen next?”

Students: He is walking to school.He will be late for school.

Step 2 Warming up

Show students some pictures and ask: What will happen next?

Present the pattern: If he walks to school, he will be late.

Step 3 Pairwork

Task 1. Talking about the pictures in 1a.

T:Look at picture 1! Look at this girl.Where is she going?

S:She is going to the party with Karen and Ann.(教师诱导)

T:What will happen next?

S:They will have a great time.(教师诱导)

T:Yes.If they go to the party,they will have a great time.

Task 2. Teacher asks students to talk about their plan.

T:What are you going to do after school?

S:I am going to play football.

T:If you play football after school,you will go home late.

(Make sure of the usage of “be going to” )

Task 3: Make similar conversations according to 1a.

Step 4 Listening (2b.)


Task 1. Listen and match the statements with responses.

Task 2. Role play the conversation according to 2b

S1:OK,when is a good time to have the party?

S2:Let’s have it today.

S3:If we have it today,half the class won’t come.


1.half the class won’t come.

2.Students will leave early to study for their tests.

3.Some students will be bored.

4. Mark will organize the party games.

5.Andrea will make some food.

Step 5 Playing a game

One student says a condition, the other student says the result or consequence. For example:

S1:If I finish my homework,...

S2:You will have a short rest.

S3:If you finish your homework,you’11 have a short rest.

Step 6 Discussion

Discuss with the students about the “End of Year Party”, finish the tasks of 3a、3b, and make a conversation.

T:Don’t bring friends from other schools.If you do,the teachers will ask them to leave·

S1:I’m going to the school party.

S2:So am I.1 want to bring my cousin Dave.He is in another school. S1:Oh,you can’t do that.

S2:Really? why not?

S1:If you bring your cousin Dave,the teachers will ask him to leave.

Answers of 3a:1.the school party/2.I’m going/3.The teachers won’t let you



Step 6 Groupwork

P36 Part 4 Write a story in groups and read it to the class.


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